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Problems with 1999 Honda Accord...

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Default Problems with 1999 Honda Accord...

Hopefully someone can Help. This car gives me so much trouble. Every time i talk about selling it, It does something so i can't... What a smart car.


When I start the car up It will run fine sometimes, sometimes the RPM'S will start jumping below 1000 and above. When im driving, Holding down the gas sometimes it has trouble getting past first gear, second, or even third, If i give it to much gas it wont go. I have to hold down the gas, then let go for it to switch gears. (AUTOMATIC) When holding down the Gas It will randomly sputter and sometimes even die at Red lights or when i stop >.>. I've had this problem for awhile and I don't know what it is. I was getting codes at first, and we checked the codes it gave, and reset them, and I have not got any codes since.

Only thing I can see is to think... Maybe its Electrical? Because my car only does it sometimes, Sometimes it will run like its brand new. Also when someone gets in the passenger door, It will freak out or randomly die sometimes.

This Car drives me crazy and I wish i could fix it and just sell it.

Anyone want it :D lol.

Well if you can help me fix my car or try to help by giving me any helpful tips. Please by all means, Be my guest... I'll Try anything.


1999 Honda Accord
4" Muffler - if that matters
118,000 Miles
Baught from Car Lot.
Brand new battery and oil change
4 Cyl

so what could be problem???
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Default Re: Problems with 1999 Honda Accord... (EndSYNTH)

what were the codes that it threw out...
almost seems like either a tps problem or a tcc lock up problem
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Default Re: Problems with 1999 Honda Accord... (Hammer99ex)

There is a thread somewhere here that said 2% of the automatic trannys would have a failure due to a design flaw.

I happened to me but the symptoms were different from yours. My engine never stalled, but shifting was delayed and very hard. It progressively got worse with time till it would hardly shift anymore.

In the end it had to be rebuilt.
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Default Re: Problems with 1999 Honda Accord... (EndSYNTH)

Is it a V6 car or what? That could help answer your question. If it is a V6 car then it is most likely a toast automatic. Search and you will see that this has been covered plenty of times. Also look in the FAQ and I believe there is a thread in there that covers this topic directly.
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Default Re: Problems with 1999 Honda Accord... (Hammer99ex)

At first it threw out a MAP sensor code. I Switched The MAP sensors out instead of paying 100 dollars with another MAP sensor from a civic the same year just to make sure
I double checked just to make sure the Sensors were the same on AutoZone site. This did not make a difference at all. So I reset the codes and it later threw another code at me. I got an O2 Sensor code that time. Messed with the O2 sensor and cleaned the sensors and plugs. Reset the code and have not got anything since.

My Accord is a V4. Now, The thing That makes me think its electrical and not something to do with the motor or trans itself is because. Sometimes this car runs fine. Sometimes it runs like its on its last breath. It will switch between whatever it feels like.

(Why does it die when I open the doors when the car is running?) <-- that is another one i cant figure out. Is There some wires crossed or something, I don't know. =/.

I'm going to look into the TPS sensor and see if I can get anything but I'm not sure.

More Idea's or anything would be lovely! please :D.

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