Reminder: The Honda S2000 is a Great Sportscar

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The last shining light before Honda’s dark age, the S2000 represented that little bit of Honda magic that ol’ Soichiro Honda would’ve signed off on. Upon it’s release, it was touted as a technical marvel; producing 120 horsepower per liter of displacement and screaming to 9000RPM in the process. The later AP2 cars traded a bit of top end in form of a, still massive, 8200RPM redline and gained 0.2L of displacement and about 10 lb-ft of torque across the powerband.

Regardless of flavor, few cars on the road could match the visceral appeal and driving experience of the S2000. Even now, with the car having been discontinued since 2009, S2000’s have retained their value immensely, and it’s not uncommon for later model cars to trade hands in the mid-20,000 dollar range. God help you and bank account if you’re determined to have one of the later “Club Racer” models.

Let’s hear is straight from Christian: why did he hunt for the “perfect”, low-mileage AP2 car and pay a price premium for it?

-via The Smoking Tire

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