The Smoking Tire One Take: 2018 Honda Civic Si

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If a Type R is too psychotic for you, but the Sport doesn’t quite have the punch, then the 2018 Honda Civic Si sits in the sweet spot.

We love the Civic Si. It’s always been on the money as a balance between daily driving amenities and put your foot down and enjoy the road performance. Proceeding¬†the Civic Si in America, there was actually a CRX Si and a Civic S, back in the early ’80s. The CRX Si was basically a two-seater Civic, and a lot of fun. The Civic S was best described as mildly sporty, the equivalent of wearing sneakers with a pair of slacks and a nice sweater.¬†But the full Sport Injected trim finally showed its face for the first time in the Civic for the third generation.

2018 Civic Si review

Fast forward to 2018, and the Civic and the Si trim has matured. We also now have an Si sedan as well, which is the version Zack Klapman is driving for this Smoking Tire One Take video.


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If you want a quick understanding of how much love Honda puts into the Si for enthusiasts, it only comes with a manual gearbox. It also comes with a limited-slip differential, adaptive suspension and a nice bump in power over standard models. Unlike the Civic Type R’s track bred mentality though, the 2018 Civic Si has a sunroof, a ten-speaker sound system and adequate sound deadening to name just a few of the creature comforts. It’s also only $24,100. We can’t overstate how good of a deal the 2018 Civic Si is.

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