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Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

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Originally Posted by The Squidd
OMFG can we see a picture of a car or something, if I see one more wire I'm out.
lol... well see I was going to post pictures of me hanging with you and my new rad stickers but what had happened was. I shot him a text message to hang and the result was.

Skylar fills in blanks : "____________________ "

But I did meet up with this dude named James selling a thermostat, so that was rad.

Oh since you want pictures of the car and wheels mounted, this is the best I can do. I don't have my jack here since it's not coming off of the stands anytime soon lol.





need idea's for brake caliper colors... Was thinking a bright silver with red letering, period blood red. Dunno, still need to order some black glitter stickers and **** so I can pinstripe the wheels. And maybe some black and chrome Volk racing stickers to replace the ones I took off of the wheels along with their authenticity stamps.

Hopefully Jack doesn't ebay those old lables to some kid with a fresh set of rota's lol... luckily rota doesn't make a rip of these wheels.......... yet
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

great thread
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

yeah, I really want to make the internal harness nice, but in reality, my fingers hurt, everyting with white tape in the finished product basically needs to be shortened to follow the path to the ecu plug, I'm all out of heat shrink and sleeving. Not to mention I also will be installing air conditioning on my sr... Bracket from codyace is on it's way....

Wont have much money to do **** to the car next weekend so i will probably just install all of my replacement parts at that point. Having a spare harness came in handy replacing a lot of the damaged wires (color coded) that I needed just in case of trouble shooting...

Drastically shortened my igniter wires, and since I didn't want to bend the blue and red wire I snipped it, and made it pair up into itself and sleeved it after wrapping it in electro tape and what not.

anyway I'll let the pictures do the talking, otherwise in the engine bay harness is pretty un-noticable, need to do the lower harness which should take about 2 hours, and shorten the knock sensor plug from the block. Then start planning out the fuse box relocation. First things first this thing needs to be road worthy again so after I drop the money with city tire for my volk formula gt lugnuts $$$ I will be investing in battery mess, and also figuring out how I'm going to get this ford fan running in my car.

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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

****ing sick
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Lookin good. your tires are a lil ashy in a couple picks, but looks like your making progress. that 40 gunna be **** when you put some paint on that piece.
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

yeah, I need to stop buying **** for the car LOL!!!

picking up new rear glass this weekend and rear quarter glass, and an oil block adapter for a relocation oil cooler kit!
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Default Less Engine Harness, More Engine ****... Merry Christmas

So we did the Christmas thing on Christmas eve, headed over to Dallas_68's pad to pick up this sweet sweet window glass for my car for 120 smackaroo's!!!

[picture]-some sweet glass right here, and a free socal-drift sticker lol-[/picture]

We headed back home after carmageddeon on the 110 freeway, I watched someone total their lexus is300 right in front of me, dumbshit should've left traction control on and shouldn't of driven their car like a dick in wet conditions on a 3 lane freeway with more curves than a big girl.

That poor car got it's **** pushed in, and to make matters worse she couldn't turn the wheels it could only move forward or backwards so dipshit blocked a freeway entrance to move off of the freeway LOLOLOL FAILTOWN x2

Merry Christmas bad drivers, at least they were ok. I think, anyway after taking the streets home from Los Angeles to Failtana I told my girlfriend if we weren't going out then I'm spending the night with my other bitch... She agreed and told me have fun! lol... But first dinner from 7-11 (look familiar)

(if you remember my last avatar you would get this)

yeah... after that delightful meal and a Gatorade it was time to get dirty... (note, do not do as I do I am just too cheap to buy an engine stand, much less that leaves more money for parts....)

cranes are to lift, not support... says the instructions... I say, just add more fluid to the jack!

So lets finish cleaning this thing.... an hour later.

Looks a lot better, should've taken a before picture.

more cleaning and moving things...

Wish I had a light as bright as my flash floating over my head...

realistically this is what I'm working with.

Picture I'll be adding to frsports website later on (they like pictures of **** you install.)

Obviously this is pretty simple, this thing only goes on one way, while I thought the dark side (no star wars) is supposed to go to the block side, apparently the water arm doesn't agree, so flip it around and viola!

Fits, go figure. Now apparently this car has bolts that like to "back out" and I don't feel like going to the hardware store to source out locking bolts and I'll just use what the car had on it. I wish I was super ****ing balling and could just drop 110 bucks on those sweet *** arp studs and star bolts for the manifold, but I think I'll wait until I re-up for a full race twin scroll. For now, loctite will do.

just make a little line in the grooves like so.

now try to back out bitch! (note to self, these are going to suck *** getting off.

