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First H2B/strategically done first mods

Old 07-23-2018, 06:05 PM
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Default First H2B/strategically done first mods

Hey Guys I know there's some tread about it but they're old or they have turned into a bitchin place where youngs girls keep bitchin to one another without being useful at all and ...pretty sure that i'm not the only one coming here like " well ... **** me bitches be bichin"
and turned back trying to find the best answer but yet again ....TREADS ARE TOO DAMN OLD in my search result (between 2003 and 2007) I know that to some of you it may sound stupid .... But try to see it that way .... Experience has been gained since (let's say 2003) 15 years is a LONG TIME and people now compared to then ..., they have learned from personal experience/professional experience (the right way to do this or that ... What to use to get the best result possible and BTW think big people (not everyone has the means or simply want to buy the most expensive parts for their build).... when suggesting parts have in mind that some of us would like to have OPTIONS and imo ...having options in a build is important !

Again guys I'm starting this tread not only for me personally but because I noticed A BIG LACK OF updated tread on this matter and wanted to create this (more recent and reliable) tread as a TOOL for the new generation and the ones to come ... Never hurts being advised guys and if i may/
PLZ LEARN TO step on YOUR EGO's ...YOU ARE (you the reader)not
all knowing your name
is NOT CHUCK NORRIS (dude ... I had to) Anyways ... Just know that you will (and not just here but in life) come across people that do know things that you don't and it is alright to just accept the fact that you didn't know and be grateful that you are being shared this knowledge .... Don't mean your not capable as a human ... Just means your a hell of a lot smarter than the guy that did the opposite ...

I'm not here making myself sound almighty and give you a f***in life lesson , I really think that i'm actually saying out loud what a lot of people think without sayin it and i want people to open this tread (and if that person opens this tread and has a minimum of common sense) they are gonna come in not as a troll or as Mister knowIT ALL but as an open minded human ready to help whom ever ask or wonder about something ... Share your knowledge it will only make the Honda community all the better for it

Now don't mind me but it has been created in a goal to inform and i did have some question so plz let's start this tread already

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Old 07-24-2018, 07:34 PM
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Default Re: First H2B/strategically done first mods

Now my situation/goal
Car; Civic Dx 99 hatch
Current setup;B16a first gen
Goal;H2B all motor
Whp Desired; Around 215/225
RPM Desired; Between 9k/10k
Uses;Lapping main activity/ drag recreational

Like the tread suggest I thought it be wise depending on the need of the person asking to go with a strategic approach knowing that in most build planning ahead is a lot less expensive in the long run and can sometimes even have/add benefits NOW knowing the direction I plan to go I'd like to know (motorWise) what are the mods/parts that I should buy and bring the day of the swap to be install so that once the swap is done I can directly go sit this fat *** on the dyno being positively hopeful to make the 215 to 225 Whp once the tune's all done ???

What I would love for you guys to suggest are the parts that will compliment each other's and the motor as a whole and also keep that "Honda reliability" <at some point of course> (I know it's never a sure thing once you go OEMless on some internal motor/mods) but you guys know what I mean and BTW i'm not all that aware of the potential of the H22(and it's not a subtle way to say "convince me on a Kserie" i don't want to f***in hear it)... respect the tread plz and for my fellow Star Wars fan out there "Stay on target,stay on target" xD coming back to what I was sayin is; I say 215-225whp cause i'm the kind of guy whose sole purpose is to come out of a corner as fast as the car will allow it and then use those unicorns to gain back that lost time ... Only thing is....
honestly I'm not rich and I may be a PetrolHead I also plan on having a house so I'm limiting myself ... All that to say I don't want some shitty setup "turbo like" that all it does is spinning into nothingness... Get me?
I can't afford buying myself a new set of tire every 2weeks ... So that's that ...

About that RPM i would sincerely appreciate any professional approach as to what parts are required to reach that 9k/10k rpm goal .... I know this sounds like a 15year old wish but high power at high rpm is what I'm all about ... The sound the feeling .... Anyways we love what we love and that's what I would like to have so .... With all that I still want all those request to be met and yet I'm asking...
It has to stay (AGAIN AT SOME POINT)
somewhat RELIABLE this car is after all ,
my dayli (not in the winter cause salt on the ground)

tks for your future (hopefully soon) advise
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Old 07-24-2018, 10:19 PM
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Default Re: First H2B/strategically done first mods

You NEED to get over the 9K/10K RPM thing right now... the stroke is WAY too long to make reliable power at that RPM... and the cost to even make it UNRELIABLE will be way past a budget build. I think you need to read up on some H22 builds and examine the dyno sheets that represent the compilation of the parts used and compare your budget to their costs. Unless you are strapping the car down to an optimistic dyno, making 225 wheel HP isn't a cheap build and you haven't really offered up a budget... you only stated that you are on one and you wish to buy a house someday.

