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88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Default 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please PM a moderator if a link doesn't work or if a link should be added to this thread.

* = non-Honda-Tech link

1. General information and resources
  1. What does CRX stand for?
  2. Differences among CRXs
  3. *US 1991 CRX new car brochure
  4. EF, ED, HF, DX, Si, etc. definitions
  5. Civic chassis codes
  6. Fourth generation CRX/Civic specs
  7. VIN explained
  8. 88-91 factory color chart with pictures
  9. All Honda car stock weights
  10. Jacking points - where to put a jack
  11. Honda screws and JDM screwdrivers
  12. *Ben Ogle's EF resource tech page
  13. *Wes Vann's EF Honda page
  14. *FAQ.ef-honda.com/
2. OEM Honda/Acura online parts dealers
  1. *Majestic (RI)
  2. *HondaPartsDeals (RI)
  3. *HondaPartsCheap (CA)
  4. *Manchester Motorsports (CT)
  5. *Acura Carland Parts
  6. *Delray Acura (FL)
  7. Hmotorsports online engine shop
  8. Best place to buy JDM engine/motor/swap
  9. Part numbers for commonly replaced parts
  10. List of places to get parts from
3. Vehicle security
  1. How To - fuel pump cut-off switch
4. RHD conversion
  1. Converting to RHD
  2. Converting to RHD (2)
5. ECU, codes, and tuning
a. Identification, part numbers, CEL codes and troubleshooting, pin outs
  1. ECU information
  2. Identifying ECUs
  3. *ECU identification
  4. Honda/Acura ECU part number list
  5. OBD0 CEL codes
  6. ECU CEL codes and troubleshooting
  7. ECU CEL codes
  8. ECU pin outs
  9. Repinning an ECU
b. Tuning
  1. Free tuning software for PM6 ECU
  2. Chipping Honda ECUs
  3. How To - chip, ROM edit, and datalog ECUs
  4. Hondata versus AEM EMS
  5. VAFC wiring diagrams
6. Engine
a. General
  1. Engine info
  2. *Engine List
  3. *Compression calculator
  4. Compression calculator
  5. Engine compression ratio formulas
  6. Removing engine without a hoist
  7. Camshaft test
  8. Sonny's compression spreadsheet
  9. Removing gaskets from aluminum
b. Common problems, diagnostics, treatments
  1. Engine will not start, especially on a hot day
  2. No start diagnosis 101
  3. SeaFoam
  4. SeaFoam
c. Ignition system
  1. *Honda distributor repair
  2. https://honda-tech.com/honda-crx-ef-.../#post50905902
  3. OBD0 to OBD1 distributor wiring
d. Fuel system
  1. Lessons in octane and its requirements
  2. How To - install Walbro HP 255 lph fuel pump into a CRX
  3. How To - install B&M fuel pressure modifier
  4. Where everything from MPFI harness plugs into motor
  5. How To - convert fuel lines and filter to stainless-6AN hoses
  6. How To - remove resistor box
  1. *VTEC explained
  2. VTEC cams comparison
  3. My VTEC doesn't work
f. Valve cover
  1. Painting valve cover
  2. Painting valve cover
  3. Painting valve cover
g. Cooling system
  1. Cooling system 101
h. Intake, vacuum, idle control
  1. 1988 and 1991 Si vacuum diagram
  2. FITV fix
  3. How To - clean IACV when having DPFI idling problem
  4. *Ideas: Flow velocity, flow capacity, flow quality
i. Header and exhaust
  1. Decibel limit in California
  2. Exhaust pictures
  3. Exhaust system thread
j. Emissions
  1. I want to pass REF/emissions/smog
k. The D-series engine
  1. SOHC upgrades - ongoing information
  2. Installation of camshaft into a sohc
  3. SOHC cam specs
  4. SOHC camshaft and valve springs install
  5. Spades huge SOHC upgrades thread
  6. SOHC upgrades revised - long work in progress
  7. D-series piston pictures
  8. Hasport D-series replacement mounts and hydro conversion
  9. Innovative D-series replacement mounts and hydro conversion
  10. ZC means 1.6L D Series
l. The B-series engine
  1. How To - identify B16A1 and B16A2 engines
  2. *Identifying first and second generation B16A engines
  3. B16 secondary O2 sensor
  4. B16A secondary O2 sensor wiring and vacuum diagrams
  5. Block guard
  6. ITR/ITR-style header on B-Series
  7. Replacing CRX JDM B16 VTEC solenoid gasket
  8. B16 parts list
  9. B-series torque spec list
7. Engine swaps and conversions
a. General
  1. H-series vs B-series weight
  2. Shopping list for nuts, bolts, and other stuff needed for engine swap
b. OBD0-to-OBD1 conversion
  1. OBD0 to OBD1 conversion pinouts
  2. OBD0 to OBD1 pinouts and conversion
  3. How-To - swap/remove OBD1 injector pins
c. DPFI-to-MPFI conversion
  1. DPFI-MPFI swap information
  2. *DX, STD (DPFI), Si, HX -- MPFI wiring
  3. *Plugs needed to swap d15z1 into MPFI Civic/CRX
d. D-series mini-me and swap
  1. *D16Z6 block with D16A6 head
  2. *Z6 mini-me swap
  3. *Mini-me and engine theory
  4. D15 OBD1 SOHC VTEC mini-me: Massive write-up
  5. More information on swapping D16Z6 into EF
e. DOHC ZC swap
  1. *DOHC ZC swap
  2. ZC information
f. B-series swap
  1. B16a CRX Si swap guide
  2. B16 swap info
  3. Vacuum diagram - B16 swap
  4. *LS/VTEC swap page
g. H-series swap
  1. A bit of H22 Information
  2. H22-H2B Adapter
  3. H2B Adapter (H22 motor with B-series transmission)
h. K-series swap
  1. K-Series walk through
8. Forced induction
  1. CRX hatch B-series turbo shopping list
9. Transmission
a. General information
  1. How To - identify Si, DX and HF L3 transmission
  2. ZC L3 transmission information
  3. *Notes about JDM L3 (DOHC) "ZC tranny"
  4. *CRX math - tranny calculator
b. Fluid
  1. Changing transmission fluid, lubricating speedometer cable, reconnecting cable at transmission
