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Only post for sale ad's of RACE CARS

DO NOT REPLY TO A POST.....PM the person....Keep this thread free of banter....just FOR SALE Posts


If you do not follow rules your post will disappear !

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Default Re: FS: Jan-Mar RACE CARS

For Sale:
Former Koni Challenge Acura RSX Type-S. Price Reduced: Asking $16,495
You can reach us via PM or email ([email protected]). Thanks!

K24a2 (TSX motor), fresh @ beginning of 2011 season (bearings, oil/water pump, seals, rings, etc)
K20 Type R aluminum oil pan with custom baffling
KARCEPTS Idle Air Control valve block off plate
Hondata Heatshield Intake manifold gasket
RBC Intake manifold/Karcepts Adapter

Engine Compartment:
HASport motor mounts
Custom wiring harness
MFactory oil cooler/filter re-location kit
Mizuno aluminum radiator

Type R 6spd tranny/diff with 4.7 final drive
Exedy flywheel

VIS carbon hood, factory replica with custom venting
Front splitter/air dam, custom NASA Honda Challenge spec.
C-West rear wing
Innovative garage front and rear tow hooks
Custom headlight delete skins
Trimmed and vented rear bumper skin
Skinned (lightened) rear hatch
Sparco spring loaded fuel door

Custom shifter box shim kit (to raise shifter)
Innovative Garage white shift ****
Custom wiring harness from firewall back (only essential’s remain)
AEM oil pressure gauge (digital)
AEM oil temp gauge (digital)
Fuel Safe fuel level gauge
MOMO steering wheel
Sparco Evo seat
Re-located battery (to passenger compartment), Odyssey mini battery
Custom switch plate, push button start

HyTech header, resonator, dumps behind driver (approx 104 decibel)

Wheels and Tires:
Enkei RPF-1 Silver 17x9.5”
BFG R1 235/40/17
ARP extended wheel studs (all corners)

Front Suspension:
Moton 3-way adjustable
HardRace spherical bearings (control arms)
HardRace ball joints

Rear Suspension:
Moton 3-way adjustable
HardRace spherical bearings trailing and LCA

Stop Tech ST40 front calipers (4 piston)
Stop Tech braided stainless lines F&R
Hawk DTC70 brake pads F&R
Custom wheel spacers

GrandAm approved cage
Seat, Sparco Evo
Harness, Sparco
Window net’s
Fire suppression
Fuel Safe fuel cell system

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Default Re: FS: Jan-Mar RACE CARS

1998 Integra LS with 122,000 miles.

The car is set up for autocrossing in STC.

It has had the following modifications/maintenance done in the last year.
Progress CSII coilovers (500F/500R)
Progress 24mm rear sway bar
SPC adjustable ball joints (front)
SPC adjustable upper control arms (rear)
Energy suspension bushings throughout the suspension
Energy suspension lower motor/transmission mounts
Injen short ram intake
Megan racing header
High flow catalytic converter and muffler (not loud)
GSR strut tower brace
Type R front lip
Clutch replaced with Exedy OEM in December 2011 (121,300 miles)
New spark plugs, spark plug wires, PCV valve, O2 sensor, fuel filter, tie
rods, lower ball joints, RH CV axle, LH forward wheel bearing, clutch
master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, belts, and battery.
Recent alignment.

The car currently have 14" steel wheels on it with good tires. I also have
a set of 15”x7.5” TR Motorsport wheels with 225/45/15 Hankook RS3 tire with
about 2000 miles on them.

Everything works in the car including AC, power windows, power mirrors, and
cruise control.


Located in Savannah, GA (31326)

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Default Re: FS: Jan-Mar RACE CARS

Trade for a clean 05 SRT4 cletus?
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Default Re: FS: Jan-Mar RACE CARS

For sale is a Honda Civic Coupe Road Race Car (not street legal).* This was raced in NASA's Honda-Challenge H1 class a few years ago.* I am listing this for my brother, so I will direct all questions to him.

The Basic Specs:

H22 Engine
H2B Transmission Conversion (H-Series engine mated to a B-Series transmission)
Skunk2 Camshafts
Euro R Intake Manifold
440cc Injectors
Balance Shaft Delete Kit
Modified Oil Pan

KW Road Race Coilovers (custom valved)
Skunk2 Camber Adjusters

Integra Type R Calipers
Integra Type R Rotors
Motul Brake Fluid
Brake Bias Balancer

Curpier Motorsport Roll-Cage
Battery Relocation
Sparco Seat
Honda Steering Wheel
Sparco Pedals

AIM Data Display

This is just a small list of parts the car has. *Please contact us for more information and also to discuss payment and delivery options.

