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1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

Yes, Tamiya kit 1/24 Lexus LFA. My wife bought it for me when it was released a number of years ago but I never built it until now.
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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

LFA is flawless man
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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

Not my first color choice buy you made it look damn good bro!

I have several models in my closet that I've had for well over 15 years and never built. I've got a Tamiya Lancer Evo 5 WRC rally car, and a "Drift King" MK3 Supra, both still in boxes.
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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

Sounds like me, I'm only getting to them now since I stay home most weekends. The gold was my third choice, red was the first but felt it was too simple. Tried chrome as the second choice and it turned out less than phenomenal. Stripped and did the gold...3 times. Kept messing up and even this last time it wasn't perfect but I didn't want to strip it anymore.

Try getting back into it, you'll probably be amazed at how much things have changed quality wise both in your own skill and the product itself.
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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

Another one that I entered for custom category

At NNL West 2017

At SVSM Classic 2017

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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

Recently finished this. Nori-P racing EG6.

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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

huge noob here, just getting into it and finished my second one.

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Default Re: 1/24 scale car model showoff....heres mine, anyone else add them in!

Some awesome builds here... Been a while since i posted over here. Heres a new build of mine. Enjoy.
I cannot seem to make some texts smaller as i have carried it over from another forum, sorry. Will look into it as it seems very obnoxious of me sigh.

Season 2 - Fairlady Z (Z32)
Episode 1

The Story

Fairlady's have become fairly common "practice" for the garageHEART team. We have worked on older Z's and a z32 before. How on earth do we say no to a restoration of such a beautiful car? Well this one was not for sale, I went to look at another kit and there was this red thing , body line's that unmistakably belong to a Fairlady Z, in true gH hunting style I popped the question and as the story goes...the rest is history.

Exactly why I love this chassis, due to it's rich history and with that in mind we thought long and hard on what to do with this gem. We have built the Fujimi Just Tuning z32 before, that had a modest mid 90's era street style

So why did we choose to buy another Z? You know these little cars have soul, they speak to us and whisper "please buy me and take me home so i can look good in the cabinet". How can we say no to that, and this Z just has to get some love from the guys at gH.

This one is going to be the first car being built in garageHEART's new building, we now have more space (sadly projects have piled up so the space is nothing to brag about) and more experience.


The last z32 we built was pretty modest, as much as gH does not do current trends, we simply can not ignore what is happening around the world. The whole diffuser and wild "time attack" look is certainly brutal (in a good way) and it is practical.

With that in mind we going to create a weekend warrior where the owner can drive his car to and from the track and still get him great lap times and with a flick of some sort of electronic damping force controller he can get home in comfort (somewhat).

As for engine, we not sure to throw in the highly tuneable RB/2jz or keep the VG30DETT and add some go fast bits to it. When this Fairlady is stripped down (hehe I almost forgot what forum I am on, ladies stripping eek) we will hopefully know what engine will be going in.

The Build

(above) As you can see, it has surely been neglected.

(above) Suspension is lob-sided and bonnet/hood does no close properly. hmmm did we buy a lemon?

(above) z32 looking all sad, won't be long (well depends how long a piece of string is)

(above) To our surprise the aircon still worked haha.

(above) This will be home for a while...

(above) Real work started at this point, well have to start somewhere and we started by removing the wheels.

Not much to show in terms of actual build then. Lots of reference will be checked out now. What actually works on track and what looks cool. Main thing is color/colour, gH always chooses OEM colors/colours due to us restoring cars, but this time its a restomod and I think we leaning more towards full mod so therefore choosing the correct colour/color is important to us.

Excuse the bad photo's, still working around the lighting at the new premises.

Episode 2

Our mission for last night was to get the engine out and everything went smoothly. So smooth we managed to strip all the lights and windscreens.

(above) The iconic 300zx/Fairlady Z wheels were removed. Tyres/tires had plenty thread on but they were starting to crack due to standing. Does not matter as we wont be needing them anymore.

(above) as i was stripping the z32 i spotted Charlotte (spider) in her final resting place. I hope another Charlotte comes along to gH

(above) Sub-frame removed as well as exhaust system...