c. Removal, disassembly, rebuild
  1. Removing D-Series transmissions in a CRX
  2. How To - remove transmission and inspect input shaft bearing
  3. *CRX transmission rebuild
  4. *CRX HF transmission rebuild
  5. LS 5th-gear install guide JDM B16 S1
  6. LSD - toss tapered bearings and install ball bearings, no preload
  7. B-series transmission and clutch guide
d. Clutch, shifting
  1. Stock clutch fitment guide
  2. Fixing sloppy shifting of transmission
e. Auto-to-manual conversion
  1. *Civic 5-speed conversion
f. Four-wheel drive
  1. Real-time 4-wheel drive - 4wd, rt4wd
10. Axle
  1. Axle replacement tutorial with pictures
  2. Axles to use with DOHC ZC tranny
  3. CV spline count
11. Brakes
a. General
  1. Four-door brake swap
  2. How To: Rebuild brake calipers
  3. Brake rotor replacement
  4. Brake booster and master cylinder interchangeability
  5. Putting X brakes on Y car
  6. Putting X brakes on Y car
b. Rear disc conversion
  1. Rear disc brake conversion with pictures
  2. Rear disc conversion and ABS
c. Upgrade
  1. DA Integra big brake upgrade
  2. EX 11.1" big brakes
  3. DA vs Si knuckles/EX knuckles OEM big brakes
  4. 11.1" brakes on DX knuckles
  5. Bigger brakes under 14" wheels
  6. The easiest brake upgrade
12. Suspension
a. General
  1. How the suspension looks
  2. *Ben Ogle's hybrid (EG, DA, DC) suspension comparison/interchangeability
b. Front
  1. Civic/crx JDM B16 knuckle comparison to DA, and US EF
  2. How to distinguish EF knuckles
  3. *1990-91 Civic sedan EX hub replacement/interchange
  4. How To - pop off a ball joint (videos)
  5. How To - install wheel bearings/lower ball joints - pictures
  6. How To- replace wheel bearing
  7. Tie rod end removal
  8. Changing tie rod ends
  9. Front tower bar install
c. Shocks, springs
  1. How To - extend shock travel
  2. 88-91 CRX spring rates (aftermarket)
  3. Bump stops
d. Coilovers, sway and traction bars, tie brace, camber kit, Energy suspension
  1. Coilover sleeve install
  2. Sway bar sizes
  3. Best traction bars
  4. Lower tie brace install
  5. Progress camber kit install
  6. Energy suspension Hyperflex polyurethane bushing instructions and parts list
e. Rear
  1. Rear trailing arm part number
  2. Trailing arm identification
  3. DA rear sway bar on DX
  4. The old washer method for the rears
  5. Rear positive camber washer trick
  6. Rear compensator (toe) arm nut fix
  7. Rear lower tie brace install
f. Swap
  1. ITR suspension into 91 Si
13. Steering rack and steering wheel
  1. CRX/Civic steering ratios #1 & #2
  2. Removing manual steering rack
  3. Rack end bushing
  4. How To - remove CRX/Civic steering wheel
14. Wheels
  1. Five lug conversion
  2. Polishing HX and VX rims
15. Climate control
  1. Climate control faceplate is cracked
  2. Cracked heater control fix
  3. Blower works but no heat
  4. Heater/AC blower will not work for certain speeds
  5. Blower only works at speed 4 (or 3), broken resistor
  6. Accord climate control swap into CRX
  7. Gauges in climate control or radio DIN slot
16. Interior
a. Door panel, seats, seat belts, paint removal
  1. How To - remove CRX door panel
  2. How To - install a footrest
  3. Answers to a lot of seat questions
  4. Seat swap
  5. Seat pan swap: 90/91 Si HB seats into 88 HB and vice versa
  6. Head rest removal on CRX Si seats
  7. Little info about seat pan swapping
  8. Seat belt swap
  9. Removing paint from interior
b. Console, cup holder
  1. Cup holder for CRX
17. Exterior
a. Rust repair, paint, fiberglass
  1. Prepping car for paint
  2. Prepping car for paint
  3. Painting your car -- tips, tools and techniques
  4. Painting body trim
  5. Painting door handles and mirrors
  6. Painting exterior trim pieces
  7. How To - use fiberglass
b. Hood, door sill, lip, skirt, canard, sunroof
  1. Interchangeable EF Hoods by part numbers
  2. How To - remove CRX door sill
  3. Home Depot lip
  4. CRX rear Lip
  5. Lips and side skirts
  6. How To - homemade air splitters/canards
  7. Reskin roof & permanent sunroof removal
  8. Sunroof switch sticks
  9. How To - refurbish sunroof switch
  10. Civic Hatch and Sedan Front Bumper Differences Explained
c. Water leaks
  1. EF CRX/Civic water leaks
18. Electrical
a. Fuse box, ignition switch, battery relocation, alternator
  1. CRX fuse boxes
  2. Ignition switch replacement
  3. How To - relocate battery to trunk
  4. How to - remove/rebuild/test the CRX alternator
b. Power windows, stereo, dome light, map light, intermittent wipers, cruise control
  1. How To - install power windows in a CRX
  2. *Honda/Acura stereo wiring diagram
  3. Dome light fix
  4. JDM map light dimensions
  5. How To - add intermittent wipers to 88-91 civic hatchback
  6. 4G Civic Cruise Control retrofit DIY
c. Wire harness, circuit diagrams, wire tuck
  1. Si to HF engine harness
  2. Si to ZC wire diagram
  3. Wire tuck
  4. Wire tuck
  5. Wire tuck - relocate fusebox and headlight wiring
d. Dash, clock, cluster
  1. Installing JDM amber dash and clock
  2. Manual transmission cluster into auto car
  3. Euro VTI cluster in 89-91 Civic/CRX
  4. 99-00 Si gauge cluster into 88/89 Civic/CRX with wiring
  5. How To - Integra gauges into 88-91 Civic
  6. GSR cluster into 90-91 CRX with pinouts
  7. S2000 cluster swap
  8. S2000 cluster swap
  9. S2000 cluster pin outs
  10. Set odometer to correct mileage

