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01 Prelude H22A4 Timing Belt Noise

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Default 01 Prelude H22A4 Timing Belt Noise

I have a 2001 Prelude Base 5spd 115k. The previous owner supposedly did a timing belt/water pump.
I am noticing a ticking type noise from the auxiliary area of the engine when above 3,500rpm or so.
I have listened closely to the alternator and power steering pump, I don't think it is coming from there.
It sounds like its coming from under the timing cover. I know these motors use an automatic tensioner that tends to be a known problem.
Obviously the thing to do is remove the timing cover and check the tension and check for any signs of the belt hitting something and I do plan to do that.
Has anyone else had this problem? A loose belt or tensioner problem perhaps? Has anyone had their belt rub or hit on something under the timing cover?
I've parked the car for the winter and don't want to drive it for fear of the belt slipping or jumping timing.


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Default Re: 01 Prelude H22A4 Timing Belt Noise

try to open it and look what is going on there?

and tighten everything while youre there..

do you know what parts previous owner new'd? just because you kinda need to new the "tensioner pulleys" there as well when youre doing the timing job
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Default Re: 01 Prelude H22A4 Timing Belt Noise

Seafoam it and look for smoke billowing out of the exhaust manifold gasket area. When you got an exhaust leak it sounds like ticking.
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