Y’all Don’t Seem Too Hyped About the New Honda Ridgeline

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When the 2017 Honda Ridgeline debuted, it was met with a pretty “meh” response. It’s a truck that can do truck things, but the styling is pretty uninspired, and it’s also similar in size and feel to a crossover or car. It has some fun features — like the bed audio, the wide-opening tailgate, and the in-bed trunk — but there’s nothing really exciting about it. You get what you get: a reliable Honda with a V6 for the opposite of people who drive trucks because they think they’re cool. The most basic version of it is front-wheel drive, on a pickup, and it still only gets a maximum of 26 mpg on the highway.

Once some of the reviews and first drives of the Ridgeline started to emerge, talk on the Honda-Tech forum started to bubble up. This time, it was started by The Fast Lane Truck‘s 30-minute video below, in which the reviewer, Roman, can’t stop calling it a car.

But what do you all think of it? Here are some of the comments from the forum:

Scotty Dosent Know: “Crv Camino………cool……..”

signalpuke: “Not interested in a minivan/el camino xover thing.”

usdm420: “God this ‘truck’ looks as bad as I thought it was going to. Maybe even worse.” And… “You think a curved/rounded front goes well with a squared off rear? **** looks like some redneck took a Pilot and ghetto fab’d a truck bed onto it.”

5Spdh22: “would ya look at that, they found a way to make it uglier.”

.Beaver: “I think it looks fine, not overstyled, not as goofy looking as the last Ridgeline.”

slomofo: “I think it looks good, I just think the engine choice and drivetrain setup was poorly chosen. I have a Honda VCM engine in one of my cars and recently installed a VCMuzzler because VCM has a lot more cons than pros.”

tony_2018: “Nice and all, but it needs a v8 option. Or at least make a god damn supercharger for it.”

George Knighton: “I’ve been reading and watching the first reviews of the 2017 Ridgeline, and I think they probably have a hit on their hands. But it won’t be the big hit that they might’ve hoped, because I don’t think people are going to step away from the Ford F-150 they’ve got so used to…even if it doesn’t make absolute sense for what they’re really going to be doing with it.”

Like we said, there doesn’t seen to be much love for the new Ridgeline yet. Maybe once people drive it, they’ll change their minds. What do you think?

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