Oh yeah, guess it would've been rad if I didn't throw away my turbo gasket... guess I told myself I'm rich when I took it apart and to buy a new one.... Doh.

Well **** it, I'm going to be replacing my engine mounts this weekend so I will get those things on the engine before lowering it in here. But I'll need to drop my oil pan first as well to re-seal it. Has some sludging on the back of the pan I'm not digging. Oh yeah, guess I need to take this off to put on that circuit sports intake manifold thing a majig I bought eh!

I'm having flashbacks of when I removed the KA one... prey for my fingers =( (but wayne how will you take the bolts off it your engine is being hoisted up by one of them...

****, good point... (dropped the **** in the engine bay and removed said support bolt)

I should've cleaned that dirt off before removing this... doh! I carefully put a lint free shop towel in each cylinder and scraped off that nasty gasket ****, then pulled the towel out with any debris that fell into the cylinder, then put a clean towel in after cleaning them with my fingers and taped them up 1 by one so I can de-grease this side of the engine.

unfortunately this took an hour to do, sorry I don't have more pictures. Oh yeah some of these hoses are stuck and are a bitch to get off, no fear I only ripped my knuckle open on one of the coolant hose brackets... That's what I get for taking my gloves off.

yee yee!!!

Also you may think I'm crazy, but I took a screwdriver and indented where my tps was sitting so I can remove it and sleeve it's connector (yes, sleeving the throttle body's ****.)

and here is the gasket that was on the intake manifold which is thinner than my dickhairs. next to the circuit sports one. I guess I may need slightly longer bolts... and I hate measuring ****.

and last but not least, going to clean the IACV out using the instructions posted in said thread.

My redtop SR IACV cleaning procedure written by fsae_alum over on and while i'm at it I will be also re-doing the lower harness on my car aaaaand sleeving it. Along with the h20 sensors next to the tps sensor. (call me crazy but I'm **** - no homo)

and that's all folks... Merry Christmas!

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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Merry Christmas dude! You're making good progress there.
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Dope thread!
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Default 2008-12-27 - Elbow Grease

Alright... It's Sunday, my fingers are sore, my forearm looks like Ronnie Coleman's when he was 16 I have cuts and bruises all over and a swollen lympnode but the **** if i'm done! I was determined to just finish everything yesterday and get the motor back in, instead I just cleaned the transmission. Now that I have an air gun I'll be removing accessories and cleaning them as well. And the block, and replacing every gasket it was I needed to replace.

Now... Here is my Friday night... I brought the lower intake manifold upstairs because I wanted to clean the iacv and sleeve the wires on it and also my water temp sensor and the other thing next to it lol. (technical term.)






Sweet *** back plug cover I had from my other harness I use for parts.

As I completed that, girlfriend was at it again.

not amused lol. (I tricked her into turning around, I soo wanted to Al Bundy her.)

stooooooooooooooooooop it!

hehe, I have to get pictures of this stuff ya know, to prove she's not broken. =P

Anyway I had to leave to work on my daily driver Leonidas a 1998 Toyota Camry. you know he got that name because this car is my warrior, gets me from a-2, hauls most of my parts, and normally is filled with water bottles and womens clothes since it belongs to my girlfriend. I noticed some oil drops spotting up driveways so I had to investigate. (my roommate thought it would be hilarious to buy that Rudolph **** for my car. My girlfriend loved it and I got punked to mount it. GRRRRRRRRR)

I left all of the parts for my jack to work at my house, therefore... jack is not an option, luckily I had these things at my parents house lol... Unfortunately I cannot use them for any of MY cars.

So lets get under here and see where this oil is coming from (while changing the oil.)

found it!

up top looks like the valve cover gasket is going to give... My girlfriend got upset I didn't run out to get a replacement gasket, hehe she doesn't understand I have to order **** like this. Anyway lets move on to Chloe to get these ****ing motor mounts off once and for all.

Craftsman stripped bolt remover, 1/2 air gun, swivel socket and a slight extension got me the angle I needed for this gun to work down here.

oh a big **** you to Luke for the dirt under this thing again LOL!

bam, one side! and now the other side...

and my shirt covered in mud and grease.

grrrr... Should've wore the long sleeve.

