Honda Civic (2001 - 2005) Coupe / Sedan / Hybrid (Includes Acura EL)

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Default ► 2001-2005 Civic (Coupe and Sedan) FAQ's

Q: I noticed, when ordering, that there is a difference between 2001-2003 and 2004-2005 Model (not production year) Civic coilovers. Why is that?

- A: During the production* of the '04-'05 models, Honda changed the bolts mounting the McPherson Struts in the front, to the hubs themselves, from 14mm to 16mm. In most cases, a sleeve or some drilling will allow you to fit one model on the other, but some setups cannot do that, due to built-in camber adjustment.

Q: How far down must I be to require a camber kit?

- A: Most anyone should get them as soon as they lower the vehicle, but as far as true necessity goes, you will start to need a rear camber kit once you reach the 1.5" drop and beyond. The reason being, that the rear wheels will start to camber out past the 3 degrees of acceptability. It is also recommended to wait a period of a couple weeks to allow for the new suspension setup to "settle", before getting an alignment and adjusting the camber.

Q: I would like to do change on my struts and shocks. What would I need to look for?

- A: For the 2001-2002 production* years, the strut/shock diameter is 50mm, where as in the 2003-2005 production* years it is 55mm.

Q: I just lowered my car, now I get creaking/cracking noises from the suspension. What is it from?

- A: This typically means that your springs are not seated/indexed properly. Loosen the top strut bolt, lift the car, and re-align them.

Q: I'm hearing popping/clunking sounds whenever I hit bumps. What is causing this?

- A: The most common issue would be the Compliance Bushings. They are several replacements out there for them, which have more durable construction (ex. Energy Suspension and Mugen both make bushings, which are directly swappable from the DC5 Integra/RSX). If this is not the issue, then the struts could be to blame. The seals could be gone, and they would either need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Q: I just changed my suspension setup. How soon should I get an alignment?

- A: Depending on what all has been done, and how low the car is, I would recommend not waiting longer than 2 weeks. For the most part, your car should have no problems lasting that long, without an alignment. If you went with a HUGE suspension drop, I would recommend no more than 5 days, if driven often.

Q: What is the part number for replacement ball joints?

- A: 51220-S5A-305

* - Please note that the term production year relates to when the car was actually manufactured. Certain model 2003 cars were produced in 2002, and some were produced in 2003. This is important to notice, as it signifies what size/type of suspension components you have. You can find the production year through the VIN number, or by checking the information on the driver's side door channel.
Do it yourself articles:

Spring Installation: Link
Coilover Installation (without tophat): Link
Aftermarket Strut Installation: Link
Strut Bar Installation: Link
Front Camber-bolt Installation: Link
Front Lower Control Arm Removal: Link
Front Lower Control Arm Bushings: Link
Front Bearings / Ball Joint Replacement: Link

Common interest items:

Rear Lower Control Arm Socket: Link
RSX (DC5) Suspension Components: Link
EP3/DC5 to EM2/ES1/ES2 Suspension Compatibility: Link

Do it yourself articles:

Brake Pad Replacement: Link
Upgrade Front Rotors: Link
Rear Disc Brake Installation: Link

Common interest items:

RSX (DC5) 5-Lug Conversion: Link


: What engine swaps are available for my car?

- A: You're limited to a select few, for engine swaps. K-series engines are the only feasible engine swaps for the chassis.

Q: What can I do to make my engine perform better?

- A: Unfortunately, the D17 does not respond well to standard bolt-ons or natural aspiration build-ups. Even with higher compression pistons, a high-performance cam, custom intake manifold and throttle body, cold air intake, aftermarket header and exhaust, and head work, you may only see 20 to 30 whp (which really isn't worth the thousands you would invest in the project). Your three "best" options are a Nitrous kit (only up to 60hp shot on stock internals), a turbo-setup, or swapping for a K-series engine.
One thing you can do for a noticeable increase of WHP at an affordable price is to install a Crower Stage 1 cam. Match this with an exhaust system and an intake and you can see an increase of as much as 20 WHP. You do not need to run an aftermarket management system. The Crower Stage 1 cam will work with your stock ECU.

