Video: 9000 RPM K24-Swapped RHD Integra Gets Flogged

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We aren’t sure that this Integra build can ever be topped

This might be one of the most intense street-car Honda tuner builds we’ve ever seen. With a JDM Integra Type R look, a highly tuned K24 engine with a K20 cylinder head, and a mostly stripped interior, this car toes the line in regards to street-ability. It’s comfortable enough that we could probably drive it on a long road trip. However, it’s uncomfortable enough that our ears would likely be bleeding by the time we got to our destination. Where do you draw the line in street comfort versus style points in ‘the scene’? Does this car take it too far? Maybe, but it looks rad doing it.

In this video from “That Dude In Blue” on YouTube, he drives the Honda famous @RHDKEV’s Integra. Personally, I have a hard time following TDIB’s videos with so many interspersed “like”, “ya know”, and “sorta” sentence interjections, but the car itself is the real draw here. Hearing that 9,000 RPM K screaming is worth the price of admission to watch this 12-minute video (that, to be honest, is about 6 minutes too long). Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m getting older, but this kid’s faux-surfer-bro, Honda-scene, Fast-And-Furious way of talking about the car, mostly in clich├ęs and circular speech is a bit difficult to follow. Come for the K24 Integra, stick around for the redline rips, suffer through the narrator.

With 271 horsepower and 191 lb-ft of torque, this all-motor Honda is ready to rock. While some may prefer turbocharged engines for bigger power, there’s something pure and simple about a naturally aspirated high-rev engine. The throttle response is instant, and the power is linear and tractable. Besides, with a turbo engine, you don’t get as impressive of a high-RPM scream, because the turbocharger muffles some of the exhaust sound. From the wire-tucked engine bay to the 5-lug hub swap, this Integra has us begging for more. 9000 RPM K24 swap DC2 Integra JDM Type R

[Source: That Dude In Blue on YouTube]

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