Now back at home, time to give this transmission some love, dirty *** ****ing box! A sign the rear seal needs to be replaced yes no?

If the oil was coming from the tranny which I know it's not then the input shaft plate wouldn't be caked in the grooves with oil.

just picture this, 2 hours later fully rotated and cleaned.

Now upside down on 3 spare bricks my dad had at his house and his concrete mixing pan.



50 percent done! more scrubbage.

**** it i'm done, cant get into the small groves anymore... I think it's safe to say these wont be helping out with the engine block.

These are salvagable.

teflon with a stylish necklace.


and yay, clean tranny, now to let it dry.

aftermath of my work area...

I also had to write with a sharpie on my garage door, "NO MORE DOGS" I work in here, and not my problem... There is dogshit and **** UNDER my car, and I was not too happy with having to slide through it to get my motor mounts loose.

Not pictured is me putting on the solid motor mounts on my sr20 (I believe they may be URAS or knock off) whatever the case they shake bolts loose like solid mounts do.

Motor back out for it's final cleaning, gasket replacement and front and rear main seal job I need to do and then it's getting slapped back together and we're going to make sure it runs... Then I will start drawing up the fuse box relocation. But before I jump into anymore time consuming wiring, I'm going to do the body work finally and get this **** ready for paint.

So the roof swap is next on my grocery list. But before that... my work, is never over... Presents from my girlfriend =(

stay tuned.
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Default 2008-12-31 - Not Much of an update.

I've started a blog or whatever, that seems to be the cool thing to do, it's updated up to the wiring harness portion of the build. I know there are some more things I need to add but whatever, check it out and subscribe here.

Um so I am working on a how to fuse box tuck thread... Without giving away too much the tuck is only for s14's unfortunately. I don't think I will go through the trouble of tucking the fuse boxes on the s13, much less do I even know what the **** they do!

S14 Fuse box Relocation and Q&A thread
(freshalloy people may not be able to use that link, they like to disable external links.)

Anyway headed down to the garage and laughed at my pulley bolt with my air gun.

oil on the bolt and in the pulley means the seal is ready to be changed lol... the pulley however laughed back at me since I did not have a pulley remover handy. *face palm*

so back to this lower harness mess. I have to sort out the lower harness before I can remove the fuse box as I need to figure out how I am going to run the wires that plug into the fuse box.

Rather than make you scratch your head like a retard with engine diagram layouts and what not i'll simplify it.

on the left is the KA24DE lower harness and on the right is the SR20DET Lower Harness

Lets break down this KA harness and see what we need and what we don't need.

Yeah, getting all new cables and copper ends.

breaking it down.

ok, **** this, KA24DE harness has waaaaay too much **** I may need for the actual KA motor I need to put in my hatch to use this harness, so I will just re-wire the fuse box plugs accordingly.

SR20DET Lower harness with emissions wiring removed and ground and power wires removed!!

and the behemoth octopus of wires that is the KA24DE lower harness. basically I'm going to take two of the plugs off of that KA harness and swap them with 3 of the SR fuse box plugs and then put them on the "other" car.

Also the KA24DE harness has the lower 02 sensor plug on there, which I guess I will need to run with my ecu. Gosh that ****ing hatch is going to be a nightmare. I should just buy another SR and plug it in and call it a day lololol but that would be too easy.

S13 speed sensor removed, and will be swapped with the s14 speed sensor so I don't have to depin and adapt the plugs. This is easier, 1 screw, tug, throw in plastic bag with a little oil so the rubber seal ring doesn't dry out.

cleaned off the hole for the speed sensor and taped it up, replaced screw so I don't lose it.

For the visual learners, like myself staring at a huge wiring diagram or a picture with pin outs makes me go... **** and I just sit there and go.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck... So to make some positive progress I took this crap downstairs and plugged it where it looks like it goes, double checked wire colors and pin outs and then figured out what I don't have and why not.

Realized that stuff I will be splicing or re-pinning into the s14 plugs.

so alternator, stuff and starter stuff seems to be figured out so far.

I couldn't seem to figure out what this was, so I guess it's a fuse box plug for the s13... so I'll be running this into one of the connectors on the s14 plugs it looks like. (the triangle one.)

Ordered more **** so I can sleeve this lower harness when I am done with it, and also will be sleeving the accessory harness running through the engine bay making it SMALLER by relocating that fuse box.