(above) After all the auxiliary items were removed the engine was free to come out. We removed it from the bottom, seemed the easiest.

Next is strip interior and rear suspension as well as drive-train...

Episode 3

We back with some updates, after the engine was removed and interior stripped we could think clearly as we now had a blank canvas. As mentioned before we turning this into a time attack inspired car that can be driven on street.

Our guys are use to the odd splitter here and there , mainly fitting readily available aero packages. For this we have to scratch build most of the aero parts. It has been a huge pleasure to see this Z32 go from stock looking to something track ready by a few little add-on's.

Lets jump into what you have come for, Pictures...

(above) All stripped...

(above) Unlike the Fujimi kit where the spoilers are separate pieces, Tamiya made it slightly harder to remove the wing. So out came the grinder and we went mad. It was filled and smoothed out afterwards.

(above) As you all can remember we had some fitment issues with the hood/bonnet (check first post). After checking the body for straightness we figured it was the hood/bonnet that was not sitting properly.

(above) Well while it was off we decided to cut it up, to let all the warm air out of the engine bay. The grinder was working over time.

(above) And there is now a huge gaping hole, there was simply no turning back now.

(above) Then we sorted out the fitment issue and i tried capturing how well it fits now.

(above) I tried keeping the wheels a secret, but we thought about it... lets show the wheels in this bad condition and once it has been refurbished we can look back and see the difference. So this is the chosen wheel, a set of SSR mk2-R wrapped in Advan ao52's. Also seen here is the canyard and lower diffuser without attachment, and if you look at the rear you can see the holes closed up where the old spoiler was.

(above) Now this is where gH might get negative points, we have not gone for the over the top blade wing and we kept it with a one piece high spoiler, it is a z32 spoiler. Check in again in the week to see what gH has to done to this wing , then you can fully judge us.

(above) And that is how it currently stands... canyard attachment added.

(above) Adjustable wing built and start of rear diffuser. Still need to trim and add side extensions to it but I am sure you understand what we getting at.

Below are random snaps...

(above) Adjustable wing built and start of rear diffuser. Still need to trim and add side extensions to it but I am sure you understand what we getting at.

The front diffuser's shape needs to be corrected slightly as it does not flow with the front of the car. Next we move onto the rear diffuser and wing modification. Once all this is done the sides will get the same treatment and then we move onto the engine bay and interior to get it ready for spray.

Episode 4

gH has been up to mischief with this Fairlady. We Finishing up the aero, probably another hour of work then it will be ready for paint etc.

(above) Took a walk up to capture this picture... side aero made and fitted.

(above) Taking shape slowly.

(above) Pulling it out proved to be a mission due to ride height...

(above) small adjustment of the side aero to be done...

(above) Onto the engine bay... We still not sure if we should fit an RB engine or modify the current one

Episode 5

And we back, before you ask where we have been... end of this post you will understand ops:

The last instalment our Z32 was ready to be stripped down and get some much-needed bodywork in order to get some colour on it.
I do have one apology to make, I am using a phone to take pictures and it really does not showcase the colour nor the shine properly. But on the bright side, it suits the style of garageHEART.

So with the wild aero, we needed to choose a colour to match and midnight purple was chosen, a nightmare to capture this colour and once I have time I will take it outside and use natural light and see if I can get the full depth of it.

anyway enough talking, let us check out what this Fairlady looks like now...

(above) a fresh coat of paint, at this point I was not sure if we chose the right colour

(above) the interior was fitted with new carpets, I was thinking of removing carpets but some comfort needs to be kept

(above) momo steering wheel was chosen as it suits the 90's dash.

and then in true garageHEART style, disaster struck. Somehow the paint was not hard enough to touch and it left some very nasty fingerprint marks. I sat polishing it out for a few hours, there are no pictures of this as I was truly upset and was ready to park this in the corner of the workshop and forget about it. As always giving up is not our first nor last option and we kept on working on this Fairlady.

(above) in this picture, you can see the interior is completed along with 90 percent of the body. After the mishap I just got stuck into it and hardly took any progress snaps, I actually did not want to post it up. Overall I am proud of how it turned

Episode 6

And we continue from the last update...

