Honda Civic Type R vs. Skyline R32 GT-R: Unlikeliest of Adversaries

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YouTubers gather for one big meet in strip mall parking lot, and the Honda Civic Type R is the star of the show.

The Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R is a legend. At Bathurst, it earned its “Godzilla” nickname after dominating the famed Australian circuit twice in a row before the Group A era gave way to the Holden/Ford V8 Supercars slugfest. It was designed with the Porsche 959 in its sights, and it conquered the Nurburgring with a then-record lap of eight minutes and 20 seconds.

The Honda Civic Type R is also a legend. In England, the Type R became one of the hottest hot hatches to ever drive on the left side of the road, especially in the high-speed demolition derby known as the British Touring Car Championship. And like Godzilla, the Type R was highly coveted by Americans for the longest time until, in the summer of 2017, the legend finally landed in the United States.

And thanks to YouTuber illiminate (a.k.a. Randy Truong), both cars got a chance to show their stuff on the way to a big meet with a whole assortment of YouTube personalities. The gathering was one final bash before Truong moved out of his old home, and into his new digs.


This particular Honda Civic Type R belongs to none other than fellow YouTuber Dustin Williams (a.k.a. ThisSiGuy), who came out with his Type R as Truong’s guest of honor. A few minutes into the video, Truong and Williams decided to swap rides before heading out to the meet: Williams in Truong’s R32, Truong in Williams’s Type R.


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Truong is immediately in love with the Type R, praising the “insane” carbon fiber seats up front, adding that he might get his own Type R if everything else pans out with Williams’s car. And what better way to figure it out than with a brief drag race to the meet. The immense torque of the Type R helps make the race a neck-and-neck affair, where both cars are basically stock with only bolt-ons for more performance. Truong sums up the Type R experience best: “This thing’s got balls.”

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