4th grade pin out drawing by GXRJordan to use as a triple, double cross reference.

so in conclusion if you didn't click the above link.

Originally Posted by Om1kron
(SR)E201 needs to be sliced and the plug needs to be swapped with (KA)E202
(SR)E202 needs to be sliced and swapped over to (KA)E203

however there is a catch with the wiring on that I have not written out, things like the vss do not need to be changed over since I am swapping the vss from the KA tranny to the SR tranny and vise versa (since the ka is going in an s13) Same deal with the alternator plug…

I’ll have some pictures once I get into it.

On my SR lower harness after plugging the items up and double checking the wire’s this is what I have come up with.

Example (plug. Pinout example) read from left to right from plug face (where it goes in)

Alternator is E207 – 1. white/red 16ga | 2. white 14ga
Starter is E210 – 1. black/white 12ga
Oil Pressure Switch E209 – 1. yellow/white 18ga
Vehicle Speed Sensor E211 – 1. yellow/green | 2. yellow/black
Neutral Sensor E213 – 1. green/brown | 2. black grnd to starter 18ga
Back up light E212 – 1. green/white | 2. green 18ga

GA = Gauge which = size of the wire I will be adding into the equation.
and to close it out.

Ordered my MC to SC clutch replacement line from takalines this morning, and also an assortment of replacement gaskets from frsport... love those guys and gals.
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Default Re: 2008-12-31 - Not Much of an update.

awesome build man . good to see someone doing it right ... instead of throwing it all in there like it seemed to be before ..

happy new year and good luck with it all

ps post some better pics of it with wheels ..
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

electrical is vary time consuming but gives you a vary good peice of mind of whats going on with the electrical in a car. make sure you double check the wiring with an ohm meter, just to play it safe.. just a thought. a plus of you doing the wiring is if a problem comes up with the electrical you will have a real good idea of where to look to fix it. lookin good none the less.
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

yeah I sold my 99si due to electrical issues (was stolen twice, second time they couldn't figure out where the fuel kill was) so it had a short every two weeks on a different sensor in the bay.
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Default Saturday Prologue : 2009... pop champagne ooooooooooooooooh

lol man I wrote this bullshit out last night half awake and closed the internet browser I had photobucket open in. DOH!

So quick recap... New Years Eve wrenching at 2-5am

lets tackle the front main seal now that my brother came over and dropped off the pulley remover tool i need. Also not pictured, extracted the wiring for the greddy gauges that were in my car as I wont be using them. (oil press, temp, ext temp)

Going to tackle the rear main seal this weekend and other random seals.

Lets just say 4 hours later and some reading minus common sense explained the formula below as I had come to in the conclusion of my hypothesis.

+ + =

FAIL, so hard it's not even funny... the godamned pulley doesn't have holes on it for those bolt's to bite into, I seriously thought I was just really retarded and didn't want my brother to come back over and be like (that's how it works stupid.) and it turns out...

I'm just stupid. Especially since apparently using the European SR20DET Nissan booklet shows me as being stupid. Apparently s14's have the holes in their harmonic dampener.


A few day's earlier i drew up how i am going to run my power setup.

Going to run 4g wire from up under the car into the cockpit from a distribution block... will be clean and protected the way I will be running it. Don't worry little nublets!

Fast forward to last night!

goin to eat me sum gumbo der before I go wrenchen on da car yah!

yum... oh yeah my ac relocation bracket from codyace arrived. Woot!

Also other shot outs, thank you racer98 for coming through with the s13 AC Bracket on new years day... Also for The s15 valve cover and the s14 upper water neck so I can re-route my water coolant lines on my ****. (later on)
Also thanks to Juan aka bardabe, for hooking it up with the clutch alignment tool I needed and also coming through with the sr20 throw out bearing so I can get this transmission back together this weekend. Drop this bitch in yay guys?

Since it's Friday it's chillax day for the girl unit, and wrench day for me. Get your girlfriend some wine, some snacks, scrub your bathtub and throw some **** like this in there.

Drives your girl nuts in a good way and she'll pass out when she gets out so she won't get fussy you're doing car stuff and ignoring her. GREAT SUCCESS (not that I want to ignore her, but I'm just saying.)

Anyway popped the pressure plate loose with the air gun... tons of dust in here (biting material from clutch)

clutch itself looks glazed to me.

