6 Honda things that Aren’t Cars

Honda has a colorful history and has a very diverse present and future for the company. Let’s explore some of that range and diversity inside.

  Comments | By - June 28, 2016

An NSX Handily Won the Time Attack 2 Class at Pike’s Peak

Pull out your best countin’ fingers and make your way all the way up “11 one thousand.” That’s how long it took for the second car to cross the finish line after the Acura NSX in the Time Attack 2 class of races at the festivities surrounding the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb.

  Comments | By - June 27, 2016

“Vibe” Revisits the Story That Inspired “The Fast and the Furious”

It’s been 15 years since the first The Fast and the Furious film came out. At the time, nobody really knew how it’d do. The cast was young and diverse, and the story had a niche vibe to it. Nobody expected it to be a blockbuster.

  Comments | By - June 24, 2016

Acura Entering Electric Pikes Peak Game With 4-Motor NSX Concept

In its first racing debut in North America, Acura is going all out with three different NSX racers competing in three different classes.

  Comments | By - June 23, 2016

Civic Type R Keeps Destroying the World’s Best Tracks

Honda didn’t want its claim that the new Civic Type R is a “race car for the road” to be unsubstantiated. So, during the past few months, it went out with a production version of the car on regular road tires and shredded five lap records.

  Comments | By - June 22, 2016

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