Price: $5,000
Contact: [email protected]
Location: Oneonta, NY

More photos upon request.

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Default Re: FS: Jan-Mar RACE CARS

1994 Honda Del Sol VTEC
Located in East Bay Area, CA
Contact Mike via PM to me here or email at ([email protected])
$9,000 obo

180k miles on chassis
Some dents in side
New Maaco paint job from 3 years ago
Some rust, was an east coast car. Most rusted parts have been replaced/removed.
Roll cage (does not currently have door bars)
Sparco Evo Seat on drivers side (build date 05/06)
Corbeau Seat on passenger side
Gforce 6 point camlock harness on drivers side (Expired last year)
Gforce 6 point latch harness on passenger side (Expires this year)
NRG Quick release
NRG suede steering wheel
Broadview convex mirror.
Battery kill switch (not yet wired up)
Hotlap timer mounted in car

Engine (Currently tuned for E85, 199whp) ~300 miles on fresh build (new pistons, rings, bearings, hone, etc):
B18C (was a Type R)
B18C1 crank shaft (original R crank will also go with it, journal needs new polish)
81.5mm OS PCT (CTR) pistons (non-oem make)
B18CR head
Blox HSL cams
Skunk2 cam gears
Skunk2 springs and retainers
OE Type R intake manifold
RC 440cc injectors
Homemade 3" CAI
DTR Narrow copy header
3" x 18" resonator
3" exhaust piping
3" Magnaflow muffler
Hondata S200
Walboro 255lph fuel pump
Oil press, Oil temp and water temp guages
MFactory external oil cooler
Morroso 5.5qt baffled oil pan
Integra full width radiator
FAL slim fan

Original B16A3 trans that came with the car
New synchros about 4 years ago
4.7 Final Drive
KAAZ Type R sized clutch diff.
ACT street clutch
ACT lightend flywheel
New master and slave cyl's

JRZ RS coilovers w/modified tien top hats
Hyperco 800/900lb springs
Hard Race rear lower control arms (Spherical)
PCI offset spherical RTA bushing
Blox rear camber kit
No-name rear toe aduster (OE toe aduster non functional)
ASR rear subframe brace
22mm Type R rear swaybar
Front LCA's with spherical bearings
Front skunk2 pro series camber kit
Stock front swaybar.
ARP extended lugs in the front

Rear OE
Front GSR calipers
Braided lines all around
New 15/16" MC

4x 15x7 Rota slipsreams (black) with worn 225/45/15 Hankook C51's
4x 15x6.5 Konig's (Don't remember the model) with 205/50/15 Hossier wets still mounted on them.
2x 10mm wheel spacers

Box full of nuts and bolts
B16A3 short block block all OE, rods, pistons, etc. Still assembled and in good condition.
B16A3 head (OE springs, retainers,cams) Broken exhaust stud needs to be extracted.
CTR Cams
Type R springs/retainers
Golden Eagle cam gears
OE oil pan
OE Type r trans brace
OE Type R crank (journal #1 needs re-polish, maybe repair, spun rod bearing in the past)
ATS/Carbonetics LSD (In need of rebuild, new clutch plates. Can go metal or carbon from Carbonetics)

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Default Re: FS: Jan-Mar RACE CARS

Civic 1200 SCCA GT5 $2500 obo

Orlando, Fl

PM me and I will get you in contact with the owner, he works long hours out of town with limited Internet so Im helping him out.

Some of you may know the owner, Dave Raymon.

How it used to look. The car will come on the donuts seen.

What I know

Needs MSD box, seat, and steering wheel for starters.

5 speed box Code EBS-1044367
Believe it is a Mugen LSD
4.9 Final drive gear confirmed by original owner/builder


Believe to be about 13:1 compression as built but never confirmed, has started and run in very limited amounts in the last year. NOT currently running but should.

Cam has lots of lift and duration but have no numbers for it. The valve springs are dual with titanium retainers.

Carbs are twin webers with 30mm chokes and the were rebuilt about three years ago and have been sitting dry since.

Distributor is close to a factory unit but uses a 90 degree offset to allow for the weber carbs. The car was wired for a MSD ignition but the control box has been removed.

Suspension -

Spherical bearings
koni coil over setup


Four wheel Disc which I was told came from a 90 crx. This appears to be correct. They are controlled by twin Tilton master cylinders that were rebuilt the same time as the carbs.