e. Exterior lighting, warning beeper
  1. Brake lights won't turn off even without key in ignition
  2. How To - put Acura TL HID's into EF headlights
  3. OEM HID's into 9006 housing
  4. How To - install JDM EF8 CRX sidemarkers
  5. JDM CRX sidemarker write up
  6. How To - JDM fog lights on USDM Car
  7. How To - simple headlight warning beeper
  8. How To - tint headlights

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Generation Civics

  1. B16 swap into first-generation CRX
  2. Differences in second-generation CRX
  3. 84-87 CRX analysis and care - pros & cons
  4. 84-87 CRX specs and performance
  5. How-To - detailed B-series swap into fifth generation Civic

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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Link added. Thanks.
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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This wheel bearing replacement How To should be included as it doesn't require a press like the others in your line-up.


I have also made an engine storage one as well...
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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a question regarding my coolant temp sensor. my 91 crx has a sensor with two wires but the wiring harness was swapped with one from a newer civic. thos sensors only have one wire. how do i solve this problem?
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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I've been a lot of forums before but this is by far one of the most helpful and in depth threads i've ever laid eyes on.
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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hello there! This list is sooooo helpful! Thank you so much!
One thing though, the auto-to-manual transmission conversion link seems to be redirecting to a gas mileage site? I'm pretty sure that's not right, but would anyone be able to redirect me to a link regarding this how-to? Thanks! :D
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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Originally Posted by whoisrances View Post
Hello there! This list is sooooo helpful! Thank you so much!
One thing though, the auto-to-manual transmission conversion link seems to be redirecting to a gas mileage site? I'm pretty sure that's not right, but would anyone be able to redirect me to a link regarding this how-to? Thanks! :D
I did that write-up. Looks like they moved to a new domain. Here is the link to the auto-to-manual conversion thread on the other site. Unfortunately, it looks like they lost the pics in the move. DIY Honda Civic 5-Speed Conversion - Fuelly Forums
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Default Re: 88-91 CRX/EF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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