Watch This Honda Civic Dominate Road Atlanta

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The Onboard Race Footage of This EG Civic Is a Beautiful Thing

Very few things in the world make us happier than a race-prepared Honda Civic. Regardless of the generation, a finely tuned Civic can be mighty fast on the track, and with the right driver behind the wheel, it can be downright dominating.

We don’t need necessarily need proof of that, but if we ever did, this video courtesy of Eric Kutil Racing is a perfect example of it. Heck, this race footage is so exciting that even Eibach shared it on their Facebook page!


The video takes place at the iconic Road Atlanta racetrack in Braselton, Georgia, which is hands down one of the best road-racing venues in the country, maybe even the world. It may not be as fancy or high-tech as other circuits, but its layout, elevation changes, and overall theme always make for incredible racing.

It’s no surprise that’s exactly what you’ll see on this onboard footage, as Eric Kutil fights his way from third to first place behind the wheel of his kick-ass Civic.


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