The cage is stamped

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Default Re: FS: Jan-April RACE CARS

Since there aren't that many posts in this thread, I extended it to Jan-Apr.
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Default Re: FS: Jan-April RACE CARS

Car: 1989 Honda CRX built for ITA/H4/PT? (with 16' open trailer with wood deck)
Price: $4,500 obo
Location: Youngstown, Ohio

For sale is my 1989 Honda CRX build for ITA/H4, probably would do well in PT as well. I bought this car from a NASA racer in Dayton, Ohio, in 2007 and have used it for track days mostly (did one time trial with it last year) since then. The previous owner did a stock rebuild on it the year before I bought it. The car has a bolt in (autopower I assume) cage and I upgraded it with a second passenger door bar. Has NASA and SCCA log books, but it hasn't been raced since 2006. Used to be red, I had it stripped to bare metal and painted white in 2009.

The good:
-It's a great car, very solid, reliable, fun to drive, and fast
-No rust.
-TONS of spares! (three sets of wheels, spare sets of tires, spare axles, brakes, etc.

The bad:
-Trans grinds going into third gear. I never considered it a big deal as I rarely used 2nd on the tracks I ran on. Hence I only shifted into third once per lap.
-Has a lightweight flywheel which is not technically (or actually for that matter) legal for an ITA car. This is a product of it being an H4/ITA crossover car before I bought it.
-Has adjustable upper arms in the rears suspension. See comment above regarding the lightweight flywheel.

More pics available here. More to be added.


Email me at brian (dot) vondran {at} hotmail [dot] com with any questions.


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Default Re: FS: Jan-April RACE CARS

91 honda civic hatchback, this car is set up for auto-cross and roadracing, but still a good daily driver, 198hp & 153tq. car is is good conition runs great, no machanical problems at all ,turn key everyday driver / weekend warrior CALL 910-352-7870

b18c block
ls crank
ls rods
pr3 pistons
stock b16 head
gsr cams
aem cam gears
jg edlebrook intake manifold
camp 1320 knockoff header
70mm thottlebody
custom intake
470cc injectors
255 walbore fuel pump
comp stage 3 clutch
si cable transmission
hasport motormounts
bwr fuel pressure regulator
bwr fuel pressure gauge
custom 2.5" exhaust
vibrant exhaust muffler
omni race suspension
bwr racing control arms, camberkits and toe kit
braided brakes lines
drilled rotors
hawk brake pads
rear disc conversion
custom made tie bar and front bracing
upgraded sway bars
avid traction bar
14 x 8 mugen wheels (very rare)
195/60r/14 falken azenis
bwr lugnuts
kirky 15" race set
impact 5point racing camlock belts
4point rollcage
momo 13" steering wheel
mark williams quik release hub
sparco 1.5" spacer
cromes chipped ecu
Price: 6000.00 obo
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Default 92 Honda Civic HB (FSP Autocross, fully prepped!)