The clamping disc itself isn't looking so hot but I have had 0 problems with the clutch in this car, so I will just save up and replace with a twin plate a little further down the road. Budget doesn't permit at the moment for me to get on this maintenance item. And since I'm going to keep this clutch I am not going to replace my pilot bearing with the nismo pilot bearing until I replace it.

See no point in wasting it. So lets break this flywheel loose yah?

shorts were a bad choice... the back of this engine is dirty as ****, grease caked with clutch material dust...

rear main seal!

time for a bath bitch!

I had originally planned to just remove the rear seal plate and re-apply gasket material too it, but it was almost impossible to get off meaning it already has a pretty good seal, none of the spatter was coming from it so I will leave it be.

oh yeah don't forget about theeeeeeeeese nuts... hah

well if you were going to take it out... after about an hour of babying it I looked in the fsm and they jammed a screw driver in there, so I jammed a screwdriver in there... The seal has these 3 little dot things running along it, so I popped a screw driver there, tapped it with my hammer and tried to bend the seal inward... Mind you this isn't just a piece of rubber. It's lined with a piece of brass or some ****, strong *** metal. so you have to bend it a bit smaller to get it out, then just pry in different corners, once you have enough to bite on with some pliers, just yank that ****.


and putting the new seal in consists of oiling the outside edge, and inside edge... I put it in the same way I took it out, it also has a spring collar running along the inside of it so it keeps oil from blowing out, eventually that spring gets worn and that's why my **** had oil all over the back of it...


I massaged it back in, then took a hammer and my end link remover thing (looks like a tuning fork) and lightly tapped the seal over the end of the crank, then I took the old seal and turned it backwards so they were face to face and evenly tapped it in with the hammer until it was all the way in just like before.

Just so we're clear it looks like the metal is all ****ed up where I pried with the screwdriver, it's actually just oil.

and so today will be throw out bearing replacement, chain tensioner gasket replacement, thermostat replacement, re-assembly of the transmission, and I then will clean the driver side of the block off.

Then work on getting this thing ready to drop back in...

going to finish up this lower harness this weekend too. I think instead of running the plugs to the inside of the cabin, I'm going to extend the fuse box wiring so it comes out into the engine bay just like the main wire harness, it's large and thick enough I don't need a firewall grommet (oem) so I will just run rubber rings to allow for expansion.

stay tuned.
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Well from the looks of it I'm getting a new clutch as this clutch disk is pretty close to biting the dust.. Might as well, so much for my ****ing lugnuts =(

Decided to get the thermostat and the timing belt tensioner done.

hrmn... where is the little wiggle thing, lol wtf.

look at the rubber on the thermostat (stock on bottom) all cracked up and ****.

nismo on top and stock on bottom.

guess now would be a good time to get new radiator hoses too, the one on this pipe was fused onto it and I have to cut it off. =( Took my wirebrush to this and cleaned it up, but it's all scratched and ****. I don't think I'll waste any time painting that.

Now to put it back on, I only put a thin line around it, but made little circles around the bolts...

guess they weren't that little lol.

all done... 20-40 minutes if you end up cleaning the rust and particles out of the pipe like I did. Now onto the timing belt tensioner.

getting it off isn't that hard, just confusing at first. As it started to back out a little it seemed to resist, so I took my slege hammer and tapped the side and next thing I know it ****ing ejected right off of the engine haha wtf. How cool.

took a peek in the fsm, apparently you have to make it like this to get it back in the engine.

word of warning however... you get one chance to get the bolts on once you press it on to see threads... if you let go, guess what... It ****ing ejects again haha I found out the hard way.

here is the replacement gasket, must be the s14 gasket, either way it's a great upgrade as the stock one is a hybrid gasket, where as the s14-15 gasket is a two layer gasket, no sealant is necessary. I couldn't find any "tq" values for this item either, so locktite and about 7lbs is what I put it on at.

when putting it back on, give each nut like about two turns, then do the other nut and alternate until it's snug against the block. Probably not a good idea to do both separately but what do I know. The stupid FSM just has one picture and then says "put it back on" blah blah.

yay! all done!

had a chance to swap my input shaft collar over to my new throw out bearing... removal was pretty easy, flip it over and tap the inner ring with small hammer then just pull. To get it in put the collar on the floor, then the tob on top of it and took a pipe and slightly tapped the inner edges until it looked evenly in. Then I took the tob and just put it on my leg and tapped the collar with my sledge to get it on all of the way.

done! 10 minutes.

gaskets from fr sport shall be here, and will work on the power wiring next weekend.
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Well I stopped over at my mums house for a quick minute to grab my ac condenser off of the KA24DE motor and also snagged my speed sensor... A little worried that the gear on the end of it came off, guess it doesn't matter when it's shoved in there... The tranny oil that came off of the speed sensor was thick like honey. Interesting to say the very least.

