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The New FI Forum Rules - Let's turn this place back around.

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Default The New FI Forum Rules - Let's turn this place back around.

Welcome to the forced induction forum. This forum is for TECH, INFORMATION, DISCUSSION, THEORY, but not show-and-tell.

1. Classifieds/WTB’s
These are not allowed in the forum and neither are vouches.

For the best pricing on items, please sponsor marketplace:
For personal sales, visit:

-Make titles for threads, and questions clear and to the point!
-Be clear and objective.
-State the specifics of your situation (set-up, car, year, engine, components, etc).
-The more information you can give us, the better answer you will receive.

3. Posting Etiquette/Respect
Please respect the majority of us who have a literary education and Do NoT TyP3 LyK3 dIz yO! Type like this and you will be auto docked 2%. We will also lock/delete threads THAT ARE LABLED IN ALL CAPS.

If you make a thread, be specific with your title or it will be locked/deleted. No more vague “help” or “turbo” threads will be allowed. Threads labeled like this do not allow for proper archived searching for users in the future.

Bashing on sanctioning bodies will no longer be accepted either. I will be going through old posts and removing and disparaging remarks made about NHRA, NOPI, IDRC, BOTI, IFO and any other I see fit.

Respect all users, including new ones just because you've been around doesn't give you the right to be an ***. Unless you have something constructive to add keep it to yourself.

4. Tech related posts only
-No off-topic posts will be allowed. Use your common sense on this one. Do not create a thread with the purpose of something OT then later add something technical to it. There is also a forum specifically for Appearance/Cosmetic.
-Do not make threads listing your set-up then asking us what you should do next. It's your car, not ours. Everyone will list something completely different.
-Do not ask us how much your car is worth. Threads that offer to pay someone money for who ever diagnoses their problem are also not allowed.
-Do not start threads that can potentially start a flame war such as ‘Should I go with Company X or Company Y’? Blatantly obvious threads that are made to specifically show-boat a company’s product for free publicity are also not allowed unelss it has technical merit.
-No posts from companies listing public pricing.
-No bickering, flaming, name calling, or personal threats.
-No more calling out of people/shops/merchants for means of communication. Handle them In pm's. future threads will be locked or moved.

Learn to do a search. Many times you can find the answers to redundant questions by just searching. When searching, simply enter your key words, choose the forced induction forum, then you may need to try both Recent content and Archived content for your data set. Choosing the archived content will usually end up with more results. Please also do not respond to threads with simply ‘search’ as answers.

6. Pictures/Video’s/Show and Tell
This is not the place to post what FedEx, ups, USPS, airborne or the donkey brought to your door. Posting pics of what you got wastes bandwidth and takes away from the tech articles.

You are encouraged to post pictures of your setup but be sure to include your setup, from top to bottom. Posts with just pictures or no elaboration will be locked accordingly.
If you’re not comfortable posting your dyno chart or your setup, then don’t make a post about it.

Every thread should offer some technical discussion, and in threads like these, it benefits everyone to include a description of your setup along with the pictures to facilitate good discussion.

7. E-Racing/Bench Racing
There is no acceptable use of racing here unless it pertains to an actual track event or drag event which produced actual results. No guessing contests on power are allowed either.

8. Report Posts
Do your job as a member and report any posts that do not follow forum rules. Simply click by the posters name and we will take care of the thread/reply.

9. Non-Compliance
Don't question what a moderator does. We are not on a power trip, we are simply trying to weed out all the unnecessary stuff and aim this forum to be the best one period. If you act like a child you will be dealt with like you are a child. Treat people with respect, as you would want to be treated, no matter their level of knowledge or "reputation" on the board.

When you do not follow the rules, you will be subject to point loss, having your thread locked/deleted, a loss of ‘status’ or banned from the site. This board is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship.

% points are used as a level of permission to post. At 95%, you will begin losing priveleges. We only deduct % points typically if you are clearly and blatantly defying a rule, or just being immature for no reason (which is a rule actually to keep the peace).

Honda-Tech was designed as a community where people who love these cars can learn from each others experiences and enjoy each others technical discussion and advice. All we're here for is to make sure that this is maintained.

Remember, people rely on your information and vice versa, so don’t steer anyone in the wrong direction based on regurgitated internet myths.

-FI Mods

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Default Re: The New FI Forum Rules - Let's turn this place back around.

i am adding this today, because i think all gen/chassis have an official post your setup threads.

use the existing ones. no more official boosted "insert chassis here" threads. they are pretty much all covered.
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Default Re: The New FI Forum Rules - Let's turn this place back around.

nice ^^

Im so glad i dont have to mod this site.
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Default Re: The New FI Forum Rules - Let's turn this place back around.

I am a NA junkie, but have been trolling the FI sub forum for a little while now. MOST of what I see/read are illiterate kids who not only cannot use proper english, but have no comprehension on how to properly build a motor or do research before gettin silly with the "new topic" button.

I really wish HT would add more "police" to get rid of the bs/polution/waste of space that is created by this newer wave of kids that want everything handed to them.

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