1992 Honda Civic, Fully Prepped FSP Race Car. Took 3rd at the 2011 SCCA Pro Finale and 4th at SCCA Nationals. Took 1st and 2nd place wins at every Tour and Pro attended in 2011. Take this car to a ProSolo or National Tour and start taking home contingency money and tires!
This car was one of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine project cars. Originally built for ST and I ran it that way for a year until I got the R-comp itch. I will include all the GRM issues the car was in.
I spent three years, and countless hours on the FSP build for this car. It can win Nationals, but due to work and family obligations I cant make it this year. I will only sell this car to someone who will continue to run it in autocross, either in FSP or move it up to SMF. I will also give someone a better deal on the car if they would keep me as a co-driver.
The car is updated and backdated to make it as light as possible per the rules. The sunroof is removed and capped, and all parts have been replaced to make it a VX model with a Si motor. It still has power steering and the AC is COMPLETELY removed. Almost every part on this car is new. I feel like I have replaced everything.
-New rebuilt D16Z6 right before Nationals last year. Overbore and tweaked to the extent of SCCA Street Prepared rules (I have the dyno sheets but will only show them to serious buyers).
-New Pistons, Rings, Rods, Bearings, Water Pump, Oil Pump, Timing Belt, Power Steering Belt, Alternator Belt, Head Gasket, all other gaskets, etc...
-Head is port matched 1 in per rules. I also have an stock head for a spare.
-Block and head are milled to spec per rules.
-Hondata S100 chipped ECU and dyno tuned by Pure Tuning in Toledo OH.
-Edelbrock Intake Manifold (matched to throttle body)
-B18 throttle body (coolant lines blocked off)
-Unorthodox racing crank pulley
-New ACT Clutch and Flywheel
-Rebuilt (Si) Transmission in 2010 with Quaife LSD
-Poly Motor Mount inserts, BUT I have a new set of Hasport motor mounts to go with the car that are not installed yet.
-OEM radiator with Mishimoto fan and fan shroud.
-Gates Racing coolant hoses
-Custom built and dyno tuned Vibrant short ram intake, with heat shield and covered in DEI gold cool tape.
-New DC 4-1 header and cat delete.
-New Full custom Vibrant aluminum exhaust system with Vibrant aluminum mufflers. 93db at nationals, only weighs 8 lbs, and sounds good too.
- Lightweight dry cell battery
- New fuel pump and fuel filter
- Injectors were rebuilt in 2010
-KW Competition 2Way coilovers (These are not the V3 or the Clubsport) These coilovers are a one off custom built racing coilover from KW. I have 4 pairs of springs to go with the car for different tuning setups. Independent adjustable rebound and compression dampening shortened shock bodies to get optimal shock stroke when lowering the suspension. They have the pillow ball top hats too but I only use them in the rear.
-Skunk2 Pro front upper control arms
-SPC rear upper control arms
-Comptech rear lower brace
-Progress rear 24mm adjustable sway bar
-Poly and Delran bushings have replaced all OEM bushings.
-New Wheel Bearings front and rear
-Extended wheel studs up front.
-The car was aligned and corner balanced just before nationals.
Pair of BBS 13X10, extremely light and expensive wheels. Bought in 2011
4 Compmotive 13X9 wheels (Formerly on Jason Tipples FSP Civic)
A stack of used to lightly used Hoosier A6 tires (13 tires total and a mix of 255/40/13 and 225/45/13), which I have two sets that were new before Nationals. I used a new set for the Pro and a new set for Nationals.
4 steely wheels to get it on a trailer or drive to an event.
Black Aluminum 949 Racing lug nuts
-Recaro Profi and Profi XL seats, also have an extra Sparco sprint seat I will throw in (If you have your own seats I can negotiate a price without the Recaros).
-Sparco Camlock race harness on drivers side. Lap belt for passenger seat.
-Sparco steering wheel and hub.
-Vibrant Carbon Fiber Shift ****
-OEM radio delete plate
-All speakers removed
-B&M short throw shifter
The chassis has about 170k on it but it is perfectly clean, not a spot of rust (southern car), and every nut and bolt comes off with no extra work, and there are no dents anywhere on the car. This car has been in the garage ever since I got it and was only driven to and from events, or on a trailer to and from events.
The body was repainted in 2010 in my garage by my co-driver who is a professional painter, but because it was my first time prepping a car for paint (I prepped it), the front bumper and hood is starting to chip. At least these parts are easy to remove from the car for a re-spray. The car is now silver but used to be a red oxide primer that GRM did for the rat ride look. The roof is covered with a flat black vinyl.
***Did I mention this car is clean? I mean OCD clean! You can pull the carpet up and eat off the floor, its that clean. Ive had this car apart a couple times already and everything was wiped down did I say Im OCD?
-Rear disc brake conversion
-Brembo front and rear rotors
-Hawk HP Plus front pads (new in 2011)
-Hawk HPS rear pads (lots of life left)
-Russell SS brake lines front and rear
-New front calipers
-Rear calipers were new when GRM had the car and did the rear disc conversion.
-New master cylinder
***The brakes work better than I ever imagined. The car stops ridiculously fast!***
Lots of extra parts to go with the car and know I'm forgetting a lot of stuff that is done to the car, there is just so much to list. I want $10,000 for everything and will negotiate a better deal if someone is willing to give me a codrive in this car. I wont be able to make it to Nationals this year but will be back next. I will help whoever buys it, because I want this car to win.
You can call me or text me at two four eight, nine seven four six zero zero three. Or email me at mcnam1bm at Hotmail. More pictures can be emailed upon request or the car is easy to find on the web. Either FSP 173, 73, 198, 0r 98. The car is located in South East Michigan.
Brian McNamara
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Default Re: FS: Jan-April RACE CARS

ITA ‘89 Honda CRX Si - $ THE CAR IS SOLD
Quaife LSD
4.73 final drive by Anthony Serra in NY
Transmission recently inspected, no grinds
7 races on ITA prepared (King Motorsports) cylinder head and overbored bottom end
DC 4-2-1 header
AEM short ram intake
custom exhaust, dumps behind driver