And if that wasn't exciting enough instead of doing more work to my car I actually did some work to our daily driver Leonidas. (1998 Toyota Camry 2.4L 4 cyl). My girlfriend had a little fit about me working on my car, and felt bad about it later but I can understand her frustration. I sometimes wish the feeling was mutual but it's car **** you know? Most girls don't care, and my girl is very very supportive of me fixing my car. And while it seems that it's my princess or what not. I just don't believe in half assing something that is getting me from a-b. And it takes a lot of detail and attention to do these things. I sure wish it was as easy as changing a light bulb so I could spend more time with her.

But i've put it off long enough and now i'm like on a time schedule to get it running and i'm seriously stressed out about it. I just ignore it because I have a way to get around now... Which is our daily driver... Which i've also neglected, and so I decided to show him some TLC today.

Turns out that I had a non working brake light in back, I found a owners manual in pdf form on the net and finally figured out what the **** that light was showing on her gauge cluster. So I got into the zone...

AT AUTOZONE and picked up some dual fillament bulbs for her car, replaced that. Also have a small leak at the top of the radiator, plastic end tank has a hairline crack in it which coolant is seeping out of. Seems it's been plugged up before by jbweld or something... So for right now I will band aid fix it again with....

you guessed it. More JB weld, sadly I don't have any pictures of the work I did to the car since it's 30 degrees outside with 20-30mph winds outside. So I spent most of my time in a warm ball of comfort while freezing my *** off if that made any sense.

Anyway i'm off...
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

I love the effort. I thought I was the only one going through hell doing wiring harnesses.
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Default scrubs...

So tonight was a pretty chill night, watched that "what happens in vegas" flick with my girlfriend tonight starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz... it was pretty godamned funny imo... after the movie and some dinner (house chow mein from pick up stix = beef, chicken, shrimp) YUM!!!

I headed down to the garage to rummage through my box of parts I got from FRSPORT... Much needed stuff on my part to get my engine back together!

fail pt 1.

Wayne : 1 - FRSport : 0

I'll let you look around to see what doesn't look right about this part and what it could've gotten confused for. (hint, first item.)

No biggie everyone makes mistakes, I've emailed FRSport about it and advised i'm ordering more stuff on wednesday anyway so it doesn't even matter. As long as they ship the right part out to me and figure out what to do about these studs they send, I don't want to keep them... I didn't pay for them.

Also, I guess I'll go in my FSM to find out the importance of this item but it was under the input shafts in my transmission where you remove the shifter itself, it was all ****ed up like that...

Anyone recommend any replacements? If this is what I think it is, I have been looking for an excuse to get that HKS shift response spring kit lol.

brought my lower manifold and aac valve (aka the iacv valve "since that's what everyone else thinks it is.) downstairs with my box of new parts... Wanted to do an inline fuel filter and oil filter, but that is definitely down the road, so a z32 filter will do just fine.

Also got a sard magnetic drain plug for the oil pan... Which will go nicely with the s14 oil pick up and return line gasket I am going to order on wednesday.

I ordered a stock turbo inlet gasket to replace the one that pretty much de-materialized on my turbo... and the fail is coming in




you may not see it yet...

but you'll see it now that I've bolted the turbo back up until the right parts show.

Overlooked my order form again as I swore I ordered an nissan turbo inlet flange, but apparently I did not do my reading before I added the item to my cart... And ended up ordering an inlet gasket for a T3 turbo...


WAYNE : 1 - FRSport : 1

Unbolted the passenger engine mount bracket, the alternator bracket, the alternator, and also it seems my throttle body coolant lines were being looped. However since the car will be daily driven eventually I need the car to heat up a bit faster so I need to route those back into my throttle body.

and here is the cleaning station, concrete mixing pan, cut water bottle filled with hot *** water and orange bright... yes no fancy *** products or engine bright anymore... just plain ole **** I wash my hands with. Seems to do a great job at removing grease!

sweet ac bracket I picked up from racer98 on Zilvia. next to the alternator bracket. And passenger engine mount bracket.

we be scrubbin'

all night long.

we be scrubbin'

we be scrubbin'

aaaaaaall night loooooong, I get my scrub on.

using my broken flathead screwdriver to pick the "dirt tarter" out of the alternator grooves, should allow it to cool better now that it's not caked with dirt in all of it's heatsinks.


next on the list.

intake manifold, aac valve, and tranny dust cover plate.

on bucket number 3 of hot water.

more parts done.

have to change gloves in between parts, otherwise all of the old loose grease will get on the **** i'm trying to clean .

