Junker Civic Turbo Build Aims for 10s

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Turning a $200 beater into a quarter-mile demon is a piece of cake for this talented Honda-Tech member.

As much as we dig cars that are both fast and beautiful, fast junk carries many appealing factors. The biggest of which, of course, is the fact that you don’t have to worry about messing it up. Bumps and bruises are going to happen, so why get heart burn over them? Why not build something you can beat the crap out of with little to no remorse? And that was exactly the idea behind this killer turbo’d Civic built by Honda-Tech member boosted94gsr.

“Goals for this Civic are just a fun street/track car that runs consistent high 10 second passes, keeping the power around ~450 whp. After selling my DB8 shell I used a lot of parts from my old build. I was originally planning on going bigger turbo and sleeved block, but decided to keep it cheap and use what I already had.


This Civic weighs about 600 lbs less then the 4-door Integra, so that alone will make it considerably faster. This car is just a toy and it’s not a big deal if it breaks, so it’s gonna get pushed hard. Currently I have the car tuned on 92 octane plus methanol injection at about 16psi in 3rd & 4th gear. It’s already spinning my 235/50/15 R888s in 3rd gear. This thing already feels faster then my old LS swapped hatch that ran [email protected] mph. So hopefully it will easily hit 10s as it has a lot of power left on the table.”

Even though the build was mostly complete before the OP even posted, it’s amazing to see how far he had come to get to this point. As in, from $200 shell to 10-second street car. A trip to the scales revealed a svelte 2,450 pound curb weight with driver, so the OP’s goals didn’t seem too far off at this point.


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