Koni yellows/ Carrea springs 450/650
DC strut tower brace
Suspension Techniques rear adjustable sway bar
Energy Suspension bushing kit
carbotech pads
steel braided brake lines
brake ducting
upgraded 1990 crx front brake calipers
rear disc brakes

custom welded 8 point roll cage with driver side nascar door bars
Cobra light race seat
car weight 1970# without ballast and driver
Stack Data acquisition system (not installed)
helmet hook
quick release steering wheel

This car is fast and competitive. Lots of 1st places and mostly finished on the podium.
This car held ITA records at MAM and Heartland Park with the current owner, and has previously held ITA records at other tracks

Ridiculous spares package to keep you racing:
8 panasports wheels with Hankooks
1 spare panasport wheel
4 crx si wheels with Hoosier dirt stocker rain tires
4 steel wheels with Toyo ra-1's (intermediates)
4 yokohama 008R tires, unmounted
spare ITA prepared cylinder head
spare shortblock
spare transmission
brake pads and rotors
clutches, flywheels
too many cores, engine/body/trim and spare parts to list. You will need a large trailer to get it all.

The car is located in Kansas City, MO. Email me at [email protected].


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Icon7 Re: FS: Jan-April RACE CARS

2000 Integra Type R 00-534
-Original Motor, Clean Title
-About 88,000 miles (Car in Storage)
-Toda 4-1 Header to resonator to turndown
-Buddy Club Suspension with 800 lb front and 1000 lb rear springs
-JDM 23 mm rear sway bar
-JE Import Performance Roll Cage w/ Nascar door bars and custom seat brackets
-Sparco Evo II Drivers seat w/ Sparco side mounts
-Hondata s100
-Spoon Front Calipers (Original’s included)
-Stainless Steel brake lines
-Factory Transmission with 4.9 final drive
-2 sets of Kosei K-1 Wheels, white and custom powder coated gunmetal
-fluidine oversized radiator
-Kill Switch installed
-Window Nets ect..
-rear wiper delete
-fire suppression and mount
-power steering removed
-gutted interior, however still have parts of it including the Armrest and Badge
-Probably forgetting a few things. I have owned the car since 2002. It was a daily driver that became a dedicated track car. Custom tuned from SANDER. It is corner balanced and ready for the track. Sad to see it go but I am getting married and buying a house. Have receipts for most major purchases on the car and am sure I am forgetting a ton. Was built for Honda Challenge H2 specs at the time. Very reliable, used for HPDE and Instructing. Made it to three ITR expos and once in a magazine (ha, 2nd car from the left)! Car has been well maintained and cared for.

Asking $14,000. Feel free to contact me for further information. Guard dog and family not included.
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Default Re: FS: Jan-April RACE CARS

Selling because I decided to build a street bike, so my loss your gain!
Located in Southern California, Ontario
  • Race ready 1992 civic rolling chassis K-series ready
  • Clean title and 100% straight chassis
  • Registration paid up to date and can be used for a street car if you prefer
  • Professionally painted inside and out (paid $2,500)
  • Full factory glass windows
  • Steen Chassis Design & Fabrication - Signal Hill, CA Full-Roll Cage (paid $3,800)
  • Chromoly cage setup for NASA Honda Challenge and has NHRA 8.50ET spec for drag racing
  • Car will come with factory black wheels
  • $4,500 OBO
DOES *NOT* COME WITH ENGINE, MOUNTS or WHEELS. Stock wheels will be provided.

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Default Re: FS: RACE CARS

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Dec. 18, 2012

For Sale:
2000 Integra Type R #1154 PY Rallycar

Purchased new! Street driven till 2006. 98,260miles. Unmolested Honda power and reliability. Amazing tarmac handling (3rd overall at 10’ Rally TN!). Great balance on gravel/snow. Meticulous maintenance. Located in the Detroit area.
Contact Evan at [email protected]

B18C5 original motor, never opened, mobil1 since new, changed after EVERY rally (water pump, cam belt all OEM parts)
Jackson Racing Supercharger with 10psi stepped pulley setup
AEM Fuel rail / RC 440cc injectors
Koyo Aluminum Radiator
Poly Engine mounts
Big tube header into metal-core motorsport catalyst into 2.5” SS exhaust.
Hondata ECU tuned on a dynopak
Run on Sunoco 260GT 100 octane racegas ONLY since supercharged/tuned (=reliability)

Type R 5spd original gearbox/diff (redline oil changed EVERY rally. Shifts perfect. Never opened)
Exedy race clutch

Sparco steering wheel
Sparco Pro2000 driver, EVO co-driver seats
Autometer boost/vac gage
Aluminum foot boards
NAV light
Peltor intercom
Nitestar NAV computer
Helmet net

