Need for Speed Underground-inspired Cinematic is Peak Nostalgia

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Amazing short film features the sweet JDM rides from the original Need for Speed Underground video game.

We here at Honda-tech aren’t sure about you guys, but we personally spent uncountable hours customizing and perfecting our builds to the minutest detail in Need for Speed Underground. If you grew up playing video games in the early 2000’s, you probably did too. Putting NO2 on a Civic, a giant GT-wing on a S2000, and sorting through a million different BBS wheels to find the right set. How else were we suppose to mod our cars to two second 0-to-60 mph times at 10 years old?

Thankfully, somebody out there is just as nostalgic as us about these great games and made an amazing short to embody that joy forever. This video is brought to us by Instagram User chekunov_v, a videographer from Russia. The video opens up with a JDM Honda “Integra Type R” in a proper Championship White, simulating the vehicle selection screen from the game. Eventually the “driver” playing the game selects a Toyota Celica to drive off in (definitely not our choice, or preference).

NFS Underground 2 RSX

We then see the “driver” venture off into the city night, with the rpm, boost, and speed graphics all displayed on the right side like in the game. He eventually finds himself in the opportunity to start a race. Pulling up the line to start the race is a Mazda RX-8, another Integra Type R, this time in Blaze Orange Metallic, and a Subaru WRX STi.


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Off the line, the Celica is seemingly being destroyed by just about every other car in the race when he suddenly hits the boost button, sending him into what seemingly is warp speed, as he jets past all the other cars. If you were familiar with the game, your use of boost/nitrous could literally destroy your race or guarantee your victory.

We really loved how well done this video was done and it honestly made us all pretty happy. Maybe next time the RSX wins. Come on, it was one of the fastest accelerating cars in NFS Underground 2.

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