I just washed this crap. =(

close up.

I want to finish this up tonight but, it's about 2am at this point.

more install photo's for frsport .

all together and tranny dust shield cleaned.

Started to clean this after I removed the fuel rail, however it appears there was still fuel in the rail which spilled on my pants and my sweater, which in about 10 minutes of so started to itch and burn... So I came inside and changed my wrenching clothes and washed my skin off.

but instead I just sat down and started eating and surfing the internet instead.

and now i'm off to bed...

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nice build man, cant wait to see it finished
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Lovin the wheels!
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Alright been about a week since the last update... last weekend I didn't do **** to my car really... It was great actually to relax for one weekend ya know! Anyway later today I'm going to call my friends at FR sport to order my clutch disc, then head over to West Covina Nissan to pick up my nismo pilot bearing on the weekend and we're going to get this tranny back on this motor...

While I'm in the process of doing that i will begin re-assembly of the motor... I am pricing out an fittings and lines for this oil adapter block that I purchased. I think I may have to get some new fittings to be safe, the stance oil block adapter got a little dinged up in shipping...

on top of the fact the fed ex dumb **** dropped off the oil adapter package, but decided he wanted a signature to drop off my head gasket (for my ka24de)... the ****ing logic of these people.

Anyway continuing on from my last update before my photobucket pro account expired...

Here is a quick shot of my Nissan parts box with all new stuff I need to install, maybe I'll tackle that oil pickup this weekend too.

The only reason I didn't take the turbo elbow off is all of the other bolts are on there pretty good, so it's not leaking where that missing stud and bolt should be... if it comes to that I guess I can use the extra studs frsport sent me. (if I can extract without ****ing up the turbo)

old ****!

new ****

yes I stripped that edge... =(

what can I say, your boy has retard strength! or is just retarded for not taking that turbo elbow off, if it ain't broke, I ain't ****ing with it... I don't know a lot about turbo's so doing maintenance on one is headache enough I think.

and that concluded the work I did on the 8th, let me tell you my girlfriend was hella mad only due to the fact I started working on the car at 11:30pm on the 7th and did this last install after a nap around 11:30pm again! but the whole engine is together waiting to be dropped in, just gotta put this stance joint on the block and call it a day!

Fast forward to 1/10/2008

My pops wants me to get that s13 running and out of his garage, armed with little to no info on how to swap my engine in that car and make it work is a challenge, so I was just going to break the engine down into pieces and throw it in the hatch back until I was ready for re-assembly.

Whats this?

So I head on over there with my/his tools only to see that he had the intake manifold on my moms 2003 accord coupe off... apparently rats have been climbing onto the engine and chewing up **** on the harness (they like the heat) My moms CEL went off and I guess they ate the knock sensor, so Honda wanted to charge my dad 160 bucks to replace his engine harness and wanted 300 dollars for the labor to put it in and fix the knock sensor...

My pops said **** THAT! and took it apart himself... as you can see now where I get it from, kind of comes naturally.

Some fun pictures!

So I told my dad I can fix it for him, so I took it home and did my magic.

I put all new wire on both ends, and put heat shrink slips all through it but enough so it can still bend, sleeved it and h/s on the ends.

Don't believe me it was rats that did that?

rat droppings in the intake manifold plenum

heh, my dad and I spent like 30 minutes trying to put the knock sensor bracket back on the sensor wire without disturbing the fact we got it plugged in... to remove the intake manifold at this stage you have to undo one side of the head which moves back and forth to adjust the timing to break that loose... Honda just loves making their new engines a bitch to work on, so we stuck it out... unfortunately dad the "toolman" taylor ugh ugh ugh'ed the ****ing knock sensor in have tugging the wire LOL!

So he had to run down to Honda to re-purchase the knock sensor he just returned after he found out he didn't need... talk about a bitch... at least it was only 40 bucks. Unlike the 120 mine was for the ****ing KA24DE...