(above) pulled it outside after the engine bay was sprayed.

(above) Will raise the ride height once the engine goes back in.

(above) Engine bay freshly sprayed...only thing missing is everything in the bay

(above) speaking about missing bay parts... here is one part that will need to go in. We have fitted forged internals and prepared this engine to handle more boost. All honesty just painted valve covers hehe.

(above) sun was starting to set, decided to get the z32 back in and work through the evening...

(above) Best work comes in the still of the night...

(above) garageHEART pushed through the night to get the fairlady going.

(above) not sure if its clear but the engine is fitted, needs to come out again as the custom plumbing for fmic (front mount intercooler) is not fitting properly.

(above) random image of other projects being prepared for when the Fairlady leaves garageHEART.

Episode 7

This Fairlady is still being worked on, adding little details here and there most times it's not visible at all (laughing).
i dont have many great photos currently but will get some soon to show what was done.

what was done:
engine fitted will all piping etc.
oil cooler
brake booster
brake lines
battery and wires
rad cap and overflow pipe

(above) This is what gH looks like when we arrived to work on the Z

(above) finishing up the piping and front sub frame.

(above) Yippeeee it started right up...

Not much to do now, but I feel the SSR wheels are not working well with the aero kit so we hunting for something more suitable. Hopefully we can find a set locally and not having to import which will push this project back further, maybe it will end up like some of the other projects at garageHEART that will rot away until we decide to fix it up again.

Episode 8

Manage to get a set of Work CR-Kiwami's , at first I did not like it as I loved the modest fitment of the SSR's Mk2-R's. but these grew on me in no time and really adds to the whole aggressive package. Anyway onto pictures.

(above) Engine bay looking like something now.

(above) this is at its lowest. If you look in the engine bay you will notice an air line that allows the driver to adjust height (KW DLC)

(above) ready to hit the streets, almost

(above) Photo etched discs fitted.

(above) A bit dusty, but will get cleaned up before leaving. If you look carefully you can see the turbo peeking through.

(above) Low and wide...

(above) been a while since we have seen it sitting on all fours.

(above) until next time...

still to do is clean up body (polish in panel gaps) add panel gap detailing. fit wipers and fit hood/bonnet and some other miscellaneous items.

Episode 9

And this Lady just received her full makeover... gH is proud to announce that yet another model car has been saved and can now shine once again.

I will start this thread off with a before and after.

It is not perfect, but alot better than what it was when it first arrived. Im happy with the results but next build I will build on the mistakes from this one.

What was added to this Farilady:
- Photo etched Discs
- Custom brake lines
- Electronic Damper force lines
- Shock/Damper top mounts
- Oil Cooler and lines
- Front Mount Intercooler and Pipes
- New Radiator with two electric fans and pipes
- Custom Aerokit
- Race seats and 5 point harness
- Carpet flocking
- Aftermarket wheels (Work CR- Kiwami's)
- Ganador Mirrors
- Metal exhaust tailpieces

Onto some pictures...ENJOY!

(above) The last time it was a complete car it was in a sorry state and stood in front at this very spot begging to be saved.

(above) I guess we are allowed to stare at this lady's rear end

(above) One aggressive looking Lady, would not want to get on her bad side

(above) The sound of that v6 engine ...

(above) One of the last times it will be seen at gH

(above) Shine on little Lady

There are a few small issues I wish i could have corrected, but sometimes is it worth scrapping the whole build to fix some minor issues? I asked myself this countless times and yes I wanted to restart it many times but my models tell a story of how I progressed and this can be placed on the shelf knowing what not to do next time. I am missing the "glass" in the mirrors. Will make some in due time.

One thing I do need to sort out is the images, they horrible and truly don't show off the smooth shine I am getting. Will invest in something decent soon I promise.

On the positive I am extremely happy how this one turned out... ready to hit some tracks or a show and shine event, whatever the owner prefers.

(above) and off into the sunshine she goes... Goodbye the Fairest of them all.

Thank You to each everyone in Advance for checking out this build.

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