Watch This RWD F20C Swapped EG4 Go Slideways

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Seeing this EG hatch drift is oddly pleasing and just odd at the same time.

What’s the first thing you think about when you see a red EG Civic Hatch? Shingo from the Night Kids in Initial D right? If you don’t get that reference, you need to read, or watch Initial D ASAP. That said, we’ve been seeing this video float around social media recently and were quite intrigued. It’s kind of hard not to be interested in an EG that drifts, most front-wheel drive cars tend to stay front-wheel drive . It’s an odd to watch what your mind knows to be a front-wheel drive hatchback slaying tires sideways. It gets even more wild, because this EG Civic has an F20C engine under the hood.

Upon further investigation, we found a story going back to 2010 from Super Street about the origin of this bonkers, yet awesome build. Years ago, Daisuke Nakai, the owner of the then-stock 1993 Civic VTi Hatchback got the crazy idea to turn his EG into a RWD drift machine. It’s not every EG owner’s first idea when it comes to modifications, but we’re fans of crazy and unusual builds and this one definitely fits the bill. So how does one turn their FWD EG into a Formula D weapon?

If you want your Civic Hatch to drift properly, just throw on a bunch of S2000 and Silvia parts.

First and foremost, Nakai-san picked up a wrecked S2000 and took the F20C motor as well as the 6-speed gearbox. Everything else went out the window. He then went to mechanic and drift car builder Masanori Ida to help take on the complex RWD conversion. The EG might still have a heart of a Honda, but a majority of this bones are from Nissan believe it or not. All parts were sourced from an S13 Silvia, from the power steering pump, rack, pinion, even down to the front subframe. Heck, even the OEM front suspension, brakes, and hubs were all ditched for S13 counterparts. RWD F20C Swapped EG Civic Drift Missile

Here’s yours truly unintentionally drifting my EH2 Hatch on the skidpad at The Streets of Willow. Definitely not as cool at Nakai-san’s RWD EG4.

The driveshaft is an S13/S2000 hybrid that runs down all the way to a NISMO rear differential housed inside an R200 rear end. Just like the front, a Silvia rear subframe was chosen to support the plethora of S13 bits such as axles, control arms, and brakes. With all that going on in the rear, there was no choice but to relocate the fuel tank inside to where the spare tire usually goes. While they were at it, Ida-san threw in an S2000 tank over the OEM unit too.

Reading about the all the customization that went down, one would think that it would’ve cost many thousands of dollars wouldn’t you say? Surprisingly, Nakai-san only dropped a little over $2000 USD to turn his EG into a high-revving drift missile ready to take on any AE86 or Silvia for a tandem battle.

What do you think of this RWD EG? Would you build one yourself to do some sick skids? Let us know on the forum!

Matt Eugenio contributes to Honda-Tech, 6SpeedOnline, and Rennlist, among other Internet Brands Auto sites.

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