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You know you own an EF when...

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Default You know you own an EF when...

your motor/wheels/suspension costs more then your car

a paint job and rust removal is on the top 3 list of things to get done to your car

92 hp doesn't feel all that slow

you itch to find a climate control in mint condition

you'd pay more for some discontinued CRX floormats then you would for someone to fix your car

you think power windows/steering/locks are for pussies

you've had condensation in at least one of your EF's lights

your stock exhaust is only slightly bigger then a Wendy's straw

you do 95% of your shopping at a junkyard

you chase down old people driving mint EF's asking them if they'd sell it

you're scared to drive in Winter for fear of your car rusting

Let's keep it going!!!!!!!!
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cute little bastard
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (thenick)

you're so pathetic you can't afford a EG
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (thenick)

LOL at this list cause I can honestly say everything on the list is pretty much true
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (SkoundrelUSA)

Originally Posted by SkoundrelUSA
you're so pathetic you can't afford a EG
hahaha i love it
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (SkoundrelUSA)

Originally Posted by SkoundrelUSA
you're so pathetic you can't afford a EG
110ft/lbs of torque would do so much better in a LIGHTER EF then in an EG
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (thenick)

Originally Posted by EatMyKids
sorry to go off topic but does anyone know where i can find some good **** for free?
WTF?! Try the internet
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when your not too afraid of it being stolen
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (thenick)

You get weak at the knees when you find the part you've been looking for for the last 2 years, even though its a mega rip-off
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (thenick)

you can find the main relay in the dark, blind folded
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (keeweelogger)

Where is the TECH in this tread?
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (madmanmulligan)

Originally Posted by madmanmulligan
Where is the TECH in this tread?
He is just having a little fun with a thread, dont get your panties in a bunch......sheesh. There is a thread on here about what is the funniest thing someone has said about your EF which doesnt have any tech in it.....but its something that brings alot of EF heads together which i believe is a good thing.
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (crx2nr822)

ok here tissues for everyone

you know u own a EF when ur interior has been stripped atleast once
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (madmanmulligan)

Originally Posted by madmanmulligan
you know u own a EF when ur interior has been stripped atleast once
There you go We gotta have some fun sometimes......cause I bet you if the new honda owners would read this, they would have no clue about what we are talking about.
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (crx2nr822)

Originally Posted by crx2nr822

There you go We gotta have some fun sometimes......cause I bet you if the new honda owners would read this, they would have no clue about what we are talking about.

You know you own an EF when the original keys u got with your car were aftermarket ones
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (crx2nr822)

Originally Posted by thenick
you do 95% of your shopping at a junkyard
this is SO true! been to the junkyard atleast 20 times in the last 2 months. good thread
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (melloman)

You know you own an EF when one of the first mods you do are changing the hatch least I know thats one of the first things i do
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When you act supprised to see a real clean EF, and your friends ask why your looking at a 18 year old civic.

When you show your girlfriend your car, she calls it cute
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Default Re: (Voodooboy520)

u know u drive an EF when your door(s) makes a loud pop sound everytime you open it.
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you know you drive an EF when people confuse your car with a geo metro LOL

you know you drive an EF when ur afirad to break an axle cause of the rain lol

You know u drive an EF when 200whp gets u in the 12's

You know u drive an EF when your happy.
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Default Re: (lvcrx)

hell ya these are all true.
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (thenick)

you know you drive and EF when u have a big smile on your face while pumping gas.
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You know you own an EF when you are buying fenders that cost more than you bought the car for. Those prices for fenders are rediculous.
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (crxblues)

before u changed ur suspension, people who rode in ur car thought it was super lowered but u could fit a football in ur wheel gap.
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Default Re: You know you own an EF when... (thenick)


1. If you and your body man are on a first name basis, and you have become an expert on rust repair.

2. If you have ever thought of selling internal organs when you came across a "mint" 88 HF

3. If you have repaired a side bolster in a driver's side seat more than once.

4. If you have a basement and or garage full of "rare" EF parts.

5. If you can catolog the number of EFs at local junkyards of the top of your head.

6. If you have replaced a rusted sunroof in a CRX Si.

7. If you know 89 HFs are the only 89 model year CRX with the seatbelt in the pillar not the door.

8. If you have had the joy of dropping a fuel tank out of a EF, more than once, and feel deep hatred tward EG, and EK owners.