Wheels and Tires:
(8) Nissan/Infinity Q45 Aluminum wheels 15x6.5” (very strong, light, and inexpensive)
(4) OEM Type R wheels 15x6”
(4) Konig 17x6” with Continental Sport Contact 215/40-17 tires
(4) Toyo RA1 225/50-15 two tarmac rallies, very good condition
(4) Hakapolitta 195/60-15 snow tires
(5) Blizzack 195/60-15 ice tires
ARP extended wheel studs

Adjustable aluminum shocks
Eibach/Hypercoil/helper springs
ball joint/custom rear suspension arms

Carbotech XP10 pads
NEW caliper pins, rear rotors, and pads. Front’s are 2 snow rallies old.
Hydraulic Wilwood handbrake
Goodridge braided stainless lines

Safety Devices MSA/FIA cage (Rally America log book compliance to FIA 253)
Seats, Sparco Pro2000 & Evo
(2) 5# fire bottles
(2) 6 Pt. M&R rotary cam harness SFI 16.1

MC Racing Fiberglass light pod with dzus fasteners
(4) KC 100W driving and pencil beam lamps
FAL Lexan rear hatch window
Aluminum skidplate
Plastic underbody protection

Set of axles
Type R dampers/springs/suspension
Brake pads, filters, misc.

Build/misc photos:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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Default Re: FS: RACE CARS

Abandoned 25 HR Project:
Too many projects never enough time...

2007 Civic FG Coupe, was originally purchased to be the sister car to the Team KIWI FD2 Civic Type R which had such a turn of Bad Luck at the 25 hr event at Thunderhill last year.

This shell has been completely gutted for seam welding and sound deadening removal, and installation of a Roll Cage.
We bought this car with minimal body damage on R/rear fender, and some right front suspension damage.
The shell has been gutted but all interior is still available except the Engine,trans and seats.
Shell comes with new Front and Rear Bumper Covers, New Front fender, New R/F Suspension LCA and Knuckle.
Not much work needed to turn this into a Racer.
I have about $3500.00 invested but it's costing far more in storage, so I 'm open to a fair offer. I need the space for more exiting Toys! Those who know me, know how I operate...

Special ProjectsMotor Sports
714 998 1258 Wk.
714 585 4233 Cel

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Default Re: NASA National Champion Civic H1-H2

Is this the former Meris Motorsports Civic?
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Default MOVING SALE!! 2006 Honda s2k apII H1-PTB-E0

Moving across the country. Need to sale my newly built race car. Sold the RSX at the end of last year and built this s2k over the winter. No expense spared, best of the best parts. Over $75k invested on this build. Asking $38,000 without electronics or spares. Car was on track for maiden shake-down in April, and ran one club race in May....car has A LOT OF POTENTIAL! Car is legal for NASA H-1, PT-B, E-0 (enduro), I am sure for other SCCA classes?

Short list of parts:
Robispec KW Race suspnsion
Full spherical bearing (front and rear, upper and lower control arms)
J's Racing upper and lower (roll center & camber adjustment)
Fresh apII motor and trans
Fire suppression system
Hondata Flashpro
Sparco seat and belts
Custom fuel system
Brembo GT front brakes
Stoptech rear rotors and pads
Carbon body (hood, doors, roof, hatch)

Electronics include (AEM EMS, Racepak display, and RaceKeeper camera system) Add $4000

Spares Include, (AP1 tranny, alternator, axles, 2 full sets of matching RPF-1 rims and BFG R-1 tires at least 60%, 1 spare set of brand new 'sticker' BFG R-1's,) Add $3000

Car is in Utah.

Serious inquiries, Please call, text or email me

cell: 801-636-8591
email: [email protected]

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Default Re: FS: RACE CARS


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Default Re: FS: RACE CARS

I am putting my car on the market to move on to bigger and better “things”. Not totally true, but I have my eye on another car, so this one has to go, unfortunately. If I can’t get what I need out of it, I won’t sell it. I am probably forgetting some things. I am just trying to get it out there, at the moment, to see what kind of interest that it gets.

The car has been together since April of 2010. I am a bit picky with the maintenance; I like to do preventative maintenance, so it doesn’t become an issue. The “main issue” is the dent, when the car was being “built”, I found it to be an issue. But, time and money got in the way. I got to the track and no one cared or seemed to notice it. So, my issue with it kind of faded. It does have a small bit of rust on the right quarter panel, very slight. As of ITR Expo, it has an exhaust leak; I haven’t had the car in the air since getting home. It is only bad below 2500rpm, after that it sounds like “normal”.

