The Smoking Tire Experiences Bolt-on and Tuned FB6 Civic Si

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Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire has been on a rampage, reviewing cars left and right with his “One Take” videos, wherein, in one take, he drives viewer-submitted cars through Los Angeles’ finest canyon roads and does 15 minute impromptu reviews and opinion pieces. It’s brilliant on his part, offering him nearly endless source material, and us with endless videos to watch.

Up on the chopping block today is a ninth generation Civic Si (FB6). This FB6 is powered by the K24Z7 engine, which kicks out 205 horsepower in stock trim. This particular Si has a full exhaust, including header and cat-back, as well as an air intake and a street tune, with the owner guessing it’s at around 220WHP, which sounds about right to us, given the mod list. Beyond the changes to the powertrain, and some mismatched all-season tires, this Si is 100% stock.


This is interesting because the recipe for a hot Honda has always been a well balanced chassis paired with a moderately powerful engine, but never enough to overpower or overshadow the other virtues of the car. With the addition of approximately 30 horsepower, is it too much for an otherwise stock car?

If you think you know the answer to that one, here’s another interesting factor in this One Take: the owner previously had an eighth generation Civic Si with the K20Z engine and waxes on the differences and pros and cons between the two. Have one, and considering, or curious about, the other? Here’s your video.

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