Would All-Wheel Drive Ruin the Honda Civic Type R?

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Civic Type R is one of the best handling front-wheel drive cars ever. So why mess with perfection?

When Honda quit teasing us and finally graced our shores with the Honda Civic Type R, it was immediately clear that the long wait was worth it. The finished product is about as great as we thought it would be, overcoming virtually every obstacle physics throws at it as a high-power, front-wheel drive destroyer of worlds. So you might be forgiven for wondering if the Civic Type R might just be that much better with all-wheel drive. Heck, we’ve certainly batted the idea around a few times.

Well, YouTuber¬†Throttle House¬†recently got their first bit of wheel time with the Civic Type R, and they have a strong opinion about that little topic. In fact, the very title of this video proclaims that the Type R “should NEVER be AWD.” Which is a pretty strong statement. Their reasoning? Because the racy Honda is “perfect as is,” despite having a few quirks.

Honda Civic Type R

Like, namely, the car’s polarizing styling and wimpy exhaust note. But those are the kinds of things you can forgive with a car this great. And as our host points out, “this car doesn’t turn in to a corner like a Focus RS. It doesn’t turn into a corner like a Mustang, or a Camaro. It turns in like a supercar. The way that this car turns into a corner fast is unbelievably good. It’s by far and away the best part of this car.”


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Pretty strong statement, indeed. But it also essentially sums up the main point here. When you finally achieve perfection, why mess with it? Heck, the Civic Type R, despite it’s “wrong wheel drive” configuration, might even be better than some with the opposite layout, as our host points out. “When you snap it into a corner, the rear trails it behind. You get this amazing rotation on quarter entry that you honestly don’t get in many rear-wheel drive cars.”

Honda Civic Type R

So maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t mess with a good thing this time around?

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