Honda Civic EG Coupe Build Goes from Trash to Treasure

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Honda Civic EG Coupe

When found, this poor Civic had some questionable characteristics. But it didn’t take long to right those wrongs.

These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find a classic Honda in even decent shape. Thus, if you’re in the market for a new project, you’re probably going to have to factor in a little extra work, too. That was the case with Honda-Tech member ej2julz recently as he spent a great deal of time looking for the perfect EG Honda Civic coupe. And while the one he found certainly isn’t perfect, it was definitely worth saving.

“Took me a WHILE to find an EG Civic without any rust or rot, a clean tittle, and no damage. But I finally did it, and surprisingly with just 105k original miles. The car is in really good shape except for the paint, which I’m not too concerned about since that means I get to repaint the car. It is red and originally from Tennessee, so of course the top half of the car is pink.”

Honda Civic EG Coupe

Outside of the previous owner’s questionable fashion choices, this Civic did look fairly decent. So the OP kicked off his build by righting some of the wrongs this poor Honda had suffered in recent years.

“First thing I did was post these wheels up for sale. The car was basically bone stock except for some cheap TruHart coilovers, eBay front and rear camber kits, and these CCW classic 5s wheels that were extremely ugly. Personally not my style. Function over stance ALL DAY.”

Honda EG Civic Coupe

Otherwise, this classic Civic didn’t look too shabby.

“The interior is all there, complete, and pretty damn clean. Engine is 100% unmolested, which is becoming impossible to come across around my area. I have big plans for this car. But due to the fact that we are in winter, it is going to be a slow progress.”

Well, except for the fact that the previous owner had apparently started sanding down the roof before giving up and leaving it that way. Regardless, a fresh set of wheels made a world of difference in the way this car looks.

“I got rid of the wheels and threw on some 16″ Rota Grid wheels for now. If only they were real TE37s. One day…”

Honda EG Civic Coupe

The next step was to replace the busted up driver’s side fender with a new one. With the weather still putting a crimp on progress, the OP simply gave the interior a good scrub and started ordering up new parts. As of right now, he’s got a pile of goodies he’s just waiting to install. And now that spring is right around the corner, we’re excited to see how this Civic shapes up. So be sure and head over here to stay tuned as this cool build comes together!

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