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1994 Accord Front Bumper Replacement/Repair Costs??

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Default 1994 Accord Front Bumper Replacement/Repair Costs??

I was just in an accident where my entire front bumper was essentially ripped off from the impact, and I want to know if anyone has any insight into the cost of this kind of repair??

The impact came on the very front of the passenger side fender, at both the bumper and the right front corner turn signal.

Both the bumper shell and the bumper support may still be usable, but I am not sure. The shell has a crack along the portion closest to impact so I hope that might be reusable.

The support bar may also be ok even though it cracked clean away from the two places (stays/brackets?) where it was attached to the car, leaving those pieces of plastic still screwed on where it broke off. The styrafoam absorber is still intact, but the turn signal wiring was also ripped from its connections, leaving wires haning out of the front end.

The dent where the impact was on the passenger fender near on the turn signal also needs to be fixed (although I'm wondering if I can just leave it).

Does anyone know the kind of cost that repairing something like this would cost, and what my options may be?
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Default Re: 1994 Accord Front Bumper Replacement/Repair Costs?? (theprez)

if its just the front bumper.. i could probably get it for a little under 100 dollars.. because my friend is sponsored like mad crazy.. and i was buying a fender and front bumper for 110.. so im pretty sure its under 100 :D well anywayz.. thats not including paint.. and its new :D so yea if ur interested just reply
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Default Re: 1994 Accord Front Bumper Replacement/Repair Costs?? (famousbadboy69)

try ebay, Make sure you get a CAPA certified part. That means that it will fit OK.

You can also look up in the phone book for auto body parts suppliers. They will also stock this part.
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Thanks for the responses...

I think I may have found a solution, but we'll see what happens.

This morning I brought my car to a body shop in Manhattan, which was "recommended" to me by someone. I went there hopefull that the costs would not be too bad. Well, when the owner saw my car, he said that there was "major damage" and that it would cost something like $2500, and that if I wanted to go "cheap" to somewhere in the Bronx or Brooklyn that I could get it repaired for $1000.

THis entire situation irritated me as I doubt I could get that same amount if I sold my car. However, the vehicle is in good condition, and I have had very few problems mechanically since I bought it from the original owner less than a year ago.

The owner then recommended me to some auto part yards and gave me their number to call suggesting that they would do repair for less. None said they would repair over the phone and 2 places told me that the bumper (I'm assuming just the shell) would cost $150 and another $200.

I was disappointed, but eventually drove to a part of the Bronx I have heard you can get repairs. I found someone who will repair the entire front bumper tomorrow for what they told me would likely be $250-300. It may not be the most professional job ever, with all new parts but my car runs perfectly fine, and I don't care if it doesn't look perfect. I just want it to pretty much function reasonably well. The cosmetics I can live without, although I hope it's not too drastic a difference.

Hopefully things work out and the work and the price get me what I need. I know that lower cost repair usually means lower quality, but this car is 11 years old, and isn't made for turning heads. I got it because of its reliability, and mechanical-wise, I have not been disappointed.
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Default Re: (theprez)

I bought my accord for 300 bucks because the guy wrecked it into a curb or something. It ripped off the front bumper, blew 3 of the tires and bent 3 of the rims. I replaced the rims, tires, turn signals, and put the screwed up bumper back on with screws out of my tool box and spray painted it. It doesn't look to shabby. It pulls to the right even after an alignment, but I can live with that. I am gonna try and get a buddy of mine to bend the cross member back in place.
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Default Re: 1994 Accord Front Bumper Replacement/Repair Costs?? (theprez)

djryan -

Wow, that's some discount.

As it turns out for me, I had my bumper replaced today at that place in the Bronx for a grand total of $550. Not exactly what I was really hoping for, but I didn't really try to negotiate, and there was some miscommunication regarding the quoted price. However I take it to be relatively fair especially considering the ridiculous amount I was quoted yesterday morning in Manhattan.

They charged me $250 for the parts (A bumper shell, bumper reinforcement bar, the two brackets and whatever else is needed to keep the bumper on, except the styrafoam absorber which I had, plus a new passenger side front corner turn signal light) and $300 for 4 hours labor (I brought it to them at 11am and it was finished at 3pm) which also included somewhat fixing the dent on the front of the passenger side fender and the turn signal system which was not working properly following the accident, inside and outside the car.

I did not get the bumper painted, but it is black and my Accord is dark blue, so the difference is relatively negligable. There is paint chipped around the fender dent that I also did not have fixed but I have left over car paint around.

Overall, I'm pleased that it was fixed for a seemingly reasonable price. although I may have been able to get the cost lower, it was within my worst case scenario price range so I went for it. One thing is for sure. No one should be paying $2500 for this repair, even with paint and a new fender, it just sounds too high.
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