Twin Turbo V6 Honda S2000 Wheelies and Runs 8s

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J-swapped S2000 runs hard on the drag strip.

The Honda S2000 tends to prompt thoughts about great handling and one of the fiercest naturally aspirated engines ever built. Those characteristics make the S2000 a potent road racer and autocrosser. However, Chris Boyette took his Honda S2000 and turned it into a monster twin-turbo drag car. The little roadster has run mid-8s at around 150 miles per hour.

With the hood on, the two bumper-mounted turbos hint at the insanity under the hood. Instead of the stock F20 engine, Chris has installed a stoutly built Honda J32 V6. That engine came from an Acura TL or CL. With stock cast pistons, stock sleeves, and stock cams, he says the engine makes nearly 1,300 horsepower at the crankshaft. Honda S2000 twin turbo V6 J32 swap 1300 horsepower 1/4 mile run

The turbos, both Garrett GTX35s, make all the difference in the world. In the video below, he claims to run them at 42 pounds per square inch of boost. On a stock engine, that’s completely nuts and it sends the S2000 hurtling to some serious elapsed times. For driveline, a Ford 8.8-inch differential with a four-link setup gets the power to the ground. A built Powerglide handles the power from the J32.

That all adds up to one of the craziest turbo Honda builds you’ll ever see. It might fall a bit short of the insane Aussie S600 with a head-sized turbo, but this doesn’t lag behind.

In the video at the top, Chris let the J-swapped S2000 eat at National Trail Dragway in Ohio. He had run 8.6 seconds on 32 pounds of boost. Naturally, he added 10 more pounds and it took every ounce of Chris’ driving ability to keep the Honda from wadding itself up. That will be one of the craziest driving jobs in the quarter-mile you’ll see with one of the craziest drag cars out there.

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