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Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

Old 11-10-2010, 10:21 PM
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Default Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

I'm swapping the K20 from my old RSX into my Integra and I decided to service the Vtec solenoid valve while the motor was out. Pasted from another forum...

Remember that old, rusted *** VTEC solenoid valve bracket...?Name:  KSwap13.jpg
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Size:  114.7 KB

Hurting. Can't be havin' that junk, so I decided tonight to replace the mounting bracket as well as the VTEC spool valve gasket and o-ring inside the valve itself. Check the pics...

There's a total of three 10mm bolts securing the the valve to the head. There's another shorter 10mm bolt that keeps the bracket secure against the valve. Once off, your head will look like this...
Name:  KSwap37.jpg
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Name:  KSwap38.jpg
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This is the valve from the other side, showing the filter on the bottom portion. Notice how the gasket has a snowman shape matching to where the oil channels are in the head...
Name:  KSwap39.jpg
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Here's the OE bracket from '04...
Name:  KSwap40.jpg
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Name:  KSwap41.jpg
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OEM part number for the new bracket...
Name:  KSwap42.jpg
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Size:  75.8 KB

Old and busted and the new hotness...
Name:  KSwap43.jpg
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Size:  111.0 KB

OEM part numbers for the new spool valve filter and o-ring, respectively...
Name:  KSwap45.jpg
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Size:  67.3 KB
Name:  KSwap44.jpg
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Name:  KSwap46.jpg
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Use a fingernail or a small pick to pop out the old filter and then seat the new one in gently in it's place like this...
Name:  KSwap47.jpg
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Next, you wanna unbolt the switch portion from the top of the valve. You may find it easier to get this switch loose while the valve is still mounted to the head. I didn't have any trouble with it already off however...
Name:  KSwap48.jpg
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Remove the old o-ring the same way you did with the spool gasket and again, replace it with your new part gently. Make sure it seats inside the recessed area securely though...
Name:  KSwap50.jpg
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Notice the star patterned bolts securing the solenoid portion to the valve ^^ You can remove this portion from the valve itself, however the o-ring inside has no part number from American Honda. I believe it's the same size o-ring as the switch portion, there's just no part number for it. It's up to you if you want to replace the o-ring there, I didn't however.

Finger tightening the valve back to the head...
Name:  KSwap51.jpg
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Name:  KSwap52.jpg
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And there we go, mounted back up and looking much better!
Name:  KSwap53.jpg
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Name:  KSwap54.jpg
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The VTEC solenoid valves aren't prone to failure very often, as I've seen in working with these vehicles for the past three years. As long as they're serviced at the correct mileage intervals, they hold up pretty well. Price on a whole new valve is well over $200, so be smart and keep yours clean and flowing smooth!
I also chose to use a wire brush to clean up the valve and surrounding areas on the head while I was at it. It may not look much different in the pics but trust me, it's much cleaner and smoother than before.

Hope to have the LS out tomorrow night as well as a full pulley replacement, pics to follow.
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Old 11-11-2010, 05:23 AM
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

Good info.

You should've replaced the 3 bolts that hold the solenoid to the block lol... nice shiney new cover with 3 rusted *** bolts holding it on
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Old 11-11-2010, 08:36 AM
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

Originally Posted by turboteg2nv View Post
Good info.

You should've replaced the 3 bolts that hold the solenoid to the block lol... nice shiney new cover with 3 rusted *** bolts holding it on
I know right? I'll most likely be doing that soon.
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Old 11-11-2010, 10:41 AM
DC5/EP3 MOD :)
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

I just took mine off, hit it with the wire wheel, then painted it. Turned out great.

Nice work
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Old 11-11-2010, 01:46 PM
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

should have painted it because it will rust again in three days
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

good work!
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

nice work
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

The oil pressure sensor right below it is a VERY common leaker. Take a close look on your own engine, at your sensor.
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

Nice! Love the snowman!
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

the bolts are still rusted... lmfao
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Default Re: Vtec Solenoid Valve Service

Replaced the gasket on my 2003 K24 solenoid this weekend. Was leaking profusely. The gasket was so hard and brittle it came of in chunks required a pliers to remove from the solenoid. So far, so good. No more leaks!
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