It won’t come with the seat/rails, steering wheel setup, or the shifter. I like them all too much and will be transferred to the other car, if that opportunity arrives. Stock parts will try to be supplemented in place of them.

It is an absolute blast to drive. It isn’t the fastest car in a straight line, but it can hold its own elsewhere. The car gets driven to and from the track, very easy on gas. The car is very smooth even on commutes to and from the track, in my opinion. Great car for someone trying to get into HPDEs, or even the person who has plenty of seat time.

1994 Honda Civic Cx - $6200

JDM Type R 4-1 Header.
Skunk2 ITR Intake Manifold.
ITR Throttle Body.
Custom Short Ram Intake with K&N filter/Velocity Stack.
C&R Full Core Radiator with Slim fan.
Samco Hoses.
Braille Battery.
Custom exhaust. 2 inch with Resonator and Cop car tip. Haha.
Timing belt and water pump was replaced 06/10.
Valve cover gasket and spark plug gaskets replaced 06/10.
Oil changed after every event.
Valves adjust twice a year.

LS Trans-
ACT Clutch and Fidanza Lightened Flywheel.
All bearings and seals replaced 04/10.
Fluid changes after every 4 events.

2x Rota Slipstream 15 x 7 +40.
2x Konig Retrack 15 x 7 +40.
4x Nitto NT01 225/45/15, couple events left in them.

Integra front and rear calipers, bought new 04/10.
Goodridge stainless lines in all 4 corners.
Motul RBF600, replaced after 4 events.

Cobalt XR3 pads with Brembo rotors.
Front left hub and bearing installed 04/12.
Front right bearing replaced 08/11.
Extended studs.

Cobalt XR5 pads with Brembo rotors, 3 events on them.

Koni Race Dampers.
Grond Control Sleeves.

650lb Springs in the front without an ARB.
Hardrace LCA and Compliance Bushings, installed 04/12.
Hardrace UCA, installed 07/11.
Replaced Outer tie rod boots, 04/12.
OE Subframe brace.

700lb Springs in the rear with a OE GSR(14mm) ARB.
ASR brace.
Hardrace Toe Links.
J’s Racing UCAs.

VIS Carbon Hood.
OE Block Offs with SPA Designs Sedan mirrors.
Echelon Bumper Ducts.
Newleaf. Airdam.
Rear Bumper has vents cut in it.
JDM Taillights.
OE VX “diffuser”.
PCI Tow Hooks.

Autopower Roll Bar with SFI 45.1 padding and custom driver duct for cooling.
Crow Belt/s, 5 point. Date should be around 04/10.
Everything is removed under the dash.
The Climate Control is removed, but the JDM faceplate has been glued into place.
Gabusface Carbon airbag block off.
OE Accessory Center Console.

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Default Re: FS: RACE CARS

CRX Chassis, spare front bumper cover and front fenders. CF hood and stock hood. Was an H2 car. Nice cage no crashes but it was a Socal HC car so there are tire donuts on all sides. (thanks Jeremy)

Located Socal. Need it gone asap $1000 OBO.
It's on the trailer, will deliver in Socal.

Joe, 805 fourzerotwo 7747 or earleapex at gmail dot com
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Default Re: FS: RACE CARS


For Sale! Kings Performance's, SARRC Championship Winning STU, K24 powered EG Civic.
1992 Honda Civic Si with K24a2 Acura TSX motor (245whp) prepped for SCCA STU Class or NASA Honda Challenge H1 as follows:

Chassis, Brakes and power plant:

Full K24a2 TSX motor/05’ RSX TypeS NSN4 transmission swap
Type R cams
R Crew Race header
Ported OEM Throttle body with K-tuned Spacer
Full custom exhaust with Magnaflow muffler
RBC Intake Manifold
M Factory LSD
DSS Road Race Spec axles
BC Racing BR double adjustable coil over suspension with extra 1000 lb. springs
S2000 front calipers
DBA Race Rotors
EP3 rear disk brakes
Stainless steel brake lines
Cobalt XR1 front race pads
Cobalt XR5 rear race pads
(4) Traklite 15x7 lightweight race wheels
Energy Suspension Polyurethane race bushings
Blox lower rear control arms
Blox front traction bars
Skunk2 racing front and Rear camber Kits
Rear Toe Links
Progress Suspension 24mm rear sway bar
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with pressure gauge
AEM Fuel Rail with SS Braided fuel lines
Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery
Ktuned shifter base
Hasport solid motor mounts
Aluminum Front and Rear Tow Hooks

