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ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

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Default ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

I do not want the AVID or Innovative tbar set-ups. I just do not like the design of them.

Guys I am having a really hard time deciding which Tbar to buy. I love the Full-Race Tbar but no one has the solid front trans mount like ESP.

My set-up...
88 Wagon with B18C1- AC/PS will be kept. This is a NA motor build.

I have a few questions to those who are running the ESP tbar-

What swap are you using this with?

When running the hasport mounts will I be safe? I have Hasport Mounts, however these were designed for ESP's H2B mount kit.

Will the geometry of my engine/ suspension be sitting correctly with Hasports? Please keep in mind I am interested in the tbar set-up with the front trans mount.

Also what radiator are you running? I want to run a full size dual core Mishimoto rad.

When running a radiator in this set-up will I have to add a jdm slant to allow my hood to close? I know that this is a common problem with EFs.

If you are running this tbar, does it make a lot of noise considering it has dual heim joints?

I do not want the AVID or Innovative tbar set-ups. I just do not like the design of them.

Here is the link to ESP's tbar set-up.

Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

esp makes awesome stuff just cause there not big like everyone else doesnt mean it aint quality . only thing i dont like is no mounts for eg half rad but that can easily be modded later.
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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

ESP makes AMAZING products. Seen them in person, driven in multiple cars with their products. Meet the owners a couple times. They're only 5 miles from where I live.
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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

I spent a lot of time researching traction bars and finally purchased a Full-Race traction bar. It is quality constructed, aesthetically pleasing, and no clearance issues arise.

- I currently have a D-series under the hood, but will be swapping a B18C (spec R) this summer and made my decisions based on such.

- I will be using Hasport mounts as well. The traction bar does not have any effect regarding mounts. You will not have any engine clearance issues. The Full-Race traction bar actually improves clearance.

- Hasport is one of the best known B-series mount fabricators. They have led the industry for years producing a billet mount where others simply slap urethane into steel. Hasport is the best decision you can make, though I would recommend 60 durometer mounts as solid mounts do increase vibration in the passenger cabin.

- Check the measurements of the Mishimoto and let me know the sizing - I will go out into the garage and photograph those measurements to give you an approximation of how the Mishimoto will fit - I wish someone would have done that for me. I had a lot of issues with several half-radiators being too tall and I had no desire to cut the hood bracing. I purchased the PWR half-radiator from Full-Race and it fits beautifully; I was even able to retain the factory OEM upper mount. Radiator mounts on the bar are a must! I wanted to avoid Ghetto Lean and I will do my best to assist you in your endeavor to do so as well.

- If your traction bar is properly set up, there should be no noise. the Heims joints rotate amazingly smooth. If anything, noise from old rubber bushings in your radius arms would be eliminated.

Yes, the Full-Race traction bar lacks the fourth mount, but remember an engineer calculated this discrepancy when companies like Hasport designed their B-series billet mounts. What finally sold me on this bar were accident photographs. In one, the bar was centrally impacted at high speed (a tree as I recall) and did not break. In a another, a front collision pushed the wheels nearly to the passenger cabin, but the radius arms survived the crash and were used on a different car.
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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

I can vouch for John at ESP..

VERY VERY GOOD stuff...dead on point! hardware, instructions, and most importantly the greatest customer service ever...u cant even get this kind of great customer service from some of the other big money company out there
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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

up until now I hadn't seen the ESP traction bar, I have heard of them from H series swap guys though. HOWEVER basing off my knowledge of metals and welding, as well as the fact I have been designing a traction bar which is nearly identical in design, I'd say it's a GREAT setup. The Square tubing has more suraface area than that of an equally sized round piece of tubing. The only thing that I dislike is the fact that They don't use spacers or reinforcement on the tabs. There is a lot of stress being put on the tabs which is why I designed mine a bit differently. Otherwise, a great design as long as the material and weld quality are there
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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

i have the ESP traction bar setup in my 90 hatch. i havent had any problems with it except a slight alignment issue with the mount holes in the frame rails. i had to grind out 2 holes just a little but other than that no issues at all. im running a H2B setup in my car with innovative solid mounts. for the radiator we cut the spot welds off the tabs on the stock cross member and welded them to the ESP T-bar for a mishimoto half core raidiator, it took a little while to get it right but the hood closes with no problems, but keep in mind that i have 1.5 inch spacers on my hood hinges to clear the motor and intake manifold. noise isnt an issue at all with this setup. overall i am glad i went with this setup, price was good and John is easy to deal with. i have his alternator relocator as well and it is a very well built product. plus he is a small shop that is doing his own designs and R&D on his own car. cant go wrong with some that is doing his thing instead of just copying other peoples designs to make money
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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

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Default Re: ESP (Explicit Speed Performance) Traction bar good no good?

I dont really know personally how they drive but about customer service, Jon was great at first. But now its been 9 weeks since i purchased my EF traction bars and have not heard from him in over 2 weeks about them. Ive called him, left him messages, and email him and still no word of my traction bars. I dont know whats going on and if Jon is going to send me my refund or just keep ignoring me. Horrible customer service experiance for me.
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