MotorWeek Tests The New NSX’s Daily Usability

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In the world of hypercars, supercars, and sports cars, there are often compromises required of enthusiasts. When the original NSX debuted in the late 1980s, the expectation of a high-end sports car was unreliability, but Honda flipped that script. Today, in the world of the 2017 Acura NSX, there is a level of discomfort. Things like the cramped interior, difficult ingress and egress, and luggage carrying ability expected as a side effect of supercar-dom. In this video, from the decades-old automotive reviewer, MotorWeek tries to determine whether the NSX is suitable for daily use. The original NSX was possibly the very first daily-usable supercar, so has the legacy been continued? For those of you lucky enough to own an NSX, do you drive it every day?

Is Acura’s NSX A Daily Driver Supercar?

Since the car was first launched, it has been received by many in a positive light as a car that doesn’t require those compromises while still being quick and fun to drive. Others have read its usefulness as conveying an air of boredom in the driving experience. When the car is being dawdled around town, it likely feels much like any other Acura with a quiet cabin, easy steering, and comfortable seats. There have been some on-track reviews that have colored the NSX as a different animal altogether, with endless power, supercar speeds, and technological wizardry assisting for ultimate lap times.

So which is the NSX? Is it a daily usable car that bores the most well-heeled of heel-and-toe driving enthusiasts? Or is it a technologically advanced track-devouring monster capable of quick lap times while also providing a smooth and comfortable drive home afterward? Is it not possible for Acura’s hybrid-supercar to conspire to be both? That’s a lot of question marks and not a ton of answers. Perhaps the best thing to do is to test drive one and find out for yourself. acura nsx motorweek

[Source: MotorWeek on YouTube]

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