9. If you have installed translation programs on your computer so you can comunicate with foriegners to buy parts from.

10. If you have become an automotive electrical guru from your hours of wiring engine harnesses.

11. If you have ever asked a body man how much it would cost to replace your roof with a different one.......

12. If every time you see a Del Slow, you feel obligated make offensive hand gustures, and or curse at the owner for buying an attrocity.

13. If you have broken into your car using a licence plate.

14. If you can't remember how many rotors you have warped before upgrading your brakes.

15. If you've learned to weld so you can moddify your own shift linkage, for bseries swaps.

16. If you've bought a car with a blown engine, because you allready had one to put in it.

17. If ridding cars that don't have rattles seems to bother you.

18. If you have ever made a tool so you can allighn your car, yourself.

19. If you have more than one ef title to your name right now.(including parts cars)

20. If you alienate yourself from other honda owners, and don't associate with them.

21. If you refuse to buy any honda product made after 91, US only, I know they had a 92 EF in Japan.

22. If you have ever broken both lower shock mount bolts while changing rear struts and know how to deal with it effectivly.

23. If you don't have bumper supports because you know your doomed anyway.

24. If you try to make a motor fit just because its brand new-Rostr02

25. If you memorized all the engine codes for the D series and B series and know what is interchangable and what is not.(between the motors).-CRX_Control

26. If you spend goobs of money on trash EF parts from japan.

27. If you've had to explain to people how you got a B-series in there.

28. If your wheels cost as much as your car.

29. If your car rides like ****, cause its lowered 4 inches.

30. If you feel some sort of friendship with DA owners.

31. If you double-clutch third, cause your cable b-series tranny sucks.

32. If you'd give your left lung for decent replica vision mirrors.

33. You cant understand why your 'honda' friends cant remember all the differences between 88-89s and 90-91s, like you can.-eggman ownz #26-33

34. If you've ever been clobbered by the automatic seat belt by getting out of the car too fast.

35. If you know what I mean when I say "white-plug"

36. If you embrace the DPFI

37. If your door check pops every time you open the driver door.

38. If you burnt a spot on the underside of your hood when you put that tight new intake on for the first time...shorting the battery to the hood.

39. If you put a quart of oil in the engine every time you fill up with gas.

40. If you ever honestly considered boosting your HF motor, because it's what you've got, and you don't have the money for a swap.-DaX ownz #34-40

41. If you have waterfalls comming though your roof from the corners of the windshield.

42. If you have a fishtank in your tailights after it rains hard.

43. If you wish they made flex's for your car

44. If you just wish you had more engine space
when your swaping in your B series.

45. If your AC compressor has to be sacraficed to fit that BIGGER "compressor"

46. When rust is no longer an eyesore to you..your an offical EFer-RuthlessEF-9 ownz 41-46

47. If swaping a sohc motor is actually a HP gain."-kenjief9

48. If your car leaks when it rains

49. If you're only using 3 mounts

50. If you have ghetto rigged an armrest/center console.

51. If you have replaced your hatch struts"-El Vap113 ownz 47-51

52. If your lip kit consists of "lawn edging" from Home Depot along with some sheet metal screws and black spray paint

53. When something happens like a ding on your car, you just say "expletive it, it's just an ef" and go on like nothing happened

54. You have spent at least 8 hours looking for a CF lip that will fit a USDM front end online

55. You have at least 1 spare d16a6 sitting in your garage

56. You get excited when you see a mint barbados yellow CRX on the street that's driven by an old man who doesn't give a **** about the value of the car

57. 70% of the things you fix/replace are "custom made" with a dremel, welder, or heat gun

