Member Spotlight: RC000E Once Built a Honda del Sol into a Mustang Cobra Killer

By - Honda Del Sol Build

The story of RC000E‘s former Honda del Sol is one of salvation and destruction.

He saved a buddy who needed money by buying his 1993 del Sol. Some assembly was required. The engine was in pieces. Since RC000E was going to rebuild it anyway, he decided he was going to soup it up at the same time.


The first – extensive – round of mods included a B18A bottom end, a B16 head, a GT3071R turbo, and RC000E‘s own port work and piping. Honda Del Sol Forum member build

That construction allowed for the destruction of the confidence and ego of the driver of an early-2000s Ford Mustang Cobra who wanted to take a bite out of RC000E‘s little Honda.


RC000E didn’t stop there, though. He went on to give his del Sol even more hardcore hardware, such as forged pistons, race bearings, and coilovers.

Sadly, RC000E‘s build wasn’t safe from destruction itself. He sold it and eventually “it got slutted through 3-5 owners and stripped.” Honda Del Sol Forum member build

On the bright side, that didn’t damage RC000E‘s enthusiasm for modifying cars. He went on to apply his skills to Corvettes, which are probably being used to vaporize tires and obliterate speed limits right this second. Check out the full build in the link below.

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