Built Dual-Purpose Acura NSX Is Unquestionably Badass!

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NSX is built upon the mid-engined Acura’s best features.

Of all the ways to build a car, there are hundreds of ways to screw it up. However, there’s also many ways to really get it right. Thankfully, the team at MotoIQ found someone who did it right.

Regan Yu was a Honda fan who moved upward in the Honda lineup after trading in an S2000 for an Acura NSX. His vision for his build was clear from the start. Yu wanted “everything done to the car to be 100% reversible should it ever need to go back to stock.”

On the outside, the looks improved, but in a subtle way. Late model exposed headlights were retrofitted, and out back, a type R style carbon fiber wing and rear valance were applied. Inside, things get more unique. The dash had been the subject of an integration of a S2000 gauge cluster. Along with that is a bolt-in harness bar, Recaro bucket seats and a Type R style steering wheel. Again, all of this is reversible with the seats on original mounting points, and harness bar on seat belt mount locations.

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When it comes to power, Comptech was used for both the supercharger and the exhaust system as it was one of very few that were CARB compliant. Although an intercooler isn’t used, meth injection is and the end result is similar: intake temps stay low and the car runs cool. Yu says that they can “run lap after lap after lap [during a track day], and keep going after everyone has come in the pits. Keeping temperatures in check is a re-engineered radiator, and a simple oil cooler.

Of all the places in the car where significant changes could be made, it was the suspension system. JRZ RS Pro coilovers are added to the stock double-wishbone suspension in order to keep it streetable, while enhancing feel on track. Most joints are now solid spherical joints in key locations to tighten up slack in lieu of the stock rubber bushings. Remote reservoirs allow adjustment for on track and off track activity. Even the wheel and tire setup is kept relatively tame, but that was due to the relatively narrow tires originally equipped on the NSX.

In all Yu’s car is one we really respect and admire, because you have to look close to see the changes.

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