58. if your idea of a "motor swap" consists of a d16a6 block with a d16z6 head

59. your "big project for the weekend" consists of a DPFI to MPFI swap

60. you use "high mileage" motor

61. you have a ww mugen replica body kit

62. you spend hours on ebay each week looking to find a JDM climate control

63. you put Suzuki Vitara pistons in your DOHC ZC motor

64. you have main relay problems "-y-49CRX ownz 52-64

65. If you've glued your busted climate control back together at least once.-Mr_CRX

66. if you know where to put your drink while you are driving-messeduprex

67. when oyu spend tree weekends hiding the gobs of wires in the engine bay
spending countless hours polishing and taking care of your EF

68. when you sit on the computer looking for civic/crx pictures and seeing other peoles ideas

69. when you start threads like this.-87b16crx ownz 67-69

70. When your car consists of parts from over at least 7 different ef's."

71. When you can name why and the location of every rattle that goes on."

72. When every time your alternator goes bad, that you curse at other cars."

73. If your floor has more holes for seats than what was intended."

74. If the value of your car can be summed up to almost any part installed."-B16_madman ownz 70-74

75. You total a CRX and think "Good, I've got more parts for a better car"
You point and laugh at newer Civics because they're "Too plush for your tastes".

76. You have designed your own tool for removing the rear mount bracket, and you showed said tool to all your friends demanding a fee for its use.

77. Another EF owner always says "You DO own more than one right?"

78. You hang Honda emblems on your wall in memory of your CRX's fallen comrades.

79. You get the dry heaves when a CRX with clear tail lights, or an aluminum spoiler drives past.

80. You know that idiots that put foglights on their CRXs can do it much cheaper if they'd only use a set from a different Honda...

81. You find yourself bartering with people over their 16 year-old son's car, demanding that they give it to you because "he'll ruin it!!!"

82. You've bought a mint, rust-free CRX from a field, for $500 and consequently had death-threats from your friends.

83. Your girlfriend cries when she has to ride with you because your car "looks a lot like that Geo."

84. You constantly have people telling you that your CRX is nice, but if they owned it, they'd put a body kit on it, and make it "tite!!"

85. You vommit at the sound of an approaching HF with an APC muffler.

86. People always ask you to do a swap for their car because if you can do one in a CRX, you can do anything!! "-
VashTheStampede ownz 75-86

87. your mom is constantly tellin you your car is "cute" (for the rex drivers)

88. every ricer with a fartcan muffler and a 5 foot tall wing revs at you every time you pull up to a light"-90si-rex ownz 87-88

89. you carry enough tools in the car to fix any problem that might pop up on the road

90. you've learned to pass SUV's quickly for fear they'll fail to see you and merge into you

91. you get a perverse kick out of never having to drive with a group of friends because "you only have two seats"

92. you're fiercely proud that your car has 200,000+ miles on it.
you know better than to let fiberglass resin get on your hands

93. you haven't seen the carpet in the back of your CRX for months due to the trash build-up

94. your definition of "big brakes" is anything that wont fit under a 14" wheel

95. you've evr transported a third person in the back of your CRXJDN169 ownz 88-95

96. your not scared to rock the old school jdm rims.

97. you still have pride even though you drive a 15 year old car.

98. your friends contantly ask "why do you like that thing, its so old"

99. If during your b-series sway you have to break out the sledge hammerhatchbox ownz 96-99

100. if you have ever beat some lady up for calling your hatch a station wagon. Smokinsax

101. you cringe at the site of fellow EF'ers that have bastardized their nearly-rare cars.

102. you ALWAYS make sure the seatbelt is fully retracted when closing the doors so that it doesn't pop holes into your door panels.

103. you wonder if other honda/acura owners think our 13-16 year old cars are uber-ghettoerikiksaz1 ownz 101-103

104. If you have a JDM back seat even though you know damn well NO ONE can fit back there. lol crxandy

105. the rubber has broken on your front and rear tranny mounts twice.

106. 2 or more gears grind in your cable b16 tranny

107. you have become a backyard alignment tech

108. you punch drain holes in the trunk of every "new" ef that comes along.

