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2005 accord battery drain

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Default 2005 accord battery drain

I'm working on a 2005 accord with all stock equipment. The battery has been draining in a day or 3 lately.

This car has had a couple of issues, the blower resistor went out, replaced it, and it went out again 6 months later. Replaced it and the blower and haven't had any problems with them since, but somewhere between then (about 8 months ago) and now this issue has crept up.

I have tried to trace the fault. First fix was double checking the fuses in the fuse box interior and under hood for blown fuses, and found the radio had an incorrect fuse- a 10 amp in a 15 slot iirc. Replaced it with the correct fuse type. Issue persisted. Tested with a multi-meter by hooking up the multi-meter on the negative cable in between the wire and battery terminal. Found a drain of 1300 mA. Pulled under hood fuses til I saw it drop, and found fuse 15 which is listed as Back up, Acc, which when pulled dropped the drain to something low I cant recall exactly right offhand, 24 or so mA. Plugged it back in and, thinking it was the radio, went back into the car to start on the interior fuses. Pulling the number 7 fuse which is listed as Back up caused it to drop from 1300 to 39 mA, which seems to be about where it should be.

I had thought that had fixed the issue, and was testing it before I went into more diagnostics but it came up dead again today. I'm kind of unsure where to go. The only thing I can think of that it might be is the MICU for the interior fuse box.

I did do some additional testing because I did see some issues with the radio, and there are plenty of articles here mentioning it. With fuse 7 plugged in the 1300 drain does drop to 800, which is a 500 mA drop. Without fuse 7 inserted, however, it only dropped about 10mA, which is about what you'd expect. I had left the 7 fuse unhooked from then until now, which only seemed to disable the remote access- you had to unlock the doors with a key instead of pressing a button.

That said it was dead when we tried to start it today. Oh, other tests: Alternator was putting out 14.x volts which seems about right, battery was storing 12.x voltage, I don't recall the exact figures but they all seemed within normal.

Any ideas of where I should go from here? Replace the fuse box and hope for the best?
Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: 2005 accord battery drain

I went all over the car yesterday and cannot find a short anywhere. It seems completely gone, or my first test was flawed. With the interior 7 fuse put back in, I get a small jump to about 340 mA when I hook up the multimeter which goes down to 0 in 2-3 seconds. Bought a new multimeter just to make sure my old one didn't break, and it came up with the same results. So I did a battery test overnight- left the negative cable disconnected. It started at 12.85 volts when the test was started, and it is 12.53 after 11 hours. So this could be a battery that is going bad as well as a short that comes and goes. I checked the other car we own, a civic 2001 that had been sitting for 18 hours and with the battery connected the whole time. I don't have a start voltage for it, but the voltage this morning was 12.73, which is where I would expect it to be. Running alternator voltage tested at the battery came out to be 13.6v yesterday, which is a bit lower then I think it should be but I believe that is still within normal operational parameters.

So what I'm going to do is replace the battery today- it is only 2 months old, the car had a dead battery in december and we warranty returned it then thinking the problem was the battery.... and this battery is testing bad as well. I'm hoping this will fix the issue, I'll keep an eye on this daily to see what I can see.

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Default Re: 2005 accord battery drain

It's been a while, so here's an update on the situation-

The issue is the radio, but it's a different issue than the normal accord radio issue. Her radio will randomly 'crash', for want of a better term, which is when it goes into battery drain mode. It has gotten increasingly worse over time from crashing once every 2 weeks to once every 15 minutes now. What happens is the radio will suddenly stop working and the backlight will come on, but no display. It does this whether the radio is on or off. Once this happens you cannot turn it off without disconnecting the battery or pulling fuse 5. We did use this for a while, just popping the negative terminal off the battery anytime the car is going to be left alone for a day or two, and that seemed to be working. Quick note: A lot of accords have a radio that has some sort of anti-theft passcode, so be careful you don't lock yourself out of the radio. Ours does not have that, so it was easy to manage. It has gotten progressively worse, however, so the crashes happen within minutes instead of days or hours. We called our honda dealership hoping that they would do a goodwill repair on it, but all we got was promises to call back that were never fulfilled. We've decided to replace it if I cannot see something obvious and easy to fix when I pull it tomorrow. The price of replacement is cheap - an issue like this is not worth the trouble we've put into it. I'll report back on that when I know more.

Some symptoms just in case someone is trying to see if they are having the same issue:
Occasional loud pops from the speakers when it is working
Radio backlight will come on but nothing will be displayed, even if the car is turned off, at which point the radio will no longer respond to its controls
Battery drains within a day once the crash happens
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