Video: New Age NSX Takes On The Old-Guard R8 V10

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Carfection is based out of the UK, as you can tell from host Alex Goy‘s Potteresque accent. Over there, Acura’s top-flight hybrid sports car, the NSX, is badged a Honda. It sounds a little bit wrong to you or I, but that’s the way it is. Alex is pitting the new-age Acura NSX turbo V6 hybrid against the big and brash naturally-aspirated Audi R8 V10. The comparison is, believe it or not, quite apt. Both cars have near the same acceleration numbers, they’re both four-wheel-drive, and they’re both shaped similarly. If you squint a bit.

Can Acura’s Hybrid Whiz Kid Take On Audi’s V10 Bruiser?

After driving them around a bit, then pitting them against each other in a drag race, Alex Goy challenges himself to determine which he would take home. In the moment, his initial reaction was “For its technology and for its look, I think I’ll be taking the NSX.” A few moments later, he changes his mind, though, saying he prefers the sound and gravitas of the Audi. That the NSX is ¬†compared to benchmark super car Audi¬†is a testament to how good it is. In any case, this is a beautifully shot film on a rare sunny day, and the cars are pretty cool, too!

Sure, the Acura doesn’t exactly sound like a super sports car, and it isn’t quite as quick in the timed quarter mile, but it sure looks the business. The Audi R8 was considered one of the most fetching sports cars ever when it was first introduced, but the second generation car is just a bit staid in my eyes. In comparison, the Acura’s sculpted flanks are truly lust-worthy. Interestingly, in watching the drag race again, you’ll see the NSX get a clear launch advantage. This is due in part to those trick electric motors helping provide instant torque to the wheels. It just leaps from the starting gate like a prized whippet chasing a rabbit. That is the kind of new-thinking I look for in my sports cars. Well done Honda/Acura. Audi r8 acura Honda nsx

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