EK Civic Build Has Mugen Everything, and Has Us Green with Envy

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This EK Civic may be a show car, but it’s got plenty of ‘go,’ too, thanks to a K20 swap.

We have soft spot for older Hondas, we just can’t help it. Of course, this being Honda-tech, you, our dear reader, probably have a similar predicament. So, you could imagine our jealousy when we saw this stunning EK Civic hatchback, featured on the Yvette Moreno Automotive Anatomy YouTube channel.

This channel seems to feature a series of Honda builds, focused mostly on show cars. This particular example, an EK4, owned by a man named Mike, fits that description perfectly. He meets up with Moreno outside of The Chronicles meet-up. Moreno knows his Hondas and immediately identifies some hot parts on this EK, but, for the most part, let’s the owner tell his story.

1999 EK Civic Hatch Mugen Build Aero Kit MF10 Wheels Brakes K20 Swap

According to Mike, this is a 1999 EK that he bought in 2005 as an inexpensive daily driver. And while it served faithfully as a commuter car, Mike eventually had larger aspirations, especially being surrounded by other Honda owners in the show car scene. After years of tinkering, it has evolved into the not-quite-final product we see here.

1999 EK Civic Hatch Mugen Build Aero Kit MF10 Wheels Brakes K20 Swap

It has the full Mugen aero kit, including the bumpers, skirts and spoilers. That perfect bodywork is painted Lexus Bamboo Pearl green, and is accentuated with a set of bronze Mugen MF10 wheels, sized 16×8. The Mugen theme is carried throughout the car, all the way to the brakes, which are also from the famed Honda tuner.


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Of course, the dazzling visuals are sharp, but the lack of hood points towards something even more wild. Namely, an all-motor K20 swap, and a meticulously minimalist engine bay, shaved and cleaned of any excess. According to Mike, they did the K20 swap in 2014, and have been tweaking it since. He plans on keeping it naturally-aspirated, and also plans on doing an individual throttle body conversion, because it sounds cool and looks even cooler.

Oh, and did we mention, this EK has a right-hand drive conversion, for full show car flair. This build is very thorough, inside and out, though, with some of these “track-inspired” goodies, we hope the owner may consider some actual track time in the future, even if it’s just one event, to see where these classic Hondas really shine.

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