FINALLY got that **** in, took dark to do anything else as I have the rest of our shop lights at my pad and my dad had to take off for an appt..

at least they are making good use of my s13... as a shelf.

Fast forward to Sunday. 1/11/2009

So I went down in the garage... looked at my fuse box, and decided to de-pin it and separate it from... well the box.

This is where I ended off...


fast forward to Monday... 1/12/2009
I spent Monday at work pretty much putting together my cart for the **** I need from crutchfield, I'm just going to run all street wires components and take it as a convenience cost. I really wouldn't mind saving a buck but I really don't have the time, money, or resources to run all over sourcing equipment... since the fsm is confusing as **** to decipher on paper, I took advantage of having dual sided printers at work and send the EL section of the fsm to one of our boss hog printers... took about 15 minutes to print out 255 pages crisp as ****. So i spent the evening familiarizing myself on understanding Nissan circuit design and then taking notes on how I intend to improve it for my own use.

So yeah, here I am 1AM 1 foot in bed after writing my footnotes and following the "how to read a Nissan wire diagram" section in the fsm index. Too bad I didn't tell the printer to hole punch my print job while I was at it lol.

Also I got some toys in the mail... i am kind of bummed because i could've sworn that I purchased an s14-15 upper water neck and turns out that it's an s13 water neck so no front routed coolant lines, I'll see what Karim can do for me in regards to that and if nothing then I'll just take it as a loss due to neglegence... however I did score an s15 valve cover for my s13/s14 hybrid valve cover... cannot wait so excited...

I also got that stance oil block adapter in the mail, it didn't come in a box or something, just an fyi to the seller probably would be a good idea to ship these in a small box in pieces rather than those bubble envelopes. Not that I care that the part is scratched up for what i paid for it... One of the AN fittings is bent and the opening on another one is tweaked too. I didn't feel like making the gif files so you can watch my crappy non narrated videos. How does the surface look, was the paint removed with aircraft stripper or something you think? I'm going to pm the seller just in case since I was told bead blasting is a big no no.

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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

amazing quality and detail of work! can't wait to see the final product!
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Default Re: Simone - my 1996 240sx Build Thread

Your freaking crazy, I have a hangover all that wiring is beginning to turn my stomach.

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Default Drift KNIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTS, Pirates, Ninja's, Vikings???

So early Saturday I rolled over to the orange show speedway for the Drift Knights event that Violent Running Tribe TV was going to cover...

but the media rules were kind of weak and I dunno how well 2-4 minutes of spin outs and engine cutouts was going to turn into a cool video... I dunno what the other guys shot, but hey drifting is drifting I suppose... Apparently someone kissed the wall, I missed it...


After we decided that it was somewhat of a loss because we can only have so much cool footage of smokezilla(the gold rx-7 with the ls1) So dope! We hit up 7-11, it was pretty chill and meh... The video footy I have can probably used in a future episode of VRT tv, but we really have jack dick for a video for this event. Maybe we can do an event mash up???


So we went to skys for a minute, they geeked out about video editing programs... I rock windows movie maker, fancy *********! Then off to CG's to help Kyle aka Gabe aka Taimaishoes (i'm not spelling it all gay for you.) aka Socals130 something... aka coldplay... Vinyl his car...

Pop Quiz:
How many guys does it take to paint a car?
A: 1 aka one, aka uno...
How many guys does it take to vinyl your car?

yeah... pretty much all of VRT!!!

Once we heard the chow bell though, Kyle's car could suck a dick! a mean fat one and we got down on the bbq. And then we got the xbox up and started playing some call of duty 4.

I'll try to get some video up of that later after I upload it to my computer and figure out how to convert it again so i can edit it lol.

And then everyone went bye bye...

I got home and decided that this is going to have to come out for the fusebox project, there really is no easy way around this. Maybe if I was just relocating wires but I am removing the airbag system (which reminds me how in the **** do I get the bolts that hold the passenger airbag unit off??? quick answer please before I dig into my FSM.)

it surprisingly took roughly 20 minutes to get this thing loose by myself. My seats were already removed.

drop this.

nice crack!!!

and then clipped all of the zip ties and holders and what not, picking up an s14 kouki rad support from R&D motorsport next week to replace the ****ed up one on my car! YAY and going to downsize this mess of wires, and I most likely may do a quick disconnect setup for the front harness since I am going to tub those fenders in the future which means sealing up the side harness insert holes!

and on the floor and off to bed.

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