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OMG - Grand Theft Auto IV Previews

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Default OMG - Grand Theft Auto IV Previews

This game will be unbelievable.

6:30 am. Niko peers around Star Junction, Liberty City's adaptation of Times Square. The constant honking of car horns and growling engines make Star Junction's ambiance seem all too real.

It's early, but Niko needs a bite. A nearby hot dog stand does the job, the quick meal increasing his health, enough for the big job ahead. In GTAIV, health is recovered with food and drink, waving goodbye to the floating health "hearts" of past.
GTAIV could be as big of a jump as the trasition to GTAIII.

GTAIV could be as big of a jump as the trasition to GTAIII.

Niko has a minor problem. Officer Francis McCreary's dug up a little dirt on him, and to keep the cop quiet, Niko's going to have to do him a favor: take someone out.

It's a lawyer--Goldberg to be exact--one third of the firm Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster. There's no shortage of Rockstar wit, here.

Niko makes the call to McCreary who provides him details about the job. In GTAIV, Niko initiates the action from his cell phone, meaning the player drives the plot instead of being led around as in previous GTA games. With his mission laid out, Niko needs some firepower. But in the new Liberty City, he can't simply stroll into Ammu-Nation and pick up a quick 9. In fact, the infamous gun shop is gone altogether. Niko has to be creative and find other ways to acquire weapons, and that's where his cell phone comes in handy.

Niko rings a contact, Little Jacob, for a piece. They agree on a meeting place in Rotterdam Hill. Niko sets off on foot.

Strolling down the bustling sidewalks of Liberty City, the sun is just rising. Niko passes a newspaper stand. A LCPD car passes on his right, what looks like a PCJ motorcycle follows. "I've gotta move up state," says a passer-by. Another pedestrian brushes close to Niko, and he instinctively nudges him away.

Past a pizza joint, Niko hangs a left, meeting Jacob in an alley. Jacob pops his truck (Niko will purchase weapons in trucks, basements and other low-profile areas. Gone are the unrealistic Rocket Launchers left floating in a backyard pool), revealing a stockpile of illegal weapons in the trunk. A 9mm pistol, a micro SMG and a shotgun are nicely laid out inside. Niko buys the 9.

"This s*** is bananas!", yells a flustered women from her car.

Sufficiently strapped, Niko whistles. A cab pulls up and Niko slides in.

The driver punches in the location, an internet cafe a few miles away, and a real-time fare meter ticks. Niko needs to get closer to Goldberg, his hit, and a job interview is a great way inside the high-security law firm. First things first, he needs to submit a resume.

Inside the cab, Niko waits. The camera shifts to a cinematic view, providing numerous angles and views of the cab ride with booming radio music emanating from the taxi's stereo. It's all very movie-like. Cabs function differently in GTAIV. Because jacking a car requires a set amount of time to hot wire it started, it's sometimes easier to hail a cab...and a lot less risky, to boot. Plus, Trip Skip is back, so if you want to get Niko somewhere quickly, a cab could be your best bet.

Everything in the city is gorgeously detailed, and GTA's jump into the next-gen is a big one. The little green guy on crosswalk signs are crisp and clear, visible from inside the cab. The camera shifts. It's outside now, facing the left of the cab, with every letter of its fare costs on the taxi's door perfectly legible.
You can expect plenty more of this to come.

You can expect plenty more of this to come.

Niko's arrived. The music fades as the cab pulls away. He enters the cyber cafe, appropriately named [email protected], and logs onto the web (a working in-game network that's navigated just like the real internet). On the law firm's website, Niko gives his resume a once-over before uploading it to the site. There are some funny bits--his hobbies are shooting and boxing--but we're told it's mostly placeholder for now.

Nike makes a right out of [email protected] and crosses the street, passing a sundries shop and what looks like a Sanchez bike in the intersection. Each and every street in Liberty City is named, something that's never been done in and GTA game. Locations also have physical, numbered addresses.

Time to give McCreary a call. Dialing. Niko explains that he's submitted his resume to the firm, and shortly after, the law firm's receptionist, Karen, calls. She's scheduled Niko for an interview and the appointment is added to Niko's organizer in his phone (Note: Niko didn't have to pick up his phone. He could have ignored Karen and gone about whatever he pleased. This is how the player controls the game's progression).

Back in a cab. Niko's off to meet McCreary at Castle Gardens, GTAIV's version of the South Street Seaport. Walking to find him, pedestrians pass. A women holds a grocery bag, others are smoking cigarettes. Niko spots McCreary by the water.