109. you know a bent hatch strut works as good as a new one

110. you snip every SI and EX sedan distributor coil male connector you see at the junkyard and slip it in your pocket. (looks around)

111. you collect resistor boxes and dx harnesses

112. you have three pm5 ecus and one pm6 to share between 3 cars.

113. 3 engines laying around. only one good clutch.

114. youre 90-91 heat control is stuck on "feet" and you drive with the window down all winter cuz you cant see out the foggy windshield. (change it manually to defrost you clown! under the dash)

115. youre the snowy ebrake king

116. you realize a crx with no interior or passenger seat has more room than a suburban.

117. looking at your wheelwells/rocker panel long enough requires a tetanus shot

118. you know more about what seatbelts and seatpans came in which ef's than you ever wanted to

119. youre on ebay trying to buy fresh clean interior parts from me to replace your spray painted ones (dipshit)"[email protected] ownz 105-119

120. if your crx is older than you

121. if you spend 1+ hours driving to a salvage yard looking for da hubs for your b16 swap

122. if you take your gas tank floater out and see nothing but rust in the tank

123. if your shift boot sags to the bottom of the shifter"-CRXLoVeR

124. You have a special tool you made to remove the shift linkage pin from the engine bay

125. You find power windows, door locks, and mirrors annoying.

126. You know what the "intake manifold braket mod" is.

127. you've broken a valve cover bolt using a properly adjusted torque wrench

128. working on your car requires multiple service manuals.

129. If your friend tells you he is going to make an entire front bumper out of fiberglass, and you just smile and nod.

130. If you are proud of yourself for finding a car with a factory center armrest, louvers and car cover, even though you could care less about the actual use of any of these things.

131. You have to carry around some sort of tool to pop the hood because the cable has stretched too much to use the hood popper.MatHadder ownz 124-131

132. IF you like to make the point that the 88 crx shares the same type rear lca as a type r.

133. IF You consider all the rust weight reduction

134. IF your rear interior spends more time on the garage floor then in the car.

135. IF you smash your seat belt into your door and you cringe everytime.

136. If your next mod is gutting your cat.

137. If you once liked the idea of dual exhaust. "-brent_G ownz 132-137

138. you have had to tell someone to SEARCH!sabertooth

139. when you know the exact place to notch the front crossmemeber on a b-series swap without having to check it first."-87b16crx

140. when you want si seats in your std

141. when you call your std a sir because of your b16 swap

142. when you notch your front crossmember to fit your dc header

143. when you put a monster tach only to burn your parking lights fuse eventually
melting the entire wire from the fuse box(one word relay my friend)-crxbart

144. when you but a lx or ex(whatever) cluster and call it an si onetying to get everything si in the quest of turning your std into one

145. if your car is not slammed 4 inches you tell everybody you feel like you are in a 4x4

146. everybody gives you **** because your car is tiny

147. everybody says your car is "cute"

148. you have an unpainted (tan) integra center console and the rest of the interior is blue

149. you want to sell your ef every other week to get an eg(this is blasphemy)-crxbart

150. you get into fights with your buddy who has a crx arguing which one is better (a hatch or rex)

151. you want to swap a crx dash into your hatch

152. when you have a jdm cluster with your d15

153. when you get coilovers and leave the struts stock

154. when you have your intake on and you still dont take off the lines that got to the crank case to intake

155. when you strip your interior to get a weight reduction

156. the knowb on your climate control keeps on falling everytime you abruptly shift into 2nd.

157. your girl burns her *** everytime she sits on your pleather std seats urquidezj ownz 140-157

158. if you have ever tried doing a rear disk brake conversion on a 90 crx with 14 year old bolts on your back with a hand rachet

159. if you walked outside in the morning with one eye on your driveway saying "Damb I hope noone stole my 14 year old pride and joy"

160. if you've actually told your girl you love the car more then her....BIG mistake lol turboZChatch ownz 158-160

161. if you look in rear view mirror and actually see yourself along with boths sides of the car

162. if you never complain about small parking spots

163. if offset rims make you cry

164. if getting a "paint job" consist of you going to home depot for spray paint and masking tape

165. if you perform a "paint job" every couple of months"-turbotommy ownz 161-165

166. When you automatically do the keyless lock door trick on every car/truck you ever get out of.

167. When you think somebody else thinks that the ef crap you're eBaying (to fund the next thing for the ef) is actually worth something.

