Civic Type R Engine to Power Formula Race Cars

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Formula 3 Honda Civic Type R K20

F3 Americas series will launch in 2018 with turbo K20 under the engine cover. The Type R is going open-wheel racing.

The Honda Civic Type R has already blown us all away, but surely we now want a Type R race car, right? Not only will that be coming in 2018, but the Type R’s engine will also power cars capable of earning points toward a Formula 1 license.

Alright, so maybe we’re not describing a Type R-powered race car, but this excites us nonetheless.

Formula 3 Honda Civic Type R K20

Formula 3 racing will come stateside in 2018 with the new F3 Americas series. While the open-wheel cars aren’t Civics, they will carry a 270-horsepower version of the Type R’s turbocharged Honda K20C engine. That allows a lightweight, reliable engine to power the cars in the development series without breaking the bank. The turbo K20 will power a Ligier Crawford chassis built to Formula 3 rules.

Formula 3 cars race all over the world in regional and international championships with FIA sanctioning. This new F3 Americas series will allow drivers to earn points toward an FIA Superlicense, necessary to race in F1.

F3 Americas will reveal details on the stateside 2018 F3 series October 19 at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, according to Honda. If you’re not wise, that’s the weekend Formula 1 visits COTA.

The Sports Car Club of America’s Pro Racing will administer the series. SCCA Pro Racing currently also runs Trans-Am Road Racing Series and the Formula 4 Series.

The F4 cars use naturally aspirated K20 engines for powerplants in lower-level formula cars. That series has emerged with significant numbers in its opening 2017 season. Like F4 this year, we expect the F3 Americas series to race as a support package for other series.

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