The S2000 of Your Dreams is Here

By - Honda S2000 Review

There is no point in denying that the S2000 will go down as one of the greatest sports cars in history. It will. End of story. The recipe for the s2000 is the stuff of dreams: a small, maneuverable chassis, with double wishbone suspension; a high-revving inline-four producing 240 horsepower paired to a six-speed manual and the option to look up and see the sunshine whenever you want it.

But what if, just by chance, you wanted a little more power and really wanted to make that VTEC sing? Perhaps to the dismay of all the purists, such a thing exists, and it just so happens to be awesome.

Let’s all give a collective thank you to Car Throttle for introducing us to this bright yellow supercharged maniac. This S2000 is tuned to perfection, putting out 400 horsepower and has a substantially happy owner to go with it.

The world has seen plenty of bad tunes on S2000s over the years, but not here. From the factory, the S2000 features linear power delivery, barring the kick from VTEC. Boost from the Comptech supercharger only kicks in once the car approaches VTEC range–meaning that it is mapped entirely normal up until that part of the rev range. As the owner put it, “that is when all hell breaks loose.” [Editor’s Note: For those who are curious, this sounds like a centrifugal supercharger setup, based on the boost curve being described. – J.S.]

This S2000 is no sleeper, with the exterior fully reflecting the car’s intent. Featuring the rigmarole of authentic Spoon pieces (bumpers, front and rear widened fenders and the hardtop) this S2K looks aggressive. The GT wing on the back rounds off the appearance.

Give the video a watch and you too can see what S2000 perfection looks like.

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