Q: But what about those two B-Series Civics and that one H22 Civic?

- A: First off, the two B-Series Civics are not street legal. In order to have a street legal car, the drivetrain must be of the same model year or newer than the chassis itself. The only way to do that with a 7th generation Civic, is with a 2001 Integra Type-R drivetrain. But, you're looking at 100% custom build-up, and roughly the same amount of money investment as a K-Series installation. Secondly, the H22 Civic is an extreme hybrid as well. Everything needed to make that engine work was custom, as well as the car isn't American-based, so the road laws are different. Keep in mind, that with all the money needed to do either a B or K-Series engine, you'd be better off buying a K.

Q: When does VTEC engage on the D17A2 (EX and Canadian Si models)?

- A: 2700 RPM

Q: Will coupe exhaust fit my sedan, or vice versa?

- A: The Coupe and Sedan have the same wheel base and exhaust tunneling. So the only difference between exhaust setups, is based on the model of the car. EX's (and Canadian Si's) have different header/catalytic converter setups than the other models. Other than that, as long as the model is of the same class, there's no fitment difference between the coupes and sedans.


Q: How many quarts of MTF (manual transmission fluid) do I need?

- A: 1.6 quarts at fluid change. 1.7 quarts at overhaul.

Should I flush my automatic transmission, or just drain the old fluid refill it?

- A: Do not flush it! Simply drain the old fluid and replace it.

How much ATF (automatic transmission fluid) do I need?

- A: 2.9 quarts at changing. 6.2 quarts at overhaul.

Q: Which brand of fluid should I use?

- A: While many will debate the issue, it is recommended to use Honda fluids.


Do it yourself articles:

K-Series Engine Swap: Link
VTEC Head Swap: Link
D17 stock engine replacement: Link
High Output Alternator Installation: Link
Oil Change (long version): Link
Oil Change (short version): Link
Timing Belt / Coolant Flush / Water Pump: Link
Valve Clearance Adjustment: Link
Power Steering Removal: Link
D17a2 to D16v1 to D16y8 Intake Manifold Swap:Link
Cooling System Issues/Questions: Link

Common interest items:

How VTEC Works: Link
Turbo Basics: Link
Turbo Basics (non-chassis specific): Link
K-Series Engine Types: Link
Intake and Exhaust Options: Link
Exhaust Manifold Differences: Link
305whp Turbo Buildup: Link
Nitrous Information: Link
D17A2 ECU Wiring Diagram: Link
Retrieve DTC's without a scanner: Link
Head and Cam Bolt Torque Specs: Link


Do it yourself articles:

Automatic to Manual Conversion: Link
Clutch Install: Link

Common interest items:

Transmission Gearing Information: Link

Q: What parts do I need to do an 01-03 to 04-05 front end conversion?

- A: You will need the hood, headlights (with bulbs, pigtails, brackets), grill, bumper, fenders, and radiator support.

Q: Can I put an 04-05 rear bumper on my 01-03?

- A: Yes. They are 2dr and 4dr specific, though.

Q: Can I use a sedan bumper on my coupe?

- A: Front, yes. Rear, no.

Q: Can I put the 04-05 coupe taillights on my 01-03 coupe?

- A: Yes. They are a direct swap as far as fitment, but you will have to lengthen the wires a little.

Q: Will the sedan lip kit fit on a coupe?

- A: Front, yes. Rear, no.

Q: Will a sedan grill fit on my coupe?

- A: Yes, but you should use the sedan radiator cover with the sedan grill. (01-03, and 04-05 specific. They don't mix.)

Q: Can I put an 04-05 grill on my 01-03? (or vice versa)

- A: It won't fit correctly. Unless you like gaps, lips or otherwise poor fitment; don't bother.

: Will an 01-03 coupe rear lip fit my 04-05 coupe?

- A: It will fit, but not correctly. You'll have gaps.

Q: Can I use an EP3 grill on my EM or ES?

- A: No.

Q: Can I use 01-03 sedan headlights on my 01-03 coupe?

