Imported RHD Del Sol SiR Is a JDM Gem

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1992 Honda CR-X Del Sol SiR

Pull up to your local Honda meet in one of these and you’re instantly the coolest car in the show.

We love checking out all the interesting cars that come across the Bring a Trailer auction block. This time we stumbled across a 1992 Honda CR-X Del Sol SiR. This one is equipped with the TransTop, which is basically a targa-top with a twist: it’s removed automatically. Before I go any further, check out the video below. You unlatch it like usual, but then some magic happens.

So, that nifty TransTop also came in a non-powered version, like a normal t-top car. Obviously the power version is much cooler. Now that we’re past the top, look a little closer and you’ll notice this is theCR-X Del Sol SiR. The SiR was one of the most significant sports cars of the early 90s. Why? The B16A made 170 hp, making it one of the first production cars to break past the 100 hp/liter figure. Add to that the B16A’s 8,200 RPM redline and the fact that it was coupled with one of Honda’s finest manual transmissions. Though we couldn’t tell if this one had the optional LSD, the 90s Honda five-speed is one of our favorites. Back then you didn’t need six gears to have fun, and Honda made some of the best.

Now about that “coolest car in the show” claim from earlier. Don’t believe us? A few months back we went to a vintage JDM meet in Pasadena, CA and were wandering the show checking out some cool vintage metal. There was an 80s Celica with a 1UZ V8 stuffed under the hood. There were a few “drift missile” 240SXs, and even a GTR. Then a guy rolled up in his nearly stock Honda Beat. Guess where the biggest crowd was? Yep, the Kei car.

What would you do with a mint JDM legend like this Del Sol SiR? Join us in the forums and let us know.

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