2016 Eibach Summer Meet Coverage

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When you hear or see “Eibach”, two things come to mind: One, obviously being springs or suspension, which they are known for manufacturing. The other being the yearly Eibach Honda Meet – the largest gathering of Hondas on the planet. For those of you who remember, the meet used to be held at Eibach’s facility in Corona, CA. Over the last few years, the meet outgrew the venue, which forced the organizers Ryan Hoegner (Eibach) and Matt “Rodrez” Rodriguez (TEN: The Enthusiast Network) to find a larger location. For the first time in 2012, the meet was moved to Irwindale Speedway. Even then, the speedway still wasn’t big enough to accommodate all the Honda enthusiasts. The next year, the meet was moved to Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore.


Since leaving the Eibach headquarters in 2012, many Honda enthusiasts have been requesting another smaller gathering back at the old stomping grounds. Other than Joey Lee’s (The Chronicles) Yearly meets, Eibach hasn’t hosted a Honda meet in six years. Only a couple of months after the annual Eibach Honda Meet earlier this year, Ryan and Matt announced that there would finally be another meet held at the headquarters once again on Saturday, September 10th.


As soon as I heard about it, I was all in. Then once I parked and started walking up the hill towards the facility, I was taken back. I didn’t know what it was, but with each step I took, I was going back in time. Once I got inside the venue, I was home. The familiar sight of countless Hondas and enthusiasts gathered around Eibach gave such a nostalgic feeling. One of the major differences between the Eibach Honda Meet and this one was that all makes and models were welcomed to attend. However, those who chose to show their car were required to apply and go through a screening process. Only cars that were tastefully modified were accepted. Lowering springs and knockoff wheels weren’t going to cut it.


As expected, nothing but the the best of the best were displayed at the meet – the cream of the crop. We’re talking multiple generations of Civic from EFs and EGs to the later 8th and 9th Gens. Integral Type Rs were in full effect as well as a handful of tasteful S2000s. Believe it or not there was a first gen CR-V equipped with a turbocharged LS-VTEC motor putting down 475whp to all four wheels. Though the meet was open to all makes and models, 99% of the attendees were Hondas.


Shortly after the event, an announcement has been made that the 2017 Eibach Honda Meet will be held in Orlando. I can’t wait to see what the east coast Honda enthusiast culture has to offer! No word yet on the next meet at Eibach, but we will be sure to keep you posted.



Matt Eugenio contributes to Honda-Tech, 6SpeedOnline, and Rennlist, among other Internet Brands Auto sites.

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