168. When insurance salvages your stolen and recovered ef and you feel like you won the lotto when they cut you a check for "actual cash value",...only to spend it all on the now salvaged title ef.

169. When a salvage title sort of means "till death do us part" and it brings a smile/tear to you eye. -JamesS ownz 166-169

170. you cant afford a B series so you will defend the awesomeness of ur D series by bragging how good it is for the price/size

171. you tell ur gf " lock the door" and she replies "why?" -_-;

172. you notice an insane difference between stock exhaust and an after market muffler

173. you gf calls the odl school mygen rims "ugly" and u dont talk to her for at least a hour

174. you think 17' rims are "Huge"

175. you trip when u get out of any other car because u dont have to roll out of ur seat.

176. u turn up ur radio to cancel out all the rattles

177. u never sell ur car because god knows u will never get out of it what u put into it.

178. you feel very uncomfortable when u drive a car where the steering wheel is alligned straight(learn backyard allignment)-crxbart

179. you can wash ur car twice for the same price of one for everyone else

180. you feel as if you are the master of all ef's if you dont have any rust/paint fade

181. when your car runs fine for a month you fear driving it for something really bad is about to happen

182. if you can succesfully justify every zip tie that is on your car -crxnerd ownz 170-182

183. if you ever had to ask your friends for a push to start ur car

184. if you ever thought everything was fixed and somethin new stops working

185. if you ever thought your my car looks better primer than painted

186. if you had multipe hatchs or rex and used the same parts makin all of them look alike

187. if you muffler is cut out at an angle

188. if you have ebay clear corners, coilovers, intake, headers and feel good about it

189. if you keep all your old stock parts or any old part because you never know if you'll need it again or if one of ur EF boys will

190. if you drive your boys EG or EK coupe, or anything else for that matter, and try to park it and it feels huge and like a boat nyhustla2k ownz 183-190

191. if you've been stabbed in the back by that fuggin automatic seatbelt for getting out of the car at the wrong angle. and your friends have too. (at this point you laugh at them and say it happens all the time)

192. brake shake pisses you off.

193. if your EF is older then some of your cousins, so it makes it "okay" to love the EF more than them

194. if you LOVE old school mesh's, pana's, watanabes

195. if you scour the internet for endless hours looking for those few "rare" pieces for your car, that only one or two companies bother to carry

196. if you're no longer amazed by the fact that companies are still developing parts for our 13-16 year old cars

197. if you'd rather own one of each EF (crx, hatch, 4dr, wagovan) than 4 new civics hawaiidsm ownz 191-197

198. You might be an efer if 99% of your income goes to your car and you havent drove it in over a year.-Jdm_Rice_Monster

199. If that loud clunk over bumps on the passenger side is the steering rack again.

200. If power steering robs you of precious HP.

201. If you have to replace your rear crossmember because it cracked.

202. If your ignition key is different from the door and trunk key.

203. If your rear end is sloppy due to broken rear trailing arm bushings and dont have time to replace them.

204. If your passenger or drivers window came unglued from its mount tabs and rolls down all crooked and ****.

205. If you have to reach under the dash to switch the blower from cold to heat.

206. If you have to replace your glovebox again due to broken mounts or tabs.

207. If you have to use a pen to adjust your center vents.

208. If you love having an aquarium for rear taillights.

209. If you love the domelight not helping you see **** at night.

210. If you have to have to people to pop your hood open. ( one pushing the hood down while you pull the hood release). Great theft deterant.

211. If you have to drill holes in your spare tire well to drain all the water after a good heavy rain. hahagasdcrx ownz 199-211

212. if you've ever posted 'My Cars Been STOLEN!!!!' on honda-tech.

213. if all your friend make fun of you and you contiue to argue that your car is the best. kyle h. ownz 212+213

214. If your car's motor only holds 4 1/2 quarts of oil but you go through at least 6 before the next oil change Civiclized

215. if you buy another broken down EF "Just because you got a good deal on it"instead of fixing the broken down on in your drive way.

