Obsession of the Week: Museum-Quality Honda City Turbo II

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1986 Honda City Turbo II

The entire car is awesome, but we especially like the retro web design.

With so many great models in Honda’s history, it’s only natural to get a bit nostalgic. This online ad that we found for a Honda City Turbo for sale has us feeling nostalgic in more ways than one.

The 1986 Honda City Turbo II is simply incredible. White over red with an oh-so-’80s blue interior, it’s a great color combo and a fantastic example of the breed. We’d love to park this beauty in our garage.

1986 Honda City Turbo II

The City Turbo apparently has very low miles, and that’s evidenced by the overall condition of the car. Even the underside is as clean as a whistle, with nary a speck of rust to show for its 30-plus years of existence. The interior doesn’t appear to have any faded upholstery or cracked plastic.

1986 Honda City Turbo II

Of course, no Honda City Turbo is complete without a matching Motocompo, the tiny folding motorcycle that fits neatly in the hatch. The included red example is equally as clean as the car it accompanies. Both would be at home in a museum.

1986 Honda City Turbo II

There’s something about the ad itself, though, that has us feeling nostalgic as well — for an entirely different time period. The dealer’s website looks like it was built sometime between the Geocities-era of pageview counters, flaming text GIFs, and “under construction” graphics and the social media-obsessed modern era, where everything (including this very website) resembles a blog.

We’re not necessarily saying things have gotten any better, and we’re not necessarily saying it’s any worse, either. It’s just that the website takes us back to a simpler time for the hobby and the Internet as a whole.

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