- A: Yes, but you should use the sedan light sockets with the sedan housings. It makes things easier.

Q: Are coupe and sedan side skirts the same?

- A: Yes

Q: Will sedan mud/splash guards fit my coupe?

- A: Yes, as long as they're compatible years. 01-03 mud guards won't fit an 04-05, nor the other way around. Example: If you haven an '02 Civic, buy some for 01-03 Civics.

Do it yourself articles:

'01-03 to '04-05 Tail Light Conversion: Link
Detailing with a Mothers Clay Bar: Link
EDM / UKDM Rear Fog Install: Link
eBay Fog Lights: Link
OEM Fog Lights on with Parking Lights and Highs: Link
"Blacking Out" your Headlights: Link
RSX (DC5) Side Marker Wiring: Link
Headlight Restoration: Link

Common interest items:

EM2 Sticker Set: Link
RS Lip Kit Info: Link
Low Beam Headlights Don't Work, But High Beams and Parking Lights Do: Link
Washing, Clay Bar, Waxing, etc.: Link
HID Information: Link
Paint Codes: Link

Q: What parts can be used from the 2002-2005 Civic Si hatchbacks? (SiR in Canada)

- A: The front seats are almost a direct swap (minor drilling may be needed to adapt one of the holes in the seat brackets), but the rear seats need some more advanced modifications. The cluster needs modifications on both the wiring and some trimming around the bezel, but can work if you're willing to put in the effort. The shift boot has been known to work, if you don't mind trimming some of the rubber.

Q: What parts can be used from the 2002-2006 RSX?

- A: The front seats require small modifications to the brackets to fit (stock EM2 brackets have been known to work, if you don't mind taking apart 4 seats to do the swap). The rear seats require small amounts of trimming to fit. The steering wheel is a direct swap. The dash and center console can be swapped in with minor alterations. The cluster swap is listed below.
Do it yourself articles:

Door Panel and Rear Seat Removal / Radio and Speaker Installation: Link
Replace Front Speakers: Link
OEM Radio says "CODE" on it: Link
Driver's Seat Fix: Link
Cleaning the Seats: Link
EP3 Seat Swap: Link
RSX (DC5) Seat Swap: Link
RSX (DC5) Cluster Conversion: Link
01-02 Civic Cluster to 03-05 Cluster Swap (MT): Link
7th Gen Racing Seat Install: Link
Reset Maintenance Required light: Link
EP3 Steering Wheel into EM2: Link
Replace Climate / Heater Control bulbs: Link
Auto Console to Manual Console conversion: Link
Center Console Removal (MT): Link
Retrieving SRS Codes / Intermittent SRS Light: Link
Testing the Power Transistor: Link
Fix A/C Power Transistor: Link
Replace Cabin Air Filter: Link
Replacing Door Lock Actuator: Link
Replacing Power Window Assembly: Link
Ignition Switch Cylinder Removal: Link

Common interest items:

Aftermarket Shifters: Link

Common interest items:

Maintenance Schedules: Link
Chassis Specifications and Features: Link
Technical Service Bulletins (TSB): Link
Honda Chassis code List: Link
OBD II Codes: Link
*Repairing the DRL Module: Link
*Canadian Civics Only

Part Sources

Honda OEM

Majestic Honda: Link
Honda Parts Deals: Link
H and A Accessories: Link
Honda Parts Unltd: Link
Honda Parts Store: Link
Honda Parts Cheap: Link

Used Link
Craigslist: Link
eBay: Link
Honda-Tech Marketplace: Link

H-T Sponsor Marketplace: Link
Dezod Motorsports: Link
Robear Racing: Link
Grip Motorsports: Link
CorSport: Link
ProCivic: Link


Temporary Links for reference
► Official FAQ Thread for 01-05 Civic (Coupe and Sedan)
Old non-indexed FAQ thread

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This thread is now open for suggestions. Please keep your suggestions within reason, as this thread is to be used for frequently asked questions.

If you spot a FAQ thread that has dead image links or outdated information, please REPORT IT (this icon: ) stating what is wrong.

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