216. if all you money for "MODS" go into repairs instead.

217. if you bought a EFsquad sticker. 91' LS-VTEC ownz 215-217

218. if you can runs better/feels quicker with a afull tank of gas

219. if your car leaks when it rains

220. you've had to replace the head gasket @ least once

221. you dread summer rains with no a/c

222. the only car you gank your a/c on purpose GreenMachineRex ownz 218-222

223. You havn't driven/registered/smoged your car in 4 yrs. UltimX

224. when you consider getting a new shell a reasonable way to save time and money on bodywork. enabi

225. If your girlfriend says that one CRX is ugly, and even if it is you don't talk to her for an hour. hondacivic_si

226. when you've read this whole post and said.. "its so true" Stationwagon

227. your an ef owner when your stock seats look lioke someone chewed them up 91b16acrx

228. If you take the time to reply to this post...your a true EFer. Skip

229. if youre Honda-Tech name contains the word "CRX" FdOoUoRr

230. When you leave the passenger side seatbelt buckled all the time to avoid the annoying light on the damn ceiling.

231. When you scour the junkyards for hours to find something that everyone else has standard, a damn passenger mirror.

232. When you quit your chinese food delivery job because you don't want to put miles on your 15 year old car.rjay8604 ownz 230-232

233. If your left arm is buffer than the right arm due to getting out of the car using the A-pillar everyday.

234. You always tell your friends "watch for the seatbelt!" before they shut the door.

235. You have a nice hole in your fenderwall thanks to Mr. Battery and Mr. Intake.

236. Your goal is to make your car less than 2000lbs.

237. You think your car looks like a "shoe"

238. The name of your car is "REX"

239. Your window whistles on the freeway

240. You cancel the rattles with the radio

241. Your headlights turned yellow.

242. You wish you had cupholders.

243. You are a SOHC GENIUS!

244. You wish you had a spot to put your cell phone.

245. You have mastered the "1st then Reverse" rule.

246. You envy ignitors and dizzy coils.

247. You know exactly what parts from other cars swap over to your car.

248. "If it breaks, Upgrade!" - Your motto RedRacerCivic ownz 233-248

249. When it rains and you have a puddle in your car

250. Have Zip-Ties holding a part of your car together

251. People criticize you for having an older car

252. For spending way more money fixing / upgrading you car then you spent on buying it

253. Having the hatch fall down and crack you in the head because the struts are weak

254. Having a grin on your face knowing you can embarrass (sp) almost any car at your school The ZC ownz 249-254

255. Even knowing your car is not a TRUE EF you call it one anyways crixzc

256. if you love the fact your car looks like a shoebox (for the 4 doors)hawaiidsm

257. if you ever had to fix the sag in your doors so they close flush. Smokinsax

258. if your girlfriend doesnt want to ride your car because "it vibrates too much". CrxEDguY

259. If your girlfriend doesn't want to ride in your car because she honestly believes you love it more than her. DaX


261. When you've pushed your car more times than you can remember, and you thank god that your car is light to begin with.

262. The girlfriend doesnt want to ride in it because its 'scary'

263. Main relay woes "that's not really, "you might be an EFer" format but oh well. "-crxbart

264. When you fit more stuff in your car than you thought was possible.

265. Using the between the seat and ebrake 'cup holder'.

266. Enjoyed getting some frustation out when whacking the frame rail so the alternator would clear.


268. When you have 7 people crammed in the back of your hatch and you still manage to beat the crap out of a neon. slammed_civic89

269. your life flashes before your eyes everytime you pass a tractor-trailer.

270. you end up explaining to a local mechanic why STD axles are different.

271. you have a collection of bolts that rivals that of a local dealership.

272. you know what each part of your car is worth on the open market, down to even the smallest piece of plastic.

273. you start to envy clean first gens.

274. you drive hundreds of miles for 1 or 2 interior pieces, just to make it "perfect".

275. 15 minutes to warm up seems ok to you now.

