The New Mid-Engine Honda: More Patents Discovered

By - Honda-tech Honda Acura NSX S2000 patent mid-engine hondaWether it’s a baby NSX or an S2000 successor, we now have more evidence that a new Mid-Engine Honda could be in the works.

A new patent has been filed by Honda with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Rumors and speculation have been rampant for a few years about a new mid-engine Honda. The first patent and set of drawings were discovered in 2015 after the release of the NSX. However, these images show us a whole new level of detail: Honda-tech Honda Acura NSX S2000 patent mid-engine honda

The 2017 drawings were discovered in the Intellectual Property Office database by the eagle-eyed publication Motor1. As you can see, the overall shape hasn’t changed much. However, the lack of roof, pillars and windows lead us to think the new patent is to protect the interior rather than the exterior design. Honda-tech Honda Acura NSX S2000 patent mid-engine honda
That overall shape makes it likely to be a relative of the NSX. But a closer look shows some things in
common with S660 kei roadster. The character lines, lights and the grill bear a remarkable similarity to the JDM only S660.

We can’t deny the oblong F1 style steering wheel strongly suggests this is a full on concept car. But the fact this exists suggests that Honda isn’t finished with the idea of a traditional style sports car. Honda has also made no secret that it’s being asked by customers for sportier cars. In that case, a new S2000 or a more attainable NSX would certainly sit nicely next to the Civic Type-R.

Except an NSX variant would almost definitely be badged as Acura in the U.S. We’re split on whether a baby NSX would benefit Acura as a brand. We’re completely convinced a competitively priced rear wheel drive sports car would benefit Honda though. Especially since Honda understands tall people buy sports cars as well.

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