Stock Civic Type R Takes On Laguna Seca Track Day

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Civic Type R’s biggest weak points exposed during Laguna Seca track day.

Performance numbers of the Civic Type R are well-known, but those numbers are achieved in the hands of a well-heeled professional. Anyone with a bit of sense knows that even a competent enthusiast driver won’t quite be able to reach those numbers. The desire to drive a personal car home can sometimes leave speed on the table, too. Thankfully YouTuber Zygrene,  real name Fenton Sun, was able to take a Type R around Laguna Seca for a full shake down.

For those concerned, this Type R is running non-OEM wheels and tires. Rim diameter is down, but width is increased. Stock rim and tire sizes are 20×8.5 and 245/30-20, but this car is on 255/40-18 Bridgestone RE71r on 18×9.5 Volk CE28N rims. Aside from those changes, the car is running all original equipment, all the way down to the brakes.

Civic Type R Laguna Seca track day

Competency on track is impressive. This particular track day seems to have a lot of high-dollar machinery with Porsche GT3 models showing the Civic what straight line speed is all about. Still, Sun is impressed with the planted feeling of the car, and the ease at which it puts down lap times, even with a somewhat imperfect line. Sun turned a 1:46.62 lap, which he says is on par with his track-prepped S2000. Humbling, to say the least.


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In fact, he’s amazed at how early you can get on the throttle because there’s no torque steer to speak of, and as such, very little understeer, too. All of this while complimenting the fact that the suspension works well on track, and doesn’t shake you out of your seat on real roads.

Civic Type R Laguna Seca track day

But there is a downside. Long straights which lead to tight turns are especially tough on brakes at Laguna Seca, and that shows the singular weak point of the Type R. Brakes ended up feeling soft, although bite was still present and they never did fade to an alarming level. High temperature fluid and perhaps some stainless steel braided brake lines would fix that issue. If that’s the biggest problem with the Type R, we’ll take it.

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