276. the spare tire has fallen out the back on one of your cars.

277. squeaks and creaks resemble voices from your past.

278. you try to find out how much RHD insurance is in your state.

279. fridays paycheck are already spent on ebay auctions that ended wednesday.

280. doing a swap on any "newer" honda seems easier to you for some reason.

281. youve stripped the whole interior in search of a leak.

282. you know what extra pieces you need to run the jdm climate controls.

283. you can name any oem wing with the proper name in less than 5 seconds.

284. you've done the single wiper mod, and wished you hadn't.

285. you prefer hybrid block/head combos to anything stock.

286. you know all the different seat pans quirks.

287. your happy when avereage people cant figure out what year your car is.

288. your pissed when a local honda yard doesnt know what year your car is.

289. you have a beater and project car, both of which are EFs.
wow that is so me!!! I've even sold a beater ef, got something else, and sold it and ended up with another beater EF.-crxbart

290. you can feel the difference between a hatch and crx steering wheel blindfolded.

291. you get furious when usdm garbage is labeled jdm on ebay just to make money.

292. youve bought a parts car for less then 5 parts from it."-doublethink ownz 269-292

293. you get a smirk on your face when watching an SUV do a 5 point turn just to fit into a parking space

294. you've spent hours on the Grand Theft Auto games hunting down the EF styled cars...then make it a goal to steal one in the game even though there are far better cars to steal and you know it

295. you can't decide on what to get...circuit 8's or slipstreams?

296. you proudly tell your friends about your JDM backseat and they wonder what's cool about it

297. you've thought about having sex in an Si with the sunroof open and the girl's head sticking out the top more than once "done it before it works"crxbart

298. you tell your buddies that you were working on your car all weekend, and when they ask what you did, you tell them about rust removal

299. you've memorized most of the USDM parts that work with a ZC motor

300. you HAVE a ZC motor

301. instead of a fancy pants alarm system, you jimmy rigged multiple kill switches

302. you reffer to a Crx as an "EF8" and a Civic hatch as an "EF9" when you see one driving around....even if it's stock and driven by a 50yr old lady

303. your daily driver IS your project car

304. you think body kits are teh ghey

305. you have wallpaper on your computer that has an EF on it

306. you keep a broomstick in your car to hold up the hatch. The shocks gave out 2yrs ago, you're too ghetto to get new ones and would rather spend the $30 elsewhere

307. most of the time you consider $1500+ "too much" to spend on an EF
...I might add that I have this friend who is a cocky Supra owner. He doesn't like any cars other than the Supra basically...cause....well...Supras are "the ****" He always tells me to get a body kit for my Crx that's the "other half of my car" (referring to a Crx looking like half of a car of course)
y-49CRX ownz 293-307

308. You've changed your cv joints/axles more than once on the same EF

309. You realize why there is a 2x4 piece of wood in the back of your CRX when you buy it. To hold up the hatch, stupid rear hatch struts."-slammed_civic89 ownz 308-309

310. You know exactly which part is causing the problem in your car.

311. You check things other people told you that didn't worked.

312. You have a crx in each garage in GTA vice city.

313. You know exactly what bolt goes where on your car.

314. You've rebuilt the engine.

315. You know how to do any swap into a crx. UltimX ownz 310-315

316. your not a true EFer unless: 50% or more of your true friends have or once had a crx.

317. you can name everyone within 50 miles of your home with a crx and every mod they have done

318. you have had so many crx's and hatch's that you have no preference"

319. you are relieved to know that there are this many people who love ef's as much as you

320. every time you shut your hood you reaolize the white plastic clip that holds the hood is broken and it pisses you off yet the 20,000 times you were in the junk yard you forgot to grab one

321. you get the **** scared out of you and have to back out of it because the dash sounds like it is going to split in 2 when you launch(wheel hop)

322. all your friends think your a dork for knowing all that you do about ef's

323. if you have about 3 sets of complete ac parts you have aquired over the years but dont seem to want to throw out

324. if you have ever pulled the "drink in the shoe technique""

325. you have parts upon parts of stock parts that were left over after you upgraded that you wont throw away because you know you will use them to fix up the next crx you buy

