Does The New Civic Type R Have The Soul Of The DC2 Integra Type R?

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Honda has made the new Civic Type R a very fast machine, but does it have the guts to deserve the Type R name?

For twenty years the Integra Type R is the only Honda R we’ve had in the US. That all changed this year with the introduction of the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four FK8-generation Civic Type R. Comparing the two on paper, it’s obvious to see that the quasi-five-door Civic weighs half again what the Integra does, but has half again as much power to match the increase in bulk. Add in the fact that the Civic sports larger wheels with wider stickier tires, plus a cadre of performance-enhancing techno wizardry, and it’s easy to see that the new CTR will clean house at the race track. From a performance-per-dollar perspective, the Civic also wins, but does it provide the kind of fun that made the Type R name legendary all over the world?

The folks at Speed Academy in Canada decide to see which of the two cars was more emotion-inspiring by taking them to Toronto Motorsports Park to run them through the wringer. The first test saw both cars hitting the road course circuit. Predictably the new Civic trounced the two-decade old Integra on outright lap pace. The next test saw both cars go back to back on the Cayuga Dragway next door. Again, predictably, the Civic walked the Integra. Interestingly, both battles were a little closer than we expected to see.

So what’s the major takeaway here? Well, if you want that nostalgic old-school high-RPM naturally aspirated feel, you can’t beat the Integra Type R. The host of this video even commented that driving the Integra even brought a tear to his eye with its perfection. We’re not sure that any higher praise could be heaped upon a car. Ultimately, if you’re looking for Honda go-fast, you get the Civic Type R, but if you’re looking for an all-out experience, get yourself an ITR. Speed Academy Integra Type R vs. Civic Type R

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