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blitzman 03-16-2017 12:54 PM

JDM Del Sol B16a throttle body gasket issue
JDM 1993 Del Sol with a B16a2, engine was rebuilt for boost. Using OEM throttle body but with Skunk2 Pro intake manifold, the thermal gasket I had didn't fit and also ordered 16176-P2T-004 honda part but that also didn't fit (this was the same size as the thermal) gasket. Had to make temp gasket from paper and kinda works but rather get a genuine Honda or thermal gasket of the right size.

If anyone knows the right size needed and part number that would be a great help, thanks guys.

Update: So it looks like I need a GSR/B18 throttle body, part number 16176-P30-004 as this looks exactly like the one I made. Can anyone add on this?

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