326. if you spend $800-$1000$ on a jdm front and could care less that everyone thinks your car is stock

327. if you spend more time thinking about your car than driving it

328. if you feel that ifyour g/f is cant learn to live with your ef obsession or she's not the one for you

329. if your idea of rust repair is rivoting another sheet of metal over it

330. if the chair you are sitting in right this second (your computer chair) is a 89 civic si drivers seat"(right here )

331. if you took more than 15 min thinking about replying to this post""-spun Vtec ownz 316-331

332. If your car didn't come with a passenger side mirror

333. If everyone thinks you have a swap because of the way your muffler looks

334. If your rear view mirror hangs loose and it is a PITA to take the time and fix it

335. If you are at the 9th crank and it still wont start at the gas pump "-fast88std ownz 332-335

you swaped a hf engine and tranny in ur si because ya couldnt stand not havin a crx 2 drive lilneep16v

336. u cant find a lip u liek in ur price range so u home depot it and explain that it is actually functional.

337. u realize that with the drivers seat all the way back Shaq could drive ur car.

338. u can convince girls think its cool to ride in the back of a crx

339. u honestly think crx with altezzas r the most horrible thing anoyone can do to any car.

340. uve thought about putting ur mudflaps back on to protect ur "mint" paint

341. u can actually feel rocks hitting ur feet when u drive over gravel."-crxnerd ownz 336-341

342. You might be an EFer if you have been fooled by gas pointer because you go downhill. Twilight

343. if you take out a loan for a swap and pay cash for your crx.

344. when no body kit compares to stock. limpy 343-344

345. You know your friends are true EFer's if while you are gone they fit 1 CRX (Bart's), 1 EF Hatch (Brian's) into a 2 car garage that already has 1 65 Mustang (mine) 1 Motorcycles (mine), a wood burner, 3 rolling tool boxes, Misc stuff, and 3 different EF Motors and trannys and take a picutre of it while your gone just so there cars don't get wet and to make you freak out cause the Mustang doesn't take to highly to having 2 Honda's looking at it....LOL CRXToad I mearly forgot about that, things efs do when drunk and bored, and have 2 EFs that need out of the rain.-CRXBart

346. if you think 16'' rims are to big. C-REX 88

347. You might be an efer if you come out of the store on a summer day and your car just cranks away, main relay we love you 90blackcrx

348. you know you are an EFfer if anything that could break on your car breaks.

349. when you roll your eyes when people tell you that you need a body kit, wing, and some 18 inch chromies."-riceisnicenv ownz 348-349

350. If you worry about your car as much as a porsche owner despite it is 1/100 the value.

351. When you release the hatch with the floor lever only to find the rumble of shutting the door relatched the hatch. (you guys ever get that crap?)"-rjay8604 ownz 350-351

352. Someone has called your car a classic.

353. Suvs and other cars aren't scared to cut you off. MASTER4666 352-353

354. you curse the wheelhop on a hard takeoff.

355. you curse the previous owner for neglect and abuse aka normal wear and tear.

356. you have several different sets of wheels to choose from.

357. you threw away some old parts cleaning up one day..only to need them the next week."-Runnerdown ownz 354-357

358. Lowballing is the only way to make deals

359. You wax AROUND the rust hole in your door

360. You know to reel the seatbelt in yourself everytime you get out the car."-ne3ek ownz 358-360

361. when you have contemplated using pliers to "roll down" your window...

362. When you have a box of zip-ties in your car...

363. When you can identify every single stain in/on your car...

364. You equate losing your emblem to loosing a limb...

365. You take pity on people who take off their HF, b/c they wish 2 months later they hadn't done it. Burlyirishdude 361-365

366. When the seat you are sitting in is a recaro/sparco that is going to go into your crx

367. When other people call ur car a smurf because its stock blue and small."-UltimX 366-367

368. if repairing the tear in your sidebolster consists of covering it with a piece of electrical tape91dxcrx

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you know u own a 90-91 EF...when passengers close your doors the seal belts get stuck in da door
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