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Calves, and inner thigh workouts :O

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Default Calves, and inner thigh workouts :O

Today I was working out my calves, and no matter what my feet position is I always feel the lactic acid build up on my outer calve! Its very difficult to isolate my inside calves, also does anyone else know how to get bigger inner thighs. I want that round looks, just cant seem to isolate them?

Tips would be great
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Point your toes out from your body to isolate the inner calves. Turn your toes in to isolate the outer calf. If you want big inner thighs, use the adductor (or abductor?) machines where you sit down and bring your legs together. However, I only see girls using those machines so your pride might take a hit....
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Default Re: Calves, and inner thigh workouts :O (Ultraman)

it's called squats (air, weighted, barbell/dumbbell), cleans, dl's (vary your stances and push up with your legs), cardio intervals, thrusters, plyometrics, vertical jumps, jumproping, etc.

need any other ideas?

the hip abductor machine does work, but to a certain point. do all of the above and you'll laugh at that damn machine the next time you see it.
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