Carbon Fiber front bumper cooling brake ducts
Seibon duckbill rear wing
Custom adjustable 48” Rear wing
Custom front splitter
Rear quarter lexan windows

Simpson Main Cutoff Switch
Fire Bottle CO2, double nozzle fire system (feet and engine)
Sparco EVO2 Race Seat
Racequip Window net with install kit
Simpson Center Net
G-Force 6 pt Harness
SCCA and NASA Custom 10pt Weld in Roll Cage

AEM V2 Programmable ECU
AIM MXL Dash Unit
Radio Communications wiring with steering wheel button and exterior antenna

Car is completely race ready. Tuned on 98 Oct Sunoco Race Fuel
Car is the current STU Daytona Track record holder
Car is current STU SARRC Champion (2011)
Many, Many wins and podiums.
Extremely competitive front runner (turn-key), Ready to Race. Still has lots of room to add power. But extremely competitive, reliable and fun as it sits. 2:11's at Daytona, 2:28's at Sebring. USD $15,500
Call or text 407-285-4445

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Default Re: FS: Jan-Mar RACE CARS

Originally Posted by known View Post
Civic 1200 SCCA GT5 $2500 obo

Orlando, Fl

PM me and I will get you in contact with the owner, he works long hours out of town with limited Internet so Im helping him out.

Some of you may know the owner, Dave Raymon.


How it used to look. The car will come on the donuts seen.

What I know

Needs MSD box, seat, and steering wheel for starters.

5 speed box Code EBS-1044367
Believe it is a Mugen LSD
4.9 Final drive gear confirmed by original owner/builder


Believe to be about 13:1 compression as built but never confirmed, has started and run in very limited amounts in the last year. NOT currently running but should.

Cam has lots of lift and duration but have no numbers for it. The valve springs are dual with titanium retainers.

Carbs are twin webers with 30mm chokes and the were rebuilt about three years ago and have been sitting dry since.

Distributor is close to a factory unit but uses a 90 degree offset to allow for the weber carbs. The car was wired for a MSD ignition but the control box has been removed.

Suspension -

Spherical bearings
koni coil over setup


Four wheel Disc which I was told came from a 90 crx. This appears to be correct. They are controlled by twin Tilton master cylinders that were rebuilt the same time as the carbs.

The cage is stamped
PM'd. Please contact me.

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Default 1985 civic B16 swap SCCA GTL


1985 civic SCCA GTL ready

Front rad support cut off and tube framed

Weight is around 1980 lbs with 180 driver and fuel

B16a vtec 170HP
custom stainless header
Full Stainless exhaust
crower cams ( Type R )
mugen valve cover
moroso baffeled oil pan
remote K&N oil filter
aem fuel rail and pressure regulator
light wieght fidanza flywheel
mugen thermostat
LSD integra tranny with stock 4.4 final drive
Painless wiring
Hasport mounts
Hasport Axles
custom wiring harness and CROME chipped ECU
fiberglass hood with mold
oil cooler and accusump
koni struts
oversized aluminum rad
front custom camber plates
custom bump steer kit
Ground control rear spring coilover
29mm torsion bars
custom rear nascar sway bar setup
custom pan hard bar and mount
FUEL SAFE fuel cell with black box in cell pump
on board fire system
omp head restraint seat
new G-Force harness
2 sets of wheels
four wheel disk brakes (HAWK pads) Motul fluids


Dont know how to post a pic but here is a VIDEO


Can deliver to Northern USA states for fuel cost

[email protected]
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Default 2000 Honda S2000

Getting out of the game. My 2000 Honda S2000 for sale.
Charlotte NC
It has a stock motor and trans.
Solid motor and trans mounts
Triple disk Carbonetics Clutch
Comptech Diff
Motons with hyperco springs
Comptech front swaybar
CCW C10's 11"/18 front and 12"/18 rear. 295 front 315 hoosier r6 rear
Stoptech race brakes 14"front 12"rear
REAL Spoon Hardtop
ARP Splitter
Seibon vented hood
APR GTC 300 rear wing with Gurney flap
Custom control arms and toe links
Asura monoball arms
Setrab oil cooler, lines, filter relocation
spoon thermostat
Koyo Radiator
Precision intercooler
Dual intank walbro 255
Startlite Fuel line
Aeromotive Pro pump
Custom turbo manifold and 3" to 4" Down pipe all burns 16ga
Garrett GT40R
Custom aluminum charge pipe
has all the stock wiring and a motec harness also
Cage for redline time attack
Tilton Floor mount pedals with brake masters and stock pedals if you like.
if you have any question let me know
28,000 with motor and trans
25,000 with no motor and trans
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