Taking a Balanced Look at Acura NSX (Video)

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After considering the highs and lows of the NSX one has to wonder how much power it takes to overcome a few inconveniences.

Sometimes a company’s YouTube channel gets it right. Think early Roadkill or PFI Speed. Thankfully, carwow gets it right with their host Mat Watson. We came across his NSX review the other day and had to take a look. Of note is the fact that he calls it the Honda NSX the whole time, since in non-North American markets that’s what the NSX is instead of an Acura.

Watson starts out by dishing on the interior a bit, pointing out the plastic center-stack bits and some odd honeycomb vents. That, and the lack of cupholders and the odd placement of the USB port in a cubby between the seats. To that we say: that’s kinda the point of a supercar. If you want practical, there’s always the Accord.

In standard supercar practicality, the NSX can indeed fit a set of golf clubs. It doesn’t, however, fit a standard sized piece of luggage. Better get a nice duffel bag. Though, as everyone who’s bought an NSX (or dreamed of it) knows, the number of golf bags you can fit is a figure that is of secondary importance when you come back to the performance. Watson sums it up saying, “it may have a humble Honda badge, but it still turns heads like no Porsche 911 can.”


When he gets on the road, however, Watson is all praise. “The changeover is seamless [from electric to gasoline],” he says. “When it goes between electric and the engine cutting in, it’s just very very smooth.”


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He then points out that the visibility is quite good, making the NSX a joy to drive while in town. “It’s insane how easy this car is to live with every day.” Then he drops the NSX into Sport+ mode and demonstrates that the Honda is indeed still a supercar despite its nice manners around town.

Watson suggests shortlisting the NSX if you’re in the market for a supercar. Our question: new or old NSX? Leave a comment and let us know what you’d do!

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