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bigblue7t6 04-01-2011 06:58 PM

Hello everyone, complete noobie to the site, as a member anyway, this site has provided me with much information in the past, but after much searching throughout the vast amount of info on this site and the internet in general, im drawing blanks

I have a 01 lude that I recently replaced the bottom end in, it sounded great when I cranked it up, but im getting a p0335 ckp sensor cel now and car is officially in limp mode. I have a chilton manual for the car that is half worth a crap because it is shared with the accord and much of the information seems swapped around to me. It says that the ckp is in the distributor on my car according to the picture diagram, but when I assembled my engine I was almost positive it sits just below the crank pulley (it is obd2). Also I tested the resistance of what I think to be the ckp. It is just out of tolerance according to the chilton. But when I had it on the other block it worked great. Also, if that sensor is to be in the distributor as the manual says it is where am I to test it at? I appreciate any input, this is my first crack at tearing apart an import to this extent. Thanks

Esc-Performance 04-01-2011 07:45 PM

Re: p0335
I believe all 01 preludes have coil pack systems. There should be a crank sensor and top dead sensor behind the crank pulley, they use the same harness. They measure the crank position from a notched ring behind the crank pulley. Without a graphing multimeter you can't really test, because the ring creates a wave form for the ecu to read when the engine is running. You can pull the crank pulley and timing covers to check the connectors, and wires. Also check the two sensors to make sure they are not cracked. Other than that, you could take it to a shop to have them check the crank signal output.

bigblue7t6 04-02-2011 06:12 AM

Re: p0335
Yeah I have checked and double checked the connections on the harness, im gonna tear that side of the engine again this afternoon so I can get a look at the ckp sensor again, just to make sure its not cracked or too greasy or something, will let you guys know what happens, also last night everytime I would crank up the car and run it for a while and shut it back off, the ckp resistance would increase slightly (moving back towards being in tolerance) didn't know it maybe this thing just needs to bake itself dry or something, even though I don't remember getting anything on it. Finally I cut it off one time and went to crank it again and it would only fire a second and cut off. A buddy of mine says an obd2 car will do this if it sees a cel that could be potentially harmful to the engine one too many times

eholman3 08-09-2011 10:37 AM

Re: p0335
any word on the outcome of this. I just swapped my distributor on my 2000 gsr and am getting the p0335 code and the limp mode.

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