Here, Niko gets his next job from McCreary. The worried cop thinks someone is trying to blackmail him, so he sets up a meeting. It's Niko's job to find out who he is and, well, ask questions later.

Niko's sets off, again on foot. His mark is supposed to exchange a memory stick with some incriminating data on it by the Humbolt River off Silicon St. There's a viewpoint there where Niko can get an overhead view of him, but unfortunately, he doesn't know what this guy looks like.

Niko passes the Statue of Happpiness, hops in a cab and reaches the spot. Niko gets a text from McCreary with the target's cell phone number. Niko quickly dials.
Liberty City is alive with personality like no other game.

Liberty City is alive with personality like no other game.

Judgment time. Niko notes the man who picks up his phone and hangs up simultaneously. Is it him? What route to take? Should it be quiet? No time to think. Niko pulls out his 9, puts two behind he ear. He grabs the implicating memory stick

Two stars

Niko darts up the stairs into the street. His motion is natural. He leans into turns and his head nods when he runs. It's natural and fluid.

Cops pursue, bullets whiz by, hitting passing traffic signs. Niko smashes a car window and pops the door open. 1...2...3 seconds and it's running. Must shake the cops, but the new wanted level system isn't going to make it easy. And without cop bribes and no Pay-N-Spray in sight, Niko's going to have to escape the old-fashioned way.

The LCPD is no pushover. A search radius appears: a zone that Liberty City cops will keep pursuing Niko while he has an active wanted level. The bigger the crime, the larger the radius. Once Niko loses the cops and exits the circle, his wanted level goes back to normal. The trouble is, officers radio other nearby cops if they spot you, all based on line of sight. That means Niko has to avoid cop icons on his radar. Stationary dots on the radar are cops on foot. Dots with swirls around them are cops in cars. Like a movie chase, it's a constant game of cat and mouse.

A few quick turns and shortcuts lose the cops. Niko brings the memory stick to McCreary.

Time flies. A mobile reminder alerts Niko that it's almost time for his interview.
Simply bitchin'

Simply bitchin'

Niko does have a scheduled interview with Goldberg, the attorney he's out to hit, but that doesn't mean he can walk in the building wearing a dirty track suit. A quick stop at Perseus, as upscale clothing store, does the job. There's no goofy haircuts or ridiculous clothes a la San Andreas. Clothing in GTAIV is customizable, but also realistic. Niko buys a chocolate suit and matching shoes. A cab takes him to the law firm.

It's a big building and Niko waits to get buzzed in by Karen, who escorts Niko up to Goldberg's office. There's no loading. Everything's seamless.

Niko takes a seat. He's in.

Goldberg sits across at his desk. The door is closed and Niko's free to do finish the job. Instead, he lets Goldberg yap on a bit. The lawyer is a talker. He likes Niko's resume and wants a man that can get a job done right. Niko listens. Goldberg rants on about decay in society. "Floss! Get rid of the decay," he says. Niko pulls out his gun.
Just look at that facial detail. Impressive

Just look at that facial detail. Impressive

"Whoa, whoa! Hold on a second there, friend. We're lawyers...we don't need guns. Guns don't kill people, video games do." Famous last words.

Niko waits until Goldberg stands up. He's next to the window. Pop! The bullet drives the lawyer through the glass and down onto the sidewalk.

Three stars.

Niko's trapped. To exit the building, he'll have to get a through a horde of armed security. With his pistol, he finds cover behind a cleaning cart. The cover system reminds of Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas--a complete combat reinvention for GTA. Blind-firing over the cart takes one guard down, but several more block Niko's way out.

Pop, pop! More guards fall. Niko hits one in the leg who tumbles down the stairs.

The path is clear. Niko crouches carefully outside, but perhaps he should have stayed in. Police are swarming the building. It's Heat outside. A helicopter circles and cops are everywhere. Niko darts across the street to a bus stop. Not much cover here. He's trapped.

In a hail of gunfire, surrounded, Niko falls in one of the most epic shootouts in Grand Theft Auto yet. And it's just the beginning.

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God I wish I was playing this right now.
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Default Re: OMG - Grand Theft Auto IV Previews (HOMESLICE)

Can't wait for the game to be released.
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Default Re: OMG - Grand Theft Auto IV Previews (Euphoria)

sick when is the release date?
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October 16th i think
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October 16, 2007: The day when work, family, and a girlfriend cease to exist... just kidding! I'll play this game non-stop for a long time! I am so pumped its insane. cant wait to see it on my 56" TV... *salivating*
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