Integra-Based Death Kart Is A Terrifying Way To Die

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You don’t need as much power to go quickly in an Integra when there is a lot less Integra there to pull around. 

KROWRX built, or rather un-built, this mad science experiment of an Acura Integra. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a Type R, just a run down shell of an old car that was worthy of reincarnation. It died as a commuter, but it was reborn as this awkward looking and frankly terrifying monster of a four-wheeled conveyance. Somehow, during GridLife South at Road Atlanta, the folks at KROWRX convinced Matt Farah that he needed to drive this abnormality. Within minutes of strapping into the car, he was already questioning his decision.

We suppose it would be mighty difficult to host a One Take if Matt had been wearing a full-face helmet, but really that’s what you would need to drive such a car around a track like Road Atlanta. Considering that other cars can spit dirt and exhaust fumes directly into your face, it’s probably not smart to attempt this in an open face helmet. In any case, Matt braved the conditions to bring us a highly entertaining set of laps.

The car itself is inspired by things like Ariel Atoms and Exocets, the wild exoskeleton cars that have popped up over the last decade. Some have taken to calling this type of build a “ghettocet” by extension, because it’s generally far less expensive and time-consuming to build. We suppose this is one way to go a bit quicker around the track or autocross course, or maximize your thrill level during a winding road sprint, but it sure takes dedication. It’s not exactly pretty once you strip everything from the car, and as noted in the video, this thing is hardly aerodynamic (which makes the front splitter and rear wing all the more hilarious). Would you drive it? More importantly, would you build one? KROWRX Integra Acura One Take Review Death Kart

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