Crazy Person Offers to Trade Honda for Necco Wafers

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Would you give up your only method of transportation for a lifetime supply of chalk candy?

As you may or may not have already heard, the iconic chalk-like candy known as Necco wafers may soon go the way of the dinosaur. Turns out, not many people are buying the wax paper-wrapped candy anymore. So on March 12, Necco CEO Michael McGee released a statement declaring that the company “could” be forced to shutter its operations within 60 days. Obviously, fans of the 171 year-old candy went into an extreme state of panic. And as a result, Necco wafers have become a hot commodity. To the point where someone actually offered to trade their 2004 Honda Accord for some!

Since the announcement, which may or may not have been a marketing stunt, Necco sales have jumped 82%, according to The Candy Store. Sales of those iconic wafers alone have increased a whopping 150%. Yes, the great Necco hording of 2018 is clearly on, with people packing their doomsday bunkers full of a candy most people don’t even consider edible.

Necco Wafers Panic Buying from CandyStore.comSource: Bulk candy sales from

Just like the great Twinkie scare from a few years back, this shortage has led to some pretty extreme reactions. To the point where 23 year-old Florida resident Katie Samuels apparently contacted The Candy Store with a rather interesting proposition. As in, she wanted to trade her gently used Honda Accord for every package of wafers they had in stock. Even better, the car is Samuels’ only mode of transportation. Yes, she’s willing to ride the bus. For candy. Candy that doesn’t even taste good.

Honda Accord

Sadly, The Candy Store isn’t in the used car business and declined her offer. But she managed to scrap up enough credit to buy a couple boxes, at least. All for a candy that tastes a whole lot like Tums, only worse. Call us haters if you like. But we agree with one reader who said “Necco wafers suck all moisture out of my mouth and all joy out of my soul.” But let’s be honest. Even if something delicious like Cadbury Eggs or Reese’s Pieces were in danger of going extinct, we still wouldn’t trade our freaking Honda for them!

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