I made 216 wheel HP (measured on a DynoJet) on a stock bottom end, Crower 2 cams with valvesprings and retainers, a genuine high dollar SSR 4-2-1 header, manual T/B tensioner conversion, and a Thermal 60mm cat-back.
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Old 07-27-2018, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: First H2B/strategically done first mods

You know what ... You made me realize that I have made one big mistake let me tell you what it is .... I wrote WHP when I should have wrote HP (and no it's not about the numbers otherwise I wouldn't be aiming for the R version of the Hseries stock power) Also must admit that I did what almost new (newbies to forum like me) does and that is to not take the time to inform myself (well I did but not well enought) on what was the h22 stock power being (depending on wich one) between 197/220hp and "there lies my BIG mistake" 154/163 torque

Now that I read for hours I've come to the conclusion that all of that does'nt really matter as I understand that every bits and pieces that are making that 23hp difference of power is going to be removed and replace by new ones... that leaves me with a freshly rebuilt h22 wich is pretty much what I wanted since i'm planning long term/reliable motor/mechanic all together set up .... I'm not leaving any stones unturned not the kind of guy that does things half way .... If you want me to go in detailed as to what i'm going to do and want from A to Z and (adressing every one here) ask me in private
(really not all that complicated and if your a bit smart ...knowing that I'm really serious about lapping pretty much gives you an idea as to what I plan to do)

Being that much more inform gave me a more precise perspective as to what I want and I think it's going to help you and everyone who wants to give their advise(opinion based on experience and professionalism) not the opinion of a guy that bought a 4000 car with k20 all beat up thinking he's all knowing~> "get the f*** lost"
sorry ...reAd and did more research ... Turns out you find more and more idiots every day ... Think the rage's toward idiot's building up..
anyways yeah ... Your opinion and all that...

**** I should f***in right a book or something ICANT FKN STOP WRITTIN have you seen how long my post are **** must be scaring people f**k .. Bro if your still with me ....Men your mentally strong I'm tellin you ...

Coming back to my more precise objective and need(more like what I want) and aiming for is this starting with the idea that the h22 is freshly rebuilt and ported(cause yeah I'd be stupid not to machined it as I already have it in pieces) the new and revised goals(keeping in mind that all of the previous's post goals list does'nt change)
the revised ones are :

​​​​​​​Hp; 250hp
Whp; Between 175/185
RPM; 8800/9000

Now since I'll basically be starting off of a brand new motor that already has around that 215/220 .... So asking for 30/35 more Hp shouldn't be a problem (tell me your way of thinking) As for WHP, hoping for a boost of 10 preferably 20 Whp compared to factory stats isn't all that much ... So again , should be easily doable ... And for the Rpm I get your point ... And that's not the first time I heard about how costly and unreliable it is .... Also read that ... Motor that goes past that 8500 rpm don't even make power at that point majority of them even looses some so what I'm really asking is : for that particular goal ... I'd like to know .... Considering all I want and what mods I'll do based on what I will be suggested to reach my goals ...

What is the highest rpm I could get out of my H22 keeping it reliable and not losing power in the long run 8300/8400+ ... And my way of thinking is pretty much straight forward,being;
If a stock motor from Honda can easily endure and stay reliable, let's say 300/400 more rpm added to that 7400/7700 stock RPM, I'm already at 8100 .... Now with all the factors regarding my particular project (freshly rebuilt,performance parts installed based on what I want to accomplish, ported etc ...) Now I ask again, knowing/having all that in mind what is the highest Rpm I could get and still developing power/not losing any
and also being reliable... (I'd like to remind the readers that I'm not 14 years old... I can live without my wish to rev as high as Takumi"Initial D people come on" and still asked cause doesn't kill anyone and there could have been THAT NEW 2018 REVOLUTIONARY PIECE OF MACHINERIE that could have been the answer to all my question/ that last part was a joke btw) anyways yeah that's pretty much the round up of that last question concerning the high rpm.... Coming back to the rest of it all, what do you think about my new/revised goal ? Am I more clear about those Hp/Whp?

Thanks for your time and further reply
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