Honda-tech Gets Its Hands on the JDM Honda Urban EV Concept

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DNA Collectibles Honda Urban EV Concept Model Car Jake Stumph

Honda-tech may be the only people in the United States to get ahold of the Urban EV Concept, but it certainly was smaller than we expected.

Normally, when we review cars it’s on the race track, or a scenic mountain road. You know, the sort of place that really comes alive in the pictures and videos.

When we were told that there was an opportunity to experience the Honda Urban EV Concept, we didn’t think twice before saying yes. Of course, we also didn’t expect a car to arrive in a box.

DNA Collectibles Honda Urban EV Concept Model Car Jake Stumph

Though, we suppose it makes sense, considering that this particular Honda Urban EV Concept is a model car. And, at 1/18th scale, it certainly is easier to ship to the Honda-tech office in Los Angeles than the real deal. Though, it’s worth noting that this model is no less real, and filled with detail, than the concept car upon which it’s based.

Built by DNA Collectibles, their Honda Urban EV Concept model is thoughtfully detailed, inside and out.

On the outside, DNA Collectibles little Urban EV perfectly matches the real deal, right down to the tiny fender-mounted camera mirrors, and body line that terminates with an electric plug design. Additionally, all of the glass elements are faithfully represented, as well, with a clear distinction between the single-piece resin bodywork and acrylic covers over the headlight and taillight elements.

The interior is no less precise, and, in fact, this is actually the most detailed scale model we have ever seen in person, in this regard. Pieces like the translucent steering wheel, full digital dash display and wide array of interior textures are fully realized with the DNA Collectibles model.

It’s sturdy, too. By design, DNA Collectibles bolts the model to a clear acrylic base board, via air jack-like posts. However, should one choose to do so, they are fastened down via Phillips head screws and easily removed. Still, it’s a rather heavy little piece, weighing about three pounds.

All-in-all, it seems that the DNA Collectibles Urban EV Concept model is a must-buy for any diehard Honda head. We say this with great confidence, after all, everyone in the Honda-tech office is continually fighting for chances to play with it, or proudly display it on our desks.

Want one? We don’t blame you. DNA Collectibles is based in Switzerland, so prices can vary a touch depending on exchange rates, but, as of this writing you can get your very own Urban EV Concept model for about $180.

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Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for Honda-Tech and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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