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Rear Hatch Window Replacement


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Default Rear Hatch Window Replacement

Haha, all beginner's classes at college are killing me. Plus sitting in a class with a great internet connection and access to HT all day doesn't help any!

Oh well, here's how you do it (THIS IF FOR AN EK, but should be the same thing pretty much)(this is copied from the Helms manual damn near word for word):

First, remove all of the interior back there (including the: rear seta back and rear seat cushion, rear center shelf and rear side shelf, rear trim panel and side trim panel, upper anchor bolts from the front and rear seatbelts and the quarter trim panel).

From inside the car, use a knife to cut through the quarter glass adhesive all the way around.

Using a knife, scrape the old adhesive smooth to a thickness of about 2mm on the bonding surface around the entire quarter glass opening flange. (don't scrape down to the painted surface. Remove all rubber dams from the body, if any of the clips are broken)

Clean the bonding surface with a sponge dampened in alcohol.

If the quarter glass is to be reinstalled, scrape off all old adhesive (disreguard this in your case, but I'm going to put this in the FAQ thread, so I figured I'd add it all).

Clean the glass very well with the alcohol sponge.

Glue the upper and lower dams to the inside face of the quarter glass, as shown, to contian the adhesive during installation. (there are small application mark locations on the class, that look like little Vs. Start the dams there and they should end at the other end of the glass at the other V. The dams go across the top and bottom of the glass).

Install the quarter glass trim on the quarter glass, the glue the upper and lower clips. (these clips go around the edge of the glass twoards the front of the car).

If the old quarter glass is to be reinstalled, apply butyl tape to the quarter glass, and seal the body hole with a peice of urethane tape. (this goes in the edge twoards the back of the car where the window is the smallest).

With a sponge apply a light coat of glass primer to the inside face of the quarter glass, and wipe it off with gauze or cheesecloth.

With a sponge, apply a light coat of body primer to the original adhesive remaining around the quarter glass opening flange. Let the primer dry at least 10 minutes.

Thorougly mix the adhesive and hardener together on a glass or metal plate with a putty knife.

Fill a cartridge with the adhesive/hardner mixture and then install the cartridge into a caulking gun. Try to apply it without any air pockets. Run a bead around the glass 22.5mm from the edge of the glass.

Use suction cups to hold the quarter glass over the opening, align the clips and set it down on the adhesive. Lightly push the quarter glass until it's edges are fully seated on the adhesive all the way around.

Scrape or wipe the excess adhesive off with a putty knife or towel.

Let the adhesive dry for at least one hour, then spray water over the quarter glass to check for leaks, then fill any leaks